Saturday, 29 June 2013

FW Latest Horus Heresy Releases - The Fellglaive is here

I seem to have lost my email but Forgeworld have released a bunch of stuff today
Everyones favourite Heresy Superheavy, the Fellglaive

The Glaive Super-heavy Special Weapons Tank is a variant of the Fellblade. Armed with a Volkite Carronade, it is designed to destroy xenos beasts and incinerate enemy light vehicles at a single sweep. 

While the Glaive has been issued to all eighteen Legiones Astartes in limited quantities, the Salamanders and Dark Angels have long been noted to field Glaives as a matter of course; the XVIIIth Legion’s artifice is more than sufficient to maintain and replicate the arcane Volkite technology, while the provenance and honour of the Ist Legion means that their war matériel and weaponry are ancient indeed. 

The Legion Glaive, designed by Stuart Williamson, is a multi-part resin and plastic kit that is packed with detail. It is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 28th June and experimental rules to field this powerful super-heavy as part of a Space Marine Legion army are available to download here.

New Minotaurs Chapter Conemptor Dread "Hecaton Aiakos"

The ornate Contemptor pattern Dreadnought known as Hecaton Aiakos has been identified by his distinctive heraldry in a number of the Minotaurs Chapter’s campaigns, spanning several centuries. In the Bifrost Uprising, Aiakos gained notoriety when he was mistakenly fired upon by a detachment of Bifrost Huscarls under the brevet command of Brother-Sergeant Augustine of the Viper Legion Space Marines. Aiakos rampaged through the Imperial lines in retaliation, killing thirty-seven Huscarls and Augustine himself, and ripped apart a Leman Russ which had attempted to stop him. His deadly assault was only halted after he received a countermand vox order from his Chapter Master in orbit. 

Hecaton Aiakos, designed by Israel Gonzalez, is a multi-part resin kit packed with intricate detail, and is available to order now for immediate despatch. The model comes supplied with a plasma cannon and an ornate Dreadnought close combat weapon, and is also fully compatible with Forge World’s other Contemptor Dreadnought weapons. Rules for fielding this noted character can be found in Imperial Armour Volume Twelve: The Fall of Orpheus.

New Tartaros Pattern Terminators

The Tartaros pattern is arguably the most advanced form of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, and shares many systems with the MkIV ‘Maximus’ power armour. It provides greater mobility for its wearer than other patterns, with no loss in durability or protection; this has led to great demand for the Tartaros pattern and means that it is particularly commonplace amongst the Legiones Astartes.

Designed by Will Hayes, the Legion Tartaros Pattern Terminators set contains five multi-part resin models, each featuring different iconography and armour details.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Eldar Codex on ANDROID! $40NZ!!!!!!!!

Yes, that time has finally come when GW acknowledge that apple is shit and embrace the intelligence that is Android!

The Eldar codex is officially the first codex to make the jump into the mainstream. Tucked away in WD daily anouncement is this:

The Digital Edition of Codex Eldar is now available to download as an eBook for Android, Kindle and iBook devices. Yes, you did read that correctly - the Eldar have transcended from the physical plain of paper and ink to the digital realm of pixels and megabytes. To download Codex Eldar simply click on this link:

Codex Eldar - the Digital Edition

It's worth noting that new digital content is being created all the time by the guys in the Studio and every Monday you'll be able to collect a new instalment in the three available series. In the Munitorum series you'll find articles on the Eldar Banshee Mask and the Shuriken Catapult, while in Warlords of the Dark Millennium there are articles on Asmodai and Azrael - two of the most famous heroes in the Dark Angels Chapter. Index Astartes is also back and new instalments in the series will be released on a regular basis. Bookmark the Digital Editions page and check back there every Monday to see what's been added.


This eBook digital edition is compatible with most current generation mobile devices, tablets and eReaders including Android, Kindle and iBooks devices. 

What is even better about this (atleast for us Kiwi's) is that we can purchase and download these books directly from the Black Library! 
For those of you who don't know, GW, just to add insult to injury, not only charge New Zealand twice the RRP that they do in the UK, they also blocked NZ from downloading digital products from iBooks store...
£20 gets you the ebook on Mobi or Epub, and that roughly translates to $40 NZ! Compare that to $98 NZ for the hardcover codex.....


