Sunday, 31 March 2013

New High Elf Pictures Leaked

How fitting we wake up to new High Elf pictures of a new Phoenix model on Easter Sunday...

It however leaves us with more questions than answers. Speculation time...

What we see is is three Phoenix models, two painted up as 'fire' phoenix, and one as an 'ice' phoenix presumably, or as the rumours suggest. What is odd, is the formation. They are not ranked up in any known formations. They look almost randomly distributed in the picture. Does this mean High Elves will have the option to purchase theses individually in an army?

Another observation about them is that all of the Phoenix share the same body, but there are two different wing styles, and two, possibly three different head styles. The riders all appear to have the same lower torso and at least two have the same ornate back plate on their saddle. I am guessing this model will be released as a box of one, with different options. Will it be a rare option, or character only mount?

Now in the foreground we can see the top part of what is presumably the new flying chariot, along with a portion of a wing from an eagle. Two elves are mounted in the chariot, one hanging onto something like a tiller at the back, and the other holding a very larger arrow or bolt. The wing tip from the eagle appears to be in the wrong position to be drawing the chariot from the little we know and see. However, and likely there is another chariot right next to the pictured one. But immediately behind the chariot are some other new models. The look like Lothern sea guard, but with shields on their backs, and no bows/quivers visible. They may well be part of the flying chariot but do not appear in the same style as the new chariot crew.

Of course this leaves the (presumably) last new plastic kit High Elves will receive. What is it? There is nothing obvious in the one picture we have. If we have a look at some of the rumour dumps we have received, we get the following list:

Lothern Sea Guard
Drake Riders
Shadow Warriors

We can discount the spearmen straight away, as the old models are in the picture. This also IMO discounts the archers, as GW would be most likely to continue the current trend of dual kits. 
Lothern Sea Guard however are plausible. Only due to the leaked image, as the duders behind the chariot are very similar. 
Shadow Warriors I think could still get new models, however I do not think they will be plastic. Unless they become the new must have core unit and we will be encouraged rank upon rank, I think if we see them, they will be resin. Being a skirmisher unit and of limited numbers in the fluff makes me more certain.
This leaves us with Drake Riders... Will we see a monstrous cavalry and the phoenix riders? Well based purely on the rumour compilation and the leaked picture, I think this is most likely. And if this is true, it will be an amazing release from GW. Add to that High Elves have the majority of their elites and core infantry in plastic, there is not much else to do. Before you say Swordmasters they are in the starter box, plus no rumours for them. 

This last picture is rumoured to be the cover art. Very nice if it is

So here is my speculation of the next release: High Elves

Flying Chariot with possible dual option
Phoenix riders, fire and ice options
Drake riders, monstrous cavalry
A single plastic character, either mage or hero

Shadow Warriors
two special characters
a generic character


Here's hoping Silverhelms or Ellerion Reavers will become core. What do you guys think?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

High Elf Rumours

There has been a huge dump of rumours recently on the Ulthuan forums, originally posted in Spanish so they have been translated

Here they are:

-NO ASF or Valor as we know it today.
-Elven Dexterity: units with this rule can use parry save when wielding any weapon, even if mounted (some units may use it against shooting or even if mounted).
-Special rule for rolling an additional dice on chase an remove the lowest result (or four dice removing two lowest dices to swift stride).
-IaC: more than f*cking around, there are chances that the general may somehow help, dependin on region/power chosen it benefits some units.

-Elven Weapons: no penalties on two-handed or moving&shooting (there may exist extra bonus on elite units). (Translator says: in the beginning I thought of SW, but maybe maidens are also here).
-Ithilmar armor: no penalties when moving, +1AS on heavy armor (only on elite units).
-Dragon Armor: 3+ armor save against flaming attacks.
-Lion Pelt: Can also be used in CC.

-Elven Mages: +1 to dispel and can repeat channelings.
-High Magic: More powerful spells and representing the 8 lores of magic. It is said that there is one that gives life back to a dead character and other one specific against Chaos and "Bad" armies. They will be the most powerful sorcerers until Lizards get renewed after summer. Some rules will be shared with them.

