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Rules for the 4 Primarchs in Book III

Rogal Dorn

ws 8 bs 5 s 6 t 6 w 6 i 5 a 4 ld 10 sv 2+

special rules
sire of the imperial fists
sundering blow
unshakeable defence

the auric armour
storms teeth
the voice of terra
teleport homer
frag grenades

sire of the imperial fists
all imperial fist models may use his leadership rather than their own for leadership and pinning tests
both down and any imperial fists add + D3 to their assault result result to determine who wins an assault while his model is in play

Phalanx breacher squads may be chosen as troops for an imperial fists army with dorn as it's warlord.

sundering blow
may halve attacks to increase strength by + 2 and gain instant death

unshakeable defence
may select upto 3 fortifications after deployment.
any cover saves of 1 and pinning tests taken by models in these fortifications may be re-rolled

auric armour
2+ /4+
no attack may wound dorn on better than a 3+ regardless of it's strength or special rules ( this does not affect destroyer weapons )

storms teeth
range - str user ap 2 melee , shred, rampage , unwieldy

the voice of terra
range 24" str 5 ap 4 salvo 3/5 rending

dedicated transport
in games of 3000+ only
thunderhawk gunship with turbo laser , a single titan void shield , it will not die , and a 4+ invulnerable save against any missile attack - does not take up a lord of war choice)



ws 8 bs 6 s 7 t 6 w 6 i 5 a 4 ld 10 sv 2+

The Logos
Frag grenades

special rules- primarch ( as the others )
sire of the iron warriors
relentless strategist
precision bombardment
very bulky

sire of the iron warriors -
all iron warriors in the same army as perturabo gain the stubborn usr

relentless strategist -
may start rolling for reserves on turn 1

precision bombardment -
once per game may call down a bombardment
( may draw line of sight from himself or any friendly model with a nuncio - vox )
range - unlimited - str 9 ap 2 ord D3, barrage large blast ( 5") twin-linked

the logos -
2+ armour save, all cc attacks ap 2 , immunity to concussive and blind , teleport homer , cortex controller , nuncio -vox , cognis signum
perturabo and all iron warrior terminators gain deep strike.
wrist cannon
range- 24" str 6 ap 3 assault 3 , twin linked , rending.

[ Forgebreaker - after ferrus manus's death , is granted the hammer by horus . + extra points to equip ]
forgebreaker - range - str x2 ap 1 melee , concussive , strikedown , unwieldy , blind

dedicated transport - shadowsword super heavy tank in games of + 3000 points , with a single titan void shield , transport capacity of 15 with access point on rear - does not take up a lord of war choice



ws 7 bs 7 s 6 t 6 w 6 i 6 a 5 ld 10 sv 2+

special rules
sire of the alpha legion
one of many
insidious mastermind

the pythian scales
venom spheres
master crafted plasma blaster
the pale spear
nuncio vox
cognis signum

sire of the alpha legion
preferred enemy ( everything ) ( lol )
counter attack , move through cover , scout , crusader ( only applies once revealed )
all alpha legion models in the same army gain preferred enemy 9 everything ) while revealed and on the table

one of many
after both sides have deployed controlling player secretly notes which squad he's hiding in
any alpha legion unit is eligible
may be revealed at the start of any controlling players turn from turn 2 onwards
immediately replaces a single rank and file model from the unit
if he is a unit that is falling back , once revealed , it automatically rallies
if chosen unit destroyed , placed in ongoing reserve
auto revealed on turn 5

insidious mastermind
if he is the armies warlord:
may seize initiative on a 4+
units arriving via outflank add + d3 to movement on arrival
from second turn onwards , should an enemy unit be successfully brought on from reserve , and the alpha legion also army contains an identical unit also held in reserve ,( eg tactical squad fro tactical squad ) on a 4+ the alpha legion squad shows up instead
( alpha legion units that arrive via this method may gain the movement bonus from this rule and be targeted by interceptor as normal )

the pythian scales
2+ / 4+ ignores poison and fleshbane

the pale spear
range - str user ap 1 melee , armourbane , instant death , two handed