A picture says a thousand words...

Looks like the Eavy Metal team forgot to glue the arm together...

It surprises me that it made it this far. The painter actually painted the end of the arm!

All the web art has this one missing or fixed. Pity they did not catch it for the box art.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

War is coming...

Well it looks like the leaked WD cover was genuine

War is coming video 

This confirms what we all know, Apocalypse is coming in July. WD will be on sale 29th June. So it is also interesting that this teaser video has gone up so early. Is this linked to the changes to independants I spoke of in my last post?

Expecting the 2 week pre order window to be confirmed come next week when the stores get their order forms.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Forgeworlds Latest Release



This will look amazing in Imperial Fist Colours!

Games Workshop & Independent Stockists changes

It has been mentioned several weeks ago that GW done an 'additional' stock take over and above the regular monthly ones preformed by all authorised GW stockists. 

This was considered unusual at the time and it was hinted that something would be happening as a result.

It has now been revealed that it was based around merchandising changes intended to help out independents more. The community often states GW has a poor merchandising skills but most stockist I talk to say the opposite. Previously GW maintained a core product range list that stockists where required to keep and split it into bands 1-5. This has and does work, as GW have all the information of what sells and what dosn't which can and does help a retailer maintain product that turns over (and makes them a profit). They look to now be changing that to a top 100 product range with less requirements to stock everything. In addition, and this will be the one best received, is a move back to 2 week pre-ordering!

Stockist will love this as previously they would be required to place an order before the new stuff is even available for pre-release, so a lot of crystal ball gazing was needed for independents, resulting in a lot of overstocks or lack of stock for release. Consumers will appreciate this as now they have some more time to consider their pre-orders, and their FLGS will be able to actually have enough of the stuff in stock on release day. Hopefully this will be an end to new release stock shortages we have seen with Tau, High Elves and Eldar.

So that may be the reason why it has been rumoured that Apocalypse release date is not the first Saturday but the second Saturday in July (13th) which differs from the past.

Time will tell...

Friday, 14 June 2013

Fulgrim now available for pre-order

Pretty Boy is now available for pre-order, the third miniature in the Horus Heresy Character Series. As expected an amazing model!

The mercurial and prideful Fulgrim, the Phoenician, strove to be a paragon of all things. He passed on his values to his Legion, where they became enshrined as a remorseless dedication to perfection in warfare. Such all-consuming ambition came at the price of vainglory and hubris for both the Emperor’s Children Legion and their master, and they were swiftly ensnared in the Warmaster’s conspiracy. 

Modelled in the thick of bloody combat, his arrogance and condescension given way to fratricidal anger and battle-born wrath, this dynamic miniature showcases the full opulence of Fulgrim’s panoply. The miniature comes supplied in a handsome presentation box, and features a large 60mm scenic base, itself packed with detail, into which a 40mm base sits, allowing for both display and gaming use. You can find out about how Simon Egan approached such an iconic project here. There is a 360º view of the model at the end of the video.

Fulgrim is available to pre-order now for despatch from the 28th of June.

More images here

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rumours - Whats next?

With the exceptionally early leak of White dwarf detailing the Apocalypse relaunch for 40k, what is around the corner for the rest of the year? After sifting through all the rumours and comparing them with what's been mentioned to me, I have come up with the following:

July - 40k Apocalypse

  • Lord of Battle/Lord of War dual kit
  • "Megalith"
  • Imperial Knight
  • Terrain
Most of this is confirmed. The Imperial Knight I think is still a little conjecture but has merit based on what has been said. Last Apoc release only seen 2 superheavy release. GW may have stepped it up this time.  Expect if it is to happen it will be like the Knights Paladin and potentially a dual kit. This would sell like hotcakes! The Terrain is tagged on as an afterthought. 

