Wednesday, 27 February 2013

More Daemons WHFB Info

The first info about the new book is now widespread on the interwebs, and there is some very interesting changes to Daemons from the looks of it.

First off, the details in my post the other day appears to be all correct about the core units.

Now when you roll for winds of magic, the total number rolled has an additional effect on the army, from all Daemons having to make a instability test (2D6 wounds - Ld) on a double 1 result to creating a new unit of Core Daemons (2D6 +3) on a double 6. Other effects are God specific, and almost always bad for you, ie place small round template on your unit and scatter type damage. A 10 will see you get army wide +1 to ward save. Interestingly enough, the results effect all models, friend or foe.

I can see a lot of players getting upset about this, and at first read sounds like it will slow the game down a little.

Daemonic instabilitiy is similar to what it use to be (2D6-Ld modified by combat result) but now on a roll of double 1 you get all the wounds/models back that where caused that turn in the combat, and on a double 6 you loose the entire unit!

Animosity between Gods is back, with Nurgle hating Tzeentch etc, and along with that you can no longer benefit from inspiring presence and Hold your ground rules unless you are of the same God. Ouch, that will hurt. I have a funny feeling we will see a lot of mono god lists with a sprinkling of chaff from other alignments.

Bloodletters get strength 5 on the charge only, as all Khorne Daemons get +1 strength on a charge, however no sign of hatred anymore (unless you are slannesh, which all khorne daemons hate)

Daemons purchase Daemonic gifts instead of magic items, and have no access to buying items out of the BRB, however they can still get access other ways. There appears to be 3 levels of gifts, Lesser (25), greater (50) and exalted (75 points). Purchasing a gift gives you a D6 roll on a table, with there being options 0-6 (yes 7 in total) for each level. Presumably you will be able to modify this roll (rumours it depends on the character). the 0 result allows you to choose a magic item from the BRB. This could be extremely powerful in a tournament setting if the rumour is correct that you can always opt for option 0.

Several models can purchase loci upgrades in three levels, 25, 50 and 75 again. It appears these will work in the same way daemonic gifts will, and I am guessing they replace magic banners in a way. With it revealed that you can purchase 25 point banners for all the core units, and several special units get 50 point options.... sounds interesting. I would expect the BSB can get access to a 75 pointer, which may have area effect bonuses (depending on alignment). Only the strongest loci takes effect however, so no staking. 

Interestingly Fiends are now special, and 65 points a piece with minimum unit size of 3+. Beasts of Nurgle down to 60 points with 1+ unit size. So I guess Beast will replace fiends as the chaff, since Juggers are also 3+. 

You can find the leaked army book pictures here at Faeit 212.

All in all some very interesting info out and about now. Some people will be dancing for joy (non Daemon players) where as Daemon players will be doing some worship to Khorne (read rage!). I am going to reserve judgement for now until I read the whole book, however I have one parting shot...

Matt Ward broke fantasy, Daemons should never have a cannon EVER! especially a 135 point move and fire 3+ 5++ T5 W4 one.... 

Edit: Ive just seen the book and the Magic lores are exactly the same as WoC. Even the nurgle spell that grants a 5+ regen! However, the lore attributes are different, with each successful cast giving the opportunity to create more horrors/daemonettes/plauge bearers etc

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Some WHFB Daemon rules updates

Some little bits of information I have gathered

Bloodletters of Khorne are now strength 4, with special rules MR1, Scaly skin 6+, Daemonic and Daemon of Khorne. They have the daemonic gift Hellblade.... 14 points

I cant see any reference to killing blow but that dosnt mean they loose it as the sword may grant it.

Pink Horrors stats stay the same, special rules are Daemonic, Daemon of Tzeentch, Blue horrors of Tzeentch, and a unit counts as a level 1 caster.... 13 points

Yay Blue horrors of Tzeentch. No idea how it works but yay!

