Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Southcon Battle Reports

Six games. Two days. 2500 points and 14 players. It wasn't the largest field but we got some familiar faces turn up and and most armies represented

Game 1 - Raymond - WOC

Raymond had 2 regenerating Chimeras, a Tzeentch Sorcerer on a disc, some gorebeast chariots and a Hellcannon. No Skullcrushers! Scenario was dawn attack

My Hellcannon killed his on turn 2, Magma cannon picked up some wounds on a Chimera which was finished off by some hobgoblins, and my K'daai rampaged around until it burnt itself out turn 5. Prophet managed to avoid going down a hole early in the game. I had a hard time dealing with his unkillable Tzeench Sorcerer so just avoided it for the most part. Pretty good game for me with the Hellcannon picking up a few valuable kills and not a lot going wrong for me. 17-3 win

Game 2 - Rhys - WOC

Rhys had dual Chimeras as well, but they where accompanied by 2 units of skullcrushers, and an unkillable Tzeentch combat lord. The scenario this time was meeting engaement.

I had terrible luck with the Truck, K'daai, Hellcannon, a hogoblin hero and a unit of hobgoblins not even starting on the table! I got first turn and moved things on anchoring around a building. Magma cannon failed to do anything all game and got charged by a Chimera. A unit of 3 Skullcrushers failed to restrain and charged into my K'daai. they caused 4 wounds and in return Bowser killed 2 of them. They fled and got away. Next he was charged by the unkillable lord. Not only did blazing body managed to wound and get past the 1+ 3++ rerollable, But I scored 3 wounds with his attacks, two of which made it though. Job done, Bowser burnt himself out! Hellcannon came on song later in the game picking off a Chimera, with the