Sunday, 9 June 2013

Eldar & the Iyanden Supplement - What does the future hold?

A new development from Games Workshop this month is the release of a supplement codex for the new Eldar release

The above is a video of the supplement codex, which as you can see offers a lot of insight into what it offers. Not only is it larger than the standard codex (at 122 pages) but it also includes additional rules, wargear (magic items to you fantasy types), force organisation as well as over 60 pages of additional fluff for the Iyanden Craftworld. One must say the artwork is glorious!

This almost feels like a throwback to the old days of back of the book army lists, or White Dwarf specials. Its got me interested in what GW will do next.

Now besides the usual loud minority which are crying rip off (again) because they think they need to buy two books instead of one, it has not dawned on them yet that they don't 'have to' purchase it. Its an optional supplement, but I digress...

What can we expect from Games Workshop next, as I believe this supplement will be popular enough to warrant further. Will we see Space Marine supplement codex's for Chapters that have always been but fluff and a special character or two? Imperial Fists, Salamanders, Word Bearers, Thousand Sons? Will this be the treatment that Black Templar get, or will we infact see a supplement codex covering Imperial Fists, Black Templar and Crimson Fists? Speed freaks for Orks, or further Craftworlds represented? The possibilities are enormous! Following from that will we see Blood Angels and Space Wolfs getting the same treatment instead of the usual stand alone treatment? I mean it makes sense, as they are just marines with some extra special rules and modified force organisation.

Could this be the death of the standaong Space Puppies Codex?

Now the above is brainstorming on what we may see for 40k. But what about fantasy? The rumour on the ground is we will see Lizardmen next off the block (possibly in 2 months). Will they get a supplement codex? The Southlands come to mind, being separated from the main temples in the new world and having a distinctly different army composition made up of almost entirely skinks. Will GW revisit previous books? Supplement books for Nuln or Altdorf, or even a Kislev adaption? High Elves from the New World? Dark Elves that are based entirely from a Black Ark... Then theres the Skaven clans. Granted there are not as many obvious possibilities here but with the rumoured 9th edition getting a ravening hordes style list included the ability to have supplement books is increased. The Warhammer World is very rich in history and has great depth in narrative.

All I can say is watch this space, as although as mentioned the options in 40k are obvious, WHFB is not so, however GW have surprised us before...

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