-Martial Prowess: Elves fight and shoot with a extra rank (not specified, but this could be armywide).
-Spears and LSG: heavy armor and shield option.
-Archers: Light Armor.
-SHs: Heavy armor. Cheaper.
-Ellyrian Reavers: Same.
-T-Chariot: Same, cheaper.
-SMs: Parry save against shooting, Swords of Hoeth, Paths fighting.
-White Lions: Lumber Axes, Stubborn, Forest Stride.
-Phoenix Guard: Know their destiny (unbreakable), Magic Resistance, Ward Save. (maybe something about flaming attacks).
-SWs: Stalkers (?), Night Warriors (?).
-DPs: Caledor Proudness, all the rest remains the same.
-Lion Chariot: Same, cheaper.
-Flying Chariot: RBT on top of it, crew with elven weapons.
-RBT: cheaper, better.
-Dragons: Will of the Dragon (mix of 5ed. rule plus communion with rider that makes them share some rules). Super Dragon (Caledor Dragon?) may be wizard too.
-Phoenix: May be consecrated to Asuryan or another God (Phoenix alone or in a shrine?)
-Fire Dragons (MC): same as dragon princes, beast mounted is better than eagle but worse than a hypogryphe. Fly, 1+AS. Rare.
-Maiden Guard: Avelorn Mirror (?), Deadly in CC (?) (Translator says: I think no one knows what they'd do. I thought they would not exist, thought this was a wishlist... Maybe it's just a unit upgrade after all...).
-Warrior-mage (different from dragon-mage): Hoeth disciplines, fighting magic (guy was convinced one of them would be Belannaer).

Some of the bigger things I can take from this are:

  • High Elves are loosing ASF but getting some additional rules to compensate. 
  • 1-2 special units are moving to core, most likely Silver Helms, Chariots, or Ellyrian Reavers
  • New units will be Baby Dragon Monstrous Cav as rares, a flying chariot with a RBT on it, and a Phoenix which can be upgraded to be a patron of a specific god, and acts as some sort of altar.
  • No new plastic spearmen/archer models (sad face)
  • Strong in magic with +1 to dispel, re-roll unsuccessful channels, and good High Magic deck

Hard to think its all true. If it is I can almost see me brushing off my all cavalry High Elf army ready for the new book... Some of it feels like wish listing however but a lot of it makes sense. I guess we will just have to wait another 4 weeks until the next WD is available, but no doubt if High Elves are in fact next, expect more developments soon.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New FW BC Taur'uk Model spotted

Just spotted a picture in the latest WD that will interest Chaos Dwarf fans

I was under the impression FW had stopped making Chaos Dwarf models, but I guess they must still be popular enough to expand the line. Hopefully we will see more soon, like a K'daai and a BSB.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SouthCon 2013

Southcon is quickly sneaking up on us with a little less than 10 weeks to go.

It is set to go in the usual spot of Queens Birthday weekend, 1st and 2nd of June. Entry fee is $40 (early bird before 1st May) for 6 games (3 each day).
WHFB is 2500 points this years with very little comp similar to what you find in Wellington, and will be allowing special characters! The full player pack can be found here

A quick search and I find flights from Auckland & Wellington start at $80-$100 each way, and flights from Christchurch start at about $70. 

Southcon also supports several other systems, including 40k, Flames of War, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine etc and generally attracts about 140 people between all systems. Most importantly, there is beer on tap in the venue, and cooked pub meals from the restaurant downstairs (all under $10). Already looking forward to a roast beef and chip sarni. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Equinox Roundup - Battlereports

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first singles tournament of the year being Equinox. I took this as an opportunity to practice for the ETC later this year and entered a Chaos Dwarf army based on the Tamurkhan Books Legion of Azgorh. After running them at the NZTC earlier this year I was looking to get a variety of games in against a host of the other slave races, and not just Daemons.

The event was an interesting one in that we had 4 games on the first day, followed by a break on Sunday morning and 2 games in the afternoon. Something to do with a booking cock up from the Auckland Council.
The draw for the first round was published a few days before the event and we went in almost blind with none of the lists readily available pre tournament.

So the first settlement I came across was James Brown and his Ogres. James had been playing the good game all week with the "pre tournament smack" and had even gone as far as starting what can only be a new additional sideline competition going forward. The Battle of the blogs was on an New Zealands top Warhammer Celebrity would be decided this weekend. 

