Friday, 1 February 2013

NZTC - team Shaken, not Stirred

Well its the first of the month and we are now two weeks away from the first ever New Zealand Team championships! So you know what that means. Smack talk time....

There are 10 teams entered into the event, to be held in Wellington on the 16th and 17th of February. There are some very strong partnerships attending including a combo from across the ditch. I welcome our Kangaroo cousins to the bottom of the tables...

Having been invited into a team and promptly made captain, I present to you:

Shaken not Stirred:

Our first team member is Alan Redmond, which will arrive in all his glory, leading the grand army of the Empire to a tabletop near you. With a  couple of lazy cannons and some chickens he is sure to keep the local population happy.

Mike Stewart is our second team member. Hailing from the swampy badlands outside of Christchurch at the head of a Savage Hoard of Orcs and Goblins, he is eyeing up last nights dinner whilst holding onto the chains of his pet squigs

Damon Quaid rounds out the last of our Christchurch compnent to our team, fresh from the Southern Jungles on New Zealand. Damon has been working on multiple new poisons for his skinks all the time contemplating what pie to eat for breakfast for the last 4000 years. 

And lastly there is me. My legion of Dawi Zharr is coming for you. I am short of slaves down here in the desolate plains of the south and I drag behind me devastating weapons powered by the damned themselves whilst riding to war atop a daemon of fire and fury.


  1. Actually Team name is

    "Josey & the Pussycats"

    1. Oh come now Pete, surely you can do better than that...

  2. Alan's coming dressed as a cat

    1. Yeah every ones going to be jelly when they see him. Martini anyone?

  3. Read your blog occasionally and looking forward to facing some of you guys.