August - Space Marines

  • Plastic Librarian
  • Plastic Veteran Kit Sternguard/Vanguard
  • New Walker/Large Terminator (Not a Dreadnaught)
  • Unknown? plastic kit. Flier?
  • Finecast Characters
  • 2 or more supplement codex's (One is possibly Black Templar/Imperial Fist/Crimson Fist)
The above is a combination of information passed to me and rumours on the interwebs. A sternguard/Vanguard plastic kit is a long time coming. This fits with GW format of 1 infantry kit, one medium sized kit (flier size) and one huge kit. The new walker has been mentioned by several people, either an inbetween Terminator/Dreadnaught or a Contemptor size or large model. I've heard both and think contemptor style is almost a given considering the popularity of the FW model. Fluff wise its easy to fit in as an off shoot or forgotten termi design/whatever, Not sure if we will see another flier option. Not everything adding up here and I expect to be pleasantly surprised. 
As far as the supplement books go, its almost a given its going to happen. It has been mentioned to me that they may be chapter specific or cover the history of additional foundings like the one mentioned. Sorry Black Templar guys I think you will be covered by a suppliment. Its also been whispered that Blood Angles/Space Wolves may be similar... This may be far fetched.

September - Lizardmen

  • Terradon riders (box of 3)
  • Kroxigor (box of 3)
  • New Large Dino kit (rumoured to be bigger than the Stegadon ie 100x150mm base)
  • 2 finecast characters
  • Plastic Skink Priest
I've heard the terradon plastics rumour as well (before the recent French picture leak of a head). Interesting as I had it pegged we would see Kroxigor box. Not sure that we will see both as it breaks the mould of 1 infantry, 1 monstrous/medium kit and 1 big gribbly. Alternativley we could see a new infantry or Chameleon Skinks in plastic (or both in a dual kit). Big gribbly almost a given for dino race. No idea what it is.

October - Mystery Box

I've heard both Bloodbowl & Heroquest from different sources. If I had to put money on one it would be Bloodbowl.

If it happens I don't expect it to be like the earlier edition, and more like a one off release with 4 teams, and no additional support.

November - Tyrannids

  • Harpy dual kit
  • Big Gribbly transport creature

I'm speculating that they will be in this slot, but there will obviously be at least one more plastic box and a plastic character + finecast stuff. Expecting an infantry kit (maybe something we have never seen before) and potential to see a Warrior Prime in plastic. I have heard two different versions of the transport creature, possibly from two different playtest lists.


I expect to see the usual mix of Xmas boxes and promo. Oh and Hobbit crap.

January - Dwarfs
  • Hammerers/Ironbreakers Dual Kit
  • Dirigible
  • New War Machine construct with multiple build options
  • or another infantry based plastic kit such as slayers or similar
  • Plastic Runesmith
  • 2 New finecast characters
Lots of discussion online here. Several reliable people claiming Dark Elves however I have a feeling we will see Dwarfs first (I'm more often wrong than right). At any rate not much to go on. I have no idea what we would see for Dark Elves, other than Black Guard Plastics, maybe a chariot and a new monster for the Beastmasters to play with.

As always with rumours, take it all with a grain of salt. I have mixed in information that I have heard with some conjecture of what I think will be released. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Eldar & the Iyanden Supplement - What does the future hold?

A new development from Games Workshop this month is the release of a supplement codex for the new Eldar release

The above is a video of the supplement codex, which as you can see offers a lot of insight into what it offers. Not only is it larger than the standard codex (at 122 pages) but it also includes additional rules, wargear (magic items to you fantasy types), force organisation as well as over 60 pages of additional fluff for the Iyanden Craftworld. One must say the artwork is glorious!

This almost feels like a throwback to the old days of back of the book army lists, or White Dwarf specials. Its got me interested in what GW will do next.

Now besides the usual loud minority which are crying rip off (again) because they think they need to buy two books instead of one, it has not dawned on them yet that they don't 'have to' purchase it. Its an optional supplement, but I digress...

What can we expect from Games Workshop next, as I believe this supplement will be popular enough to warrant further. Will we see Space Marine supplement codex's for Chapters that have always been but fluff and a special character or two? Imperial Fists, Salamanders, Word Bearers, Thousand Sons? Will this be the treatment that Black Templar get, or will we infact see a supplement codex covering Imperial Fists, Black Templar and Crimson Fists? Speed freaks for Orks, or further Craftworlds represented? The possibilities are enormous! Following from that will we see Blood Angels and Space Wolfs getting the same treatment instead of the usual stand alone treatment? I mean it makes sense, as they are just marines with some extra special rules and modified force organisation.