Lining up opposite me was all the usual suspects except this build had a tonne of fire wards. James, where you expecting my company? Being a crafty little Jafa, James lined up his little fatties all in a row as to minimise any magmacannon pain coming his way. James then lucked up and grabbed first turn, getting off a 2D6 fireball and taking out my Magmacannon first turn, followed up by laser guided cannonball taking out a Death Shrieker Rocket. To add to my misery a hobgoblin unit decided to leg it after failing an animosity test. I got my own back with the other Death shrieker rocket taking out the Ironblaster. The game was them spent with each of us out-maneuvering each other with me avoiding the Gutstar with the Bowser the K'Daai and James avoiding the K'daai with the Mournfang. Henery Khan managed to run around all game picking up heroic 1v1's with Sabre Tusks. The little (hob)goblin that could...This resulted in 10 slaves captured and 10 getting away. A draw in anyones books

Game two was against Russell and his VC. Normally not a very good matchup for the Dawi Zharr but in this case I wasnt to realise till after "what could have been". Russell had a Terrorgiest, or what I like to call it, no.1 top priority to kill. He also had a Black Knight Bus loaded up with leaches, and some skittles and what not to match. After taking out the no.1 target, my artillery spent the game working on dropping the numbers of skittles. Some timely casting of ash storm stopped them coming back. I fed the Bus with Henry first, followed by the Bull Centaurs whilst I ran around the back of the bus with Bowser and the Prophet after it survive a "going down the hole" roll. Meanwhile, my hobgoblins decided it was time to leg it again, and fled from the oncoming Ghouls. Early in the game Russell miscast and feedback caused wounds on a bunch of his characters allowing me the ability to snipe his BSB with curse of Hashut. This resulted in me picking up 12 slaves to his 8. After the game Russell pointed out that he had the flaming banner on his Bus, and only mundane weapons on the characters in the bus, and wondered why I didn't change in with Bowser. I had no answer except top bash my head against the table...

After kicking myself some more it was time for me top face Mike Stewart, a future (and past) team mate of the upcoming ETC. We had a mission this time, King of the Hill!. Mike had Empire with only one chicken Knights, however there was 2 cannons... Knowing my armies worst enemy was on the board in the form of cannons, I decided I would try just running at him. Yeah I want to be an Ogre deep down and push everything forward. A rolled up first turn and after hiding behind a hill I flew up the prophet and zapped a cannon with a 2D6 flaming wrath, but only picked up 2 wounds. I then finished it off with a Death Shrieker. Henry ran up the right flank into a grap shot from the other cannon. Meanwhile Bowser steamrolled right into the Halberdiers bunker with the L4 caster in tit and spent the next few turns grinding it to dust. I left the Great Swords alone whilst leading around the chickens until the Prophet could come over and deal with them. I sat some hobgoblins on the hill after chasing of some archers and collected myself 19 new slaves for the trouble, letting one get away. Damn it I still can't believe I didn't pick up on the flaming banner in the Black Knight Bus...

Game 4. Game on. Lining up opposite me was Rob's Chaos Warriors made up of many classic miniatures from GW's hay days. Looking good Rob. I started out by landing a perfect magmacannon shot on the trolls, removing 4 out of 5. The last one then spent the game hiding behind a hill whilst the cork come out the magmacannon and it blew itself up. The Hellcannon was dropped first turn to a combined Death Shrieker attack and I started pushing a refused flank in the hole I had made. I loose anothe Death Shrieker to a msifire and the Prophet survives another "down the hole" miscast  after zapping the Tzeentch Sorcerer Bowser then makes contact with 18 Warriors and a L2 sorcerer and cleans them up. Robs Tzeentch lord then ties him down for the rest of the game and I throw Henry under the skullcrushers to save them contacting Bowser. I pick up 13 slaves for my efforts.