Plaugebearers are strength 4 Toughness 4, have the Daemonic gift plaguesword, and are Daemons of Nurgle, and Daemonic.... 13 points

Daemonettes get 2 attacks, and become Daemons of Slannesh + Daemonic for 11 points

Bloodcrushers are now special, 3+ a unit, the jugger mounts get toughness 4 and 3 wounds like the WOC ones, and are 65 points. With the scaly skin rules Daemons now have a 3+ 5++ save monstrous cav option!

Edit: might have this wrong, crushers may have 4+ 5++ save since the new WOC juggers only add +2 to the save

Flamers appear to have the same stats as the WD rules, and are 40 points. Special rules flames of Tzeentch, Daemons of Tzeentch, Warpflame, Daemonic and skirmishers.

There appears to be an option to upgrade a unit of Plaguebearers to have regenerate, and another option that if you score any roll of 6 to hit with a  poisonattack, an additional strength 4 hit is made. Another option is upgrading poison to 5+

New Daemons Pictures

I've just received some images in my inbox...

Edit: GW have requested I remove these pictures from my blog.

The pictures can still be viewed here at Petes blog. Of course you can just go out and buy the WD since its available now, and you can see the new releases in better quality. There is also some nice FW previews in the back...

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chaos Daemons in March

With the release of a teaser video by GW it is pretty much confirmed we will be receiving a Daemon release for the month of March. The big question remains is what will be in it.

The latest rounds have pointed to two waves being released, the first with a Tzeentch Chariot, a Khorne Chariot, Blight Drones of some form and books for both 40k and Fantasy.

However some inside information confirms that the product codes for all four greater Daemons have new 2013 codes. Wether this is repackaging of the old ones or a second wave to come is yet to be revealed. The interwebs has been hot with plastic greater Daemon rumours... The product codes also allude to other Daemon releases as well....

I was picking that GW would release two Greater Daemons at a time, say Bloodthirster and GUO with the Khorne Chariot and Blight Drones, followed by the LOC & KOS with Furries and Tzeentch Chariot. Those eight kit seam to be the most favoured of the rumours for release. Wether or not we see a book next month is yet to be seen, although there are new product codes for both.

Safe to say over the next few days we will get leaked some pictures and the conjecture will be over. I'm hoping we will see a return to Daemonic hatred/animosity within the books again. Only  Tzeentch truly knows at this point...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Return from (almost) Glory

I arrived home from the first annual NZTC tonight with a smile on my face.

And I am happy to say we achieved our goals for the weekend

Quote "As for us I think we will be competing for 5th or 6th place. My reasoning simply because Mike refuses to use Doom Divers! So to all those attending, when you see Mike, ask him about his doom divers, or lack there of!"

We finished in 5th place overall jumping up from 6th place after playing the "Vonn Trapp family" in round 5 (which I am happy to say my team did us proud, only dropping 9 points for the round). The sixth round we played the Aussie team, and we did NZ proud by "schooling" them in how to play warhammer like many others did. I hope to see more aussie teams next year as IU hear they need more "learn'n"

The eventual winners where the Vonn Trapps taking overall honours and filling that "gap" in Petes Warhammer trophy cabinet he made the other week. The Extraordinary Nerdymen took out 2nd place, with third going to NZHammered. There was only 7 or 8 points difference between 1st and 4th at the end of the day. 

Looks like I was on the money with those predictions as well. 

Quote "I am picking the podiums to be made up of Kapiti Krushers, NZ Hammered, Cut the Mustard, and the Vonn Trapp Family."

Several teams are already plotting there revenge and "how to pry the trophy out of the Vonn Trapps cabinet" already

Be sure to look out for the battle reports that I hope to post soon.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Countdown to NZTC

We are now just a few short days away from the first NZ team Championship. 