Could this be the death of the standaong Space Puppies Codex?

Now the above is brainstorming on what we may see for 40k. But what about fantasy? The rumour on the ground is we will see Lizardmen next off the block (possibly in 2 months). Will they get a supplement codex? The Southlands come to mind, being separated from the main temples in the new world and having a distinctly different army composition made up of almost entirely skinks. Will GW revisit previous books? Supplement books for Nuln or Altdorf, or even a Kislev adaption? High Elves from the New World? Dark Elves that are based entirely from a Black Ark... Then theres the Skaven clans. Granted there are not as many obvious possibilities here but with the rumoured 9th edition getting a ravening hordes style list included the ability to have supplement books is increased. The Warhammer World is very rich in history and has great depth in narrative.

All I can say is watch this space, as although as mentioned the options in 40k are obvious, WHFB is not so, however GW have surprised us before...

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Krak Report - May Edition

So I am back again for round two of the Krak Report. A round up of things that sparked my interest in the month thats just been. 


Forgeworld continued its regular march of weekly releases. A few new items not previously seen snuck in this month such as the Legion Praetors. And wow there a nice sculpt! We got our first look at the new Fulgrim model, and there appears to be multiple sculpts. Multipart poseable maybe? 

We also seen more new Necron goodness (who woulda thunk I would do Tomb Kings in space?) from the Fall of Orpheus book, and several new previews of upcoming Horus Heresy tanks and marines. I've made a summary of them here in my blog. I can't wait for some of these new models, and most importantly, book 3 covers Imperial Fist! Oh and who can forget the Squig Gobbla. 

Secret Weapon miniatures kickstarter campaign closed with a flurry of success at the end, and the stretch goals went as far as unlocking the ruined temple theme. For those of you who don't know tablescapes is a 1' x 1' modular gaming table with multiple unique tiles so that you may arrange a table in a huge array of ways. I'm looking forward to getting the 8'x4' ruined temple for home. More details can be found here

High Elves

The internet has been a raging over the new High Elf book, from its completely O.P. to is completely U.P. But no matter who you talk to there seems to be no middle ground, that is, if you believe the internet....
I for one am well impressed with the internal balance, and the flexibility of the book as a whole. I've been cleaning up some of my old High Elves models and purchased some of the new range. It will be a few months before I get a chance to take them to a tournament as I still have a lot of work preparing the Chaos Dwarfs for the ETC in August. I wrote a summary of the book early in May here

Space Elves

Early rumours and leaked pictures of the Eldar where everywhere. This staple of 40k was long overdue for an update, and well, looks like they got only a fraction of what they wanted. We seen the rise of the spirit machines with new Waithguard and a Wraithknight which stands near 10" tall! This model is huge. I didn't blog much on them as they seemed to be everywhere and I didn't receive any new or contrary information. I'm just waiting for someone to paint some big egyptian style eyes on them...

Games Workshop Rumour Clamp Down

Last month we seen GW have a go at the life blood of the modern wargaming communities. Faeit212 and BOLS plugs where pulled, and although BOLS claim it was for different reasons, the timing seems to coincidental for my liking. Both are now up again but it appears that the lawyers of GW will still take any chance to attack the community that feeds them... 

Australasian Price Rises

Did not happen for a second year in a row! The rest of the world suffered some changes to paints and brushes (around 8%) with the GW line being only non GW manufactured items received an increase. We also seen repackaging of some 40k kits from singles to 3 packs, with the price going down! I for one am hoping that this continues as many of you already know how much Australasia is gouged compared to the Rest of the world (hence the healthy parallel importing of GW products). One day, its going to dawn on GW that reducing their prices in NZ and AU will actually increase their sales and profitability, as I think 70% + of new items bought in NZ are imported from the UK and US... Will the sleeping giant wake up to the reality of a global economy?