Game 5 and a new venue. Tom is next up and another Ogre matchup to contend with. I start by giving Tom, a former ETC player and stuntie player a lesson on what it feels like to line up agaisnt a classic Dwarf deployment... Yeah I turtle up in the corner. Fist turn and another perfect Magmacannon shot. Bye bye Ironguts. I take 4 wounds off the Ironblaster but don't finish it off. In return Tom uses it to take out the Magmacanon. Tom tries to entrap my K'daai but I manage to get it in behind his lines. My Prophet takes out Toms "Bruiser who thinks he's an Arabian Prince" and overruns into 2 mournfang. A timely ashstorm stops the 4 mournfang in their tracks. I try make an Ogre sammich (between Bowser and the Prophet) but Tom bails all his chars into the Bulls before Bowser gets in to finish the ironguts. Tom lets me have a hardcast Burning wrath which I then roll up 12 hits on the remaining 4 strong Mournfang, killing 2. This however allows Tom the ability to charge my warmachines as Henry is no longer redirecting them. The Mournfang clean up a Death shrieker before overruning into the other one, which in turn allows me to charge the fangs in the flank with my Infernal Guard breaking them. I pick up 16 slaves for my troubles this game.

Last game and I am matched against the undefeated Ross and his Warriors of Chaos. He has a nasty list, including Skullcrushers, chariots, and the unkillable Tzeentch disc lord, not to mention that Nurgle Daemon Prince build we all love... Split deployment sees my Prophet and Bowser lined up opposite Ross's Helcannon and Daemon Prince. I get first turn and push up the flank with them. The DP and HC are out of range of the Death Shriekers so with the help of the Magma cannon they take of the Chimera instead. I zapp the DP with Curse of Hashut and take a wound off. In my second turn Bowser charges into the Hellcannon whilst the Prophet flies in behind the DP and zapps it again. Ross throw 6 dice at it to dispel, and rolls a 1,1,1,1,2 and 3... yeah. I cause 5 wounds in which he saves one. Bye bye DP. I fireball off some chaff and shoot some dogs. Poor puppies. Meanwhile, both Hobgoblin units feel that things are going so well that they are not needed, so leg it... again... and the magmacannon kills 4 or 5 Warriors each turn before the Tzeentch lord takes it off. The warriors flee the field. At this point Ross is felling extremely under the weather and asks to call the game. The game is called and we work out I have captured another 16 slaves all up. 

So that ends my first outing with the Dawi Zharr in a singles event, and with well over 40 attending I pick up 1st place over all, after the tie breaker with Ross. Not a bad way to start the year. I am happy at how the Chaos Dwarves are preforming so far and got some good practice in for the ETC later this year. The tournament was very tight at the top, with Dan Butler (WOC) out scoring me on battlepoints but with an unpainted army, and 13 points splitting the top 22 players!  I bagged 84 slaves out of a possible 120 so I hope the tower masters will be pleased. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Equinox Results

So the first tournament of the year is done and dusted, and the first single player outing for my Chaos Dwarfs has been rather successful

ArmyAdj BattSportsPaintTie BreakTotal
Tim JossChaos Dwarves4320200.183.1
Ross HWarriors43202083
Dan ButlerWarriors47201279
John wBretonnains38202078
Simon KwokDaemons36.520200.176.6
Richard BChaos Dwarves36.5202076.5
James BrownOgres34.5202074.5
Paul ClarkTomb Kings3420200.174.1
Rob SadlerWarriors33.5202073.5
James CWood Elves32.520200.172.6
Mike YoungsDark Elves3220200.272.2
Nick munnSkaven32202072
Sean RobertsonDark Elves31202071
Aaron PDaemons30.520200.270.7
BrianDark Elves30.520200.170.6
Paul DaltonOgres28.5202068.5
Dave HartO&G2720200.167.1
Michael CLizardmen26.5202066.5
Mike SEmpire26202066
Ross ClarkWarriors25.520200.165.6
Mike VercoeOgres25.5202065.5
Noel High Elves26201965
GeorgeHigh Elves23.5202063.5
Aaron CVampires25201863
Nick IWood Elves22.5202062.5
Dan BlomfieldO&G2120190.160.1
Dean WO&G13202053
Ron goldsBeastmen9.5202049.5
Phil ODaemons5201035
GeoffHigh Elves5201035
Chris EWood Elves5201035

As you can see the top 22 players where split by 13 points! Everybody bough out their A game and there where some seriously tough lists to contend with. Dan Butler came out with best general on the day scoring the highest battlepoints. We never got to face each other unfortunately. Ross and I played it out in the last round for overall bragging rights. Hopefully next time we face Ross wont be so under the weather. 

Safe to say the new WOC book has definitely hanged the meta. Can't wait to see what Daemons do to it...

Huge thanks to Phil for organising another successful event, and to all my opponents who stomached my stupid hat all weekend.