Last night I spent some time assembling and basing my Chaos Dwarfs ready for the tournament, and realised that once again I have left everything to the last minute as nothing is finished... The army is so far away from being finished, and at the current rate will barely make the 3 colour minimum cut. I really hate using unfinished armies but with the ETC less than 6 months out I really need to get some experience/practice playing the army in a competitive environment, and what better place than the NZTC! Add to that I am not the best painter around, and have had painters block for the last month or so, so it has been a real chore to try get this far.

A huge preemptive thanks needs to go out to Sam Whitt from the OMEN team for lending me his BSB and K'daai destroyer for the event! Without it I would not be taking the Chaos Dwarfs to this event. So to all you other teams, you can thank him for his selflessness =P

Know now that he will not be taking bribes to 'forget' them as I am sure his cost is way out of your price range...

In the weekend that has just been I made the pilgrimage to Warclouds 2013 in Christchurch, teaming up with a friend to play in the 40k doubles tournament with some borrowed armies. We ran a combination of Raven wing Bikes and a Death Company drop pod army (format was 1250 points per player). I don't often play 40k, only owning a handful of FW marines and a few Necrons, but I did enjoy the weekend and opportunity to do something different for a change. However I did get caught sneaking a look at the WHFB rulebook half way through a 40k game... Our games consisted of action right from the word go, with 75% of our army scout moving, and those that didn't arriving via drop pods in the first turn. Highlights where people forgetting (or failing) to kill the Death Company Dread first turn, only to have it rampage through entire units, opponents not spacing out units enabling the baal predator to incinerate entire squads first turn, and single Death Company marine assaulting a tervigon and killing it with a power sword (yeah, 4 hits, 4 6's to wound...). We came out with 1 loss, 2 draws and three wins. I am now looking forward to the opportunity to paint up my FW marines and get enough to make a full force, but damn, whose silly idea was it to try paint yellow...

Damon, Mike and I got a chance to plan the demise of all the other teams attending the NZTC this weekend. Although we didn't actually manage to make a plan for their demise, we did manage to plan he demise of our other team mate Alans Empire army. Expect us to throw him under the bus at any given opportunity! 

In all seriousness there has been a lot of smack talk on the local interwebs scene. Whilst our team will not be stooping to the gutter like all the other teams (obviously there is no need to lower ourselves to their levels, as we have two uncapped ETC players on the team, the title is practically ours! /end sarcasm), the banter has been amusing.

I am picking the podiums to be made up of Kapiti Krushers, NZ Hammered, Cut the Mustard, and the Vonn Trapp Family. 

As for us I think we will be competing for 5th or 6th place. My reasoning simply because Mike refuses to use Doom Divers! So to all those attending, when you see mike, ask him about his doom divers, or lack there of!

Friday, 1 February 2013

NZTC - team Shaken, not Stirred

Well its the first of the month and we are now two weeks away from the first ever New Zealand Team championships! So you know what that means. Smack talk time....

There are 10 teams entered into the event, to be held in Wellington on the 16th and 17th of February. There are some very strong partnerships attending including a combo from across the ditch. I welcome our Kangaroo cousins to the bottom of the tables...

Having been invited into a team and promptly made captain, I present to you:

Shaken not Stirred:

Our first team member is Alan Redmond, which will arrive in all his glory, leading the grand army of the Empire to a tabletop near you. With a  couple of lazy cannons and some chickens he is sure to keep the local population happy.

Mike Stewart is our second team member. Hailing from the swampy badlands outside of Christchurch at the head of a Savage Hoard of Orcs and Goblins, he is eyeing up last nights dinner whilst holding onto the chains of his pet squigs

Damon Quaid rounds out the last of our Christchurch compnent to our team, fresh from the Southern Jungles on New Zealand. Damon has been working on multiple new poisons for his skinks all the time contemplating what pie to eat for breakfast for the last 4000 years. 

And lastly there is me. My legion of Dawi Zharr is coming for you. I am short of slaves down here in the desolate plains of the south and I drag behind me devastating weapons powered by the damned themselves whilst riding to war atop a daemon of fire and fury.