Friday, 7 June 2013

GW Releasing on Android Platform soon?

According to the Black Library they will be releasing Games Workshop books on the Android and Kindle platform as well as iBooks store on the 10th June (next Wednesday)

Some previews are available of the books including Index Astartes and Munitorium (both reprints)

Now BL have always released books on both the ePub and Mobi formats as well as iBooks, however it appears they are specifically advertising android and kindle platforms this time.

Now I don't want to read to far into it but we have all been waiting for Codex's and Army Books on Android for a long time!

Some products are exclusive to iPad, will these ever be available for other devices?
At the moment, many of our Digital Editions are exclusive to the iBookstore.
We are looking to expand this range to other formats in the very near future.

Will all the codexes and army books be available as Digital Editions?
Yes, eventually. However we have a large backlist so this will take time, please bear with us.

Is there a difference between the iBooks, Android and Mobi versions of the books?
For most of our products, there is no difference, however, for some of the larger publications such as codexes and army books, the iBooks editions have additional features such as quick-links and interactive miniatures galleries.

These FAQ's give me a bit of hope! I don't buy into the Apple BS and have an Android tablet myself. Having army books and rule books on this would be amazing since I tend to have to travel a lot to attend tournaments!

What is also interesting is there appears to be no navigation link to the Digital Edition FAQ on the BL website. Read of that what you may...

Colour me holding my breath...

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