Thursday, 27 February 2014

New Knights Paladin size comparison

There is a picture floating about indicating the scale of the new Knights Paladin compared to a Tau Riptide

As you can see it is a half inch taller than a Riptide, but a heck of a lot bulkier!

There is also confirmation floating about that the Imperial Knights Freeblades can only ally with Imperial forces. Not sure what this means for allying with other forces of order.

The Codex cover has also been leaked including the price list for week 1 in March. The Imperial Knights codex will set you back NZD$77 which is unusual as all books (besides the Space Marine Codex) have been NZD$98 so far. This leads me to believe it is far smaller, which makes sense since there is potentially only 2 different models in the book...

There is also a Ltd Edition to be released, no doubt at 4x the UK price...

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