Also, massive props to Rorius Maximus and his better half, for not only putting me up for the weekend, but putting up half the field. So how'd that experiment go mate?

And now, more importantly after spending hours pouring over my list James still only managed a draw. And that's after removing the biggest threat turn one before I had even rolled a dice. Mr Brown, I think you need to go back to Warhammer Academy, or at least get a new mentor. 

And so to the victor go the spoils of war.

 Most. Important. Mug. Ever!

Friday, 15 March 2013

The Gauntlets, thrown they are...

The gauntlets have been thrown down. The draws are up for round one of Equinox and it appears that we have sudden death!

Its little Jimmy vs little Timmy! and how appropriate it is!

In the blue corner, we have dirty cheat'n Orges, with all their broken undercosted toys
And in the red corner, no other than my Chaos Dwarfs, who may have broken toys, but hell do I have to pay through the roof for them!

A classic show down if any. Will the fatties have their cake and eat it to? Or will the evil stunties add to their stocks of slaves? Will it be BBQ Ribs or pork belly pie? 

Stay tuned, all will unfold tomorrow morning...

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Not Long Now

Forgeworld are starting to release more Necron stuff. Today we see the new Necron Sroud Bomber

No rules as of yet but the fluff talks about dropping anti matter bombs which are stored out of phase. Not to sure on the model itself either, as at first glance it looks like a Nightscyth with tacked on extensions. The kit is a plastic and resin so no doubt the main body is just a nightscyth. That canopy however... I want it.
More stuff found here

Next is the realm of battle board. We seen some pictures of this under construction from a games day and now it is a reality.

I think they executed this very well. A Monolith lands on the main pedestal and the two little ones appear to take tesla destructors from the barge kit. More pictures here

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Missing FAQ's

So the Warriors of Chaos and Daemons FAQ's have now disappeared from the GW website.

Can we expect new FAQ's straight away or they just doing house cleaning?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

NZTC Recap - Day 1

So a few weeks ago New Zealands WHFB community descended on an unsuspecting hall in our capital city for the first inarguable New Zealand Team Championship, and what a success it was!

Huge thanks to Pete for organising this event!

I was invited to attend by some friends in Christchurch, on the condition I would captain the team. Alan, Damon, Mike and I rocked into the capital with Empire, Lizardmen, Orcs and Goblins, and my new army Chaos Dwarfs. 

Our army composition was not really based around any great strategy as a team. It was more a case of Mike was bringing Orcs and Goblins regardless, Alan only had Empire, Damon wanted to bring Wood Elves, leaving me to fill any perceived gaps. Mike had a list that he refused to change, not for a lack of trying by the rest of the team! Alan only managed to paint up 4 chickens, and after some discussion at Guardcon last year, Damon opted for pink lizards! over the woodies. This left our team with two armies which where more conservative in approach, and one that should be a good kicker for short wins, (despite its lack of Doom Divers...). We really needed something that could chase the big wins, so I took the opportunity to try out my Chaos Dwarfs. I geared the build to specifically take on Daemons, as I suspected most teams would roll out triple letter lists. It gave the build some inherent difficulties playing cannons, which also meant avoiding Ogres, which would be another big contender.

So Round one we drew Cut the Mustard. We thought this was favourable to us, but the one problem was the Ogres. 2 cannons meant the CD needed to avoid Ogres. However the other three armies that was a favourable matchup. 
We ended up with the following:

Chaos Dwarfs vs Vampire Counts
Orcs & Goblins vs Daemons
Empire vs Ogres
Lizards vs Wood Elves

Mike got a solid victory going 12-8 over the Daemons. Damon scrapped out a 13-7 win despite not being able to finish everything off. Alan got overrun by the Ogres 0-20. We really thought he had the big high strength blocks to win combats. I pulled a lucky 18-2 win over the VC. I managed to double flank the infantry blocks and used the artillery to decimate them before wiping them out on the charge. A good round overall and a nice first outing for the Evil Stunties (it was my first game ever with them!)

We finish the round 43-37. We where looking for more here but didnt expect the complete collapse of the Empire/Ogre match. 