Tournament roundup

Last month was the build up to my 'local' tournament in Dunedin, Southcon. The last two years I had attended seen me walk away with first prize (year one with Orc's and Goblin's, year two with Tomb Kings) both times. This year I am taking my Chaos Dwarfs based on ETC comp (even though this is not a ETC comp Tourney). I'm not holding my breath as there are a few armies out there that my build cannot handle. I still think I can podium with them. Keep an eye out for the tournament/battle reports for further details

Parting shot

Well what do you know I still havn't managed to take any pictures of my models yet. I have started my High Elves project, finalised my Necron colour sceme, and figured out how to paint yellow (for imperial fists). One day I might even finish something, but don't hold your breath...

Warhammer Forge Merwyrm available for pre-order

FW have finally released their Merwyrm sculpt we all seen previewed at their open day. I'll all let you salivate over what Trish can accomplish given some time...

Merwyrms are most commonly found in the dangerous coastal waters of the Sea of Claws, and are bright silver-green and highly venomous. When food is scarce they have been known to assault coastal villages, devouring the inhabitants. 

Other rarer sub-breeds are known to exist, such as the albino Pagowyrm which dwells in the frigid seas of Naggaroth, and the legendary black Sciowyrms found only in the deepest ocean trenches. Masters of the primordial darkness that surrounds them in the deeps, they are said to be one of the few creatures that dares to hunt the mighty Kraken. 

Model designed by Trish Carden. This model is available to pre-order now for despatch from the 28th of June.

Friday, 7 June 2013

GW Releasing on Android Platform soon?

According to the Black Library they will be releasing Games Workshop books on the Android and Kindle platform as well as iBooks store on the 10th June (next Wednesday)

Some previews are available of the books including Index Astartes and Munitorium (both reprints)

Now BL have always released books on both the ePub and Mobi formats as well as iBooks, however it appears they are specifically advertising android and kindle platforms this time.

Now I don't want to read to far into it but we have all been waiting for Codex's and Army Books on Android for a long time!

Some products are exclusive to iPad, will these ever be available for other devices?
At the moment, many of our Digital Editions are exclusive to the iBookstore.
We are looking to expand this range to other formats in the very near future.

Will all the codexes and army books be available as Digital Editions?
Yes, eventually. However we have a large backlist so this will take time, please bear with us.

Is there a difference between the iBooks, Android and Mobi versions of the books?
For most of our products, there is no difference, however, for some of the larger publications such as codexes and army books, the iBooks editions have additional features such as quick-links and interactive miniatures galleries.

These FAQ's give me a bit of hope! I don't buy into the Apple BS and have an Android tablet myself. Having army books and rule books on this would be amazing since I tend to have to travel a lot to attend tournaments!

What is also interesting is there appears to be no navigation link to the Digital Edition FAQ on the BL website. Read of that what you may...

Colour me holding my breath...

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Southcon Battle Reports

Six games. Two days. 2500 points and 14 players. It wasn't the largest field but we got some familiar faces turn up and and most armies represented

Game 1 - Raymond - WOC

Raymond had 2 regenerating Chimeras, a Tzeentch Sorcerer on a disc, some gorebeast chariots and a Hellcannon. No Skullcrushers! Scenario was dawn attack

My Hellcannon killed his on turn 2, Magma cannon picked up some wounds on a Chimera which was finished off by some hobgoblins, and my K'daai rampaged around until it burnt itself out turn 5. Prophet managed to avoid going down a hole early in the game. I had a hard time dealing with his unkillable Tzeench Sorcerer so just avoided it for the most part. Pretty good game for me with the Hellcannon picking up a few valuable kills and not a lot going wrong for me. 17-3 win

Game 2 - Rhys - WOC

Rhys had dual Chimeras as well, but they where accompanied by 2 units of skullcrushers, and an unkillable Tzeentch combat lord. The scenario this time was meeting engaement.