Corvus Corax

ws 7 bs 6 s 6 t 6 w 6 i 7 a 6 ld 10 sv 2+

special rules
sire of the raven guard
the shadowed lord
hit and run

the sable armour
the panoply of the raven lord
frag grenades
shroud bombs
the korvidine pinions
two archeotech pistols

sire of the raven guard
corax gains + 1 initiative and +1 strength on any turn in which he charges
all models with the raven guard special rule in the same force , gain acute senses and their run roll is always counted as a six

the shadowed lord
unless part of a unit , if corax is not the closest target or the firing unit is a psyker or daemon or another primarch , only snap shots may be taken against him.
at the start of the controlling players turn , may be removed from play and placed into ongoing reserves- may even be withdrawn from close combat in this manner , but ONLY if his initiative is higher than his opponents

the sable armour
2+ / 5+
any enemy deep striking within 12" of corax will suffer a deep strike mishap on any roll of a double on their scatter roll.
enemy teleport homers ( and similar devices ) do not function within this radius

the panoply of the raven lord
range - str user ap 2 melee , shred , blind , two handed , fighting style

[ fighting style - at the beginning of each assault phase , may choose one of the following styles .
death strike - all to wound rolls of 5+ wound the target regardless of toughness and any rolls to vehicles gain + 3 to armour penetration
scourge - corax gains D3 extra attacks
shadow walk - imposes a - 1 penalty to hit rolls of every enemy model which attacks him in an assault phase until the beginning of the controlling players next assault phase ]

the korvidine pinions
gains jump infantry
may always make hammer of wrath attacks when making assaults , regardless of other factors , such hammer of wrath attacks causing D3 hits at str 5 ap 3.
when deploying via deep strike , scatter may be re-rolled if controlling player wishes
should a mishap be rolled , then delayed result automatically applies
when making a jump pack move , may make a vector strike attack

( rules also for damaged corax later in the campaign , loses jump pack , pistols down to 5 wounds and 5 attacks , armour is 3+ / 5+ carries salvaged heavy bolter which becomes assault 3. gains hatred of all enemy legions on istvaan V)

Source: Dakkadakka

Creature Caster Launch date announced

So 4am in NZ on Easter weekend right in the middle of a tournament (Natcon)... That sucks!

New Forgeworld Knight Variants sighted!!!!!!

The rumours are true! Say hello to the Knight Lancer Variant

Its fairly large compared with the Paladin

Forgeworld Open Day Pictures - Updated

Will update as more become available

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Tablescapes Ruined Temple Preview

Secret Weapon have release previews of the final terrain style

It looks amazing. I cannot wait to see some painted up

Games Workshop would be proud! Skulls in a pit!

It appears to be very highly detailed

This was the original terran style I wanted, but passed it over as it was shipping last. Now they are all shipping together in April/May. Disappointing but typical of Kickstarters

Apparently it is getting renamed to forgotten city to distinguish it from the ruined temple bases Secret Weapon makes

Salamander Pyrocasters by Forgeworld

The dreaded Pyroclasts are the burning fury of the Salamanders Legion given form. The Pyroclasts were created by Vulcan, Primach of the Salamanders, to fulfil the role of bringers of destruction, equipping them with advanced and extremely powerful thermal/incendiary weapons of his own devising known as flame projectors. To the Salamanders fire is more than merely a weapon; it has an almost mythical function and embodies both purifying destruction and the potential for rebirth and redemption.  
In battle they are relentless and remorseless, and where they are unleashed there can be no possibility of mercy or reprieve from the fire. 
The Salamanders Legion Pyroclasts set, designed by Keith Robertson, is a complete multi-part resin kit comprising of five models armed with Pyroclast flame projectors, one of which is also armed with a power fist. This set is available to order now.
More pictures & information available here