Second round was drawn and one of the harder matchups came to fore. We got the Nerdymen and what was going to be not the best round. My Chaos Dwarfs needed to avoid Rory's VC, his bus and general would just steamroll my entire army by itself. Nobody else wanted to face the Daemons so that was the perfect match. Mike got the Warriors which was a good match, and we threw Alan to the Ogres again. Hopefully this time he would have some better luck and get a draw which his army should be capable of. This left Damon to the VC, and with lore of Metal and being able to pass off miscast to Rory's lord, we thought we had got a good round of matchups.

Chaos Dwarfs vs Daemons
Lizardmen vs Vampire Counts
Orcs & Goblins vs High Elves
Empire vs Ogres

Once again Alan had a terrible game against the Orges. He really needed a second unit of Chickens. Some more terrible luck but managed to conserve 1 point with a 1-19 loss. Mike played a great game again and only went down 9-11. With some doom divers he could have collected a 12-8 win easy, well not according to him anyway. Damon's stratergy collapsed and the Knight Bus got through unmolested. I had a fairly easy game with a really favourable matchup. Daemons de-materialised to the artillery, I held up the blocks and worked one at a time, finishing them off with double charges by the Taurus and Kdaai. 19-1 to me

We finished round to going down 35-45. Not to bad, definitely could have been worse. If we had the right build (read Doom Divers) we would have tried to get Orcs vs the VC, giving Lizards the Ogres. 

Round three and half way through the long day. Kapiti Krushers pop up on our radar and another challenge for our team. We angled my Evil Stunties to the Daemons again, nobody wanting to take on the triple letter hoard but me. We tried to get Mike the mirror match, and put him and Alan up vs the Orcs. Damon took the match vs the Darkies in the end

Chaos Dwarfs vs Daemons
Lizardmen vs Dark Elves
Orcs & Goblins vs Warriors of Chaos 
Empire vs Orcs & Goblins

All in all a good draw. Only thing we really wanted to change was swapping the matches for Mike and Damon. Cant have everything go our own way however. I had another great game, controlling the board from the beginning of the game and working on one letter hoard after another. 19-1 win to me. Damon had a terrible turn of events in the last turn or so, with a critical combat that should have been in his favour turning against him with him going down 3-17 instead of the opposite number. Massive last turn swings thanks to mindrazor... Mike didn't have any luck in his match either, with the Warriors of Chaos being to fast for his army and taking the flanks and the eventual victory 1-19. Alan on the other hand took a steady hand and notched up 14-6 win against the Orcs. 

So this round finished with our team losing the round by three points 37-43. Thanks mindrazor! Not.

So we go into the last round of the very long day. We havn't gone down big in any round but havn't managed to climb out from practical draws. Seams we are not the only ones. The team games have a away of evening things out it appears. Team OMEN is next in our crosshairs and we are looking to get this one right. Once again I looked to avoid the VC list with its Vampire of Doom, and the Empire list with all its cannons. We thought the OnG would be a good match here despite the lack of Doom Divers. We aimed to get the mirror match with Alan. The round broke down to the follwoing:

Chaos Dwarfs vs High Elves
Lizardmen vs Dark Elves
Orcs & Goblins vs Vampire Counts
Empire vs Empire

I was not looking forward to this. Not only was it the 4th game of the day, I had managed only 5 hours sleep the last night. I turtled and threw some dice about not expecting much, as the High Elf match was not good for my list. But when James failed a few charges, and I managed to kill his dragon with rockets, things looked up a little. My Infernal Guard dealt to his BSB on eagle who was left to fend for himself thanks to the failed charges, and my hobgoblin archers shot the High Elf general that was now dragonless after fending off eagles in combat! Not only that, James fluffed the white lions combat vs the K'daai, allowing it to got on a rampage. I still don't know how I got a 19-1 win. Damn lucky dice. Alan and Joels Empire off resulted in a predictable 9-11, with Mike leaping to new strengths pulling a nice win from the VC 13-7. Damon discovered the Cold One Bus was immune to his magic but despite than managed to get the 11-9 win. 

The round finished as a nice, although unexpected win 52-28 to us. Great way to finish the day. We had gone in thinking 40 would be nice. Luck still has a lot to do with this game 

So day one ended with us on a grand total of 167 points. I think this was top half of the table. Not to bad considering our lists. Like I said I thought we would be gunning for 5th to 6th place and was happy to with our first day haul. We headed off home very tired and hungry. We all had a sneaking suspicion we would be playing the Von Trapp family next round...