I had terrible luck with the Truck, K'daai, Hellcannon, a hogoblin hero and a unit of hobgoblins not even starting on the table! I got first turn and moved things on anchoring around a building. Magma cannon failed to do anything all game and got charged by a Chimera. A unit of 3 Skullcrushers failed to restrain and charged into my K'daai. they caused 4 wounds and in return Bowser killed 2 of them. They fled and got away. Next he was charged by the unkillable lord. Not only did blazing body managed to wound and get past the 1+ 3++ rerollable, But I scored 3 wounds with his attacks, two of which made it though. Job done, Bowser burnt himself out! Hellcannon came on song later in the game picking off a Chimera, with the other dieing to the Prophet on Great Taurus. In the later stages of the game I surrounded his unit of 4 Skullcruchers and triple teamed them with Truck, Taurus and BC. His warriors ran out of range. Things where going terrible until I killed the unkillable, and then the game changed entirely. 20-0

Game 3 - Mal - LMC

You all know Mals normal ETC restricted list. Yeah. Skink cloud and death by a thousand papercuts. Scenario was watchtower worth 1k points...

I threw some hobgoblins in the tower first up and figured my only chance for a draw/narrow win was to hold the tower and try thin the cloud with the Truck. Well one truck is not enough. K'daai dies to poison, mobility of Prophet allows him to survive. Infernal guard die to final transmutation. This is the match the Chaos Dwarfs struggle with. Some funny moments where both Mals Scar vets go stupid wanting to charge, but with so much poison in the army that ignores some of my defence, backed up with metal magic this was always going to be bad. 0-20 loss and the first time I had been on the receiving end of one at a tournament...

Game 4 - Alan - Empire

Alan had cannons. Lots of cannons. Some empire duders in there as well. Steam tank, 2 cannons, 2 hellblasters, a hurricanium and an Alter. pewpewpew... Scenario was a capture the flag worth 700 points

Well helcannon got a few wounds on the steam tank first turn, and wolfies ran at a cannon. My Prophets ride got dwellered turn one, so turn two I ducked him into the Infernal guard, just so he could roll a 1 on his LOS and get cannoned off anyway... Steamtank also picked off the hellcannon turn 3 or 4. K'daai shook off a cannon to the face and then RAMPAGED. It picked up a halbadeirs unit, steam tank and some chaff. The truck ate a hellblaster for dinner and then dined on the War Alter for desert, and the BC chased off the great swords after Alan elected to flee from Infernal guard. Wolfies picked up some cannons and chased off the great swords. A convincing 20-0 to me after all but tabling Alan (he had a unit of knights that had failed 3 charges vs hobgoblins in the game). K'daai lives!

Game 5 - Darren - Daemons of Nurgle

Epidermus, a GUO, blocks of plaugebearers and  beasts. Was looking forward to facing Darren as i wanted to see how well I could do against this list. 

I hid my banners in buildings and basically cock-blocked half of his army whilst going to town on the big unit of plaugebearers in the middle with the BSB and a banner. The intention was to break him early. Epidermus and the GUO hid behind a building for most of the game not wanting to come out and play with my Hellcannon. Truck tanks a unit of 6 beast, and then gets some help later on from the Prophet to clean them up. Darrens other beasts take 2 turns of combat to finish of the flame cannon, and then spend the rest of the game trying to deal with the Hellcannon. He gets it on the last turn but only just. I fly over and zapp Epi with the prophet and Bowser runs away from the GOU thats come out to play since the Hellcannon is tied up. A convincing 20-0 win 

Game 6 - Basil - VC

Last game is against Basil and the black night bus blender lord. Zombies, Ghouls, Black Knights and a full size unit of Hex Wraiths. 

Hellcannon lands 2 shots on the Hex Wraiths wiping them out. K'daai runs down the right flank and bogs down in some Zombies for a turn. I manage to ash storm the blender bus 4 times in the game with the hobgoblin wolf heros redirecting the other two. It never makes it into combat. I get a curse of Hashut off on his Lord and roll double 6 for the hits (netting me 7) he only has a 5+ ward but then again I only score one wound on a 4+... lucky! I pick off all the other characters and avoid any manage to outflank Basils army to net me a 14-6 win. Tough game but we both enjoyed it.

So finished overall in 2nd place and no Chalice of Blood and Darkness in sight. Had to be said.
Didn't face any Ogres this tournament nor Skaven which would have been telling. I've got some new ideas from the games I want to try before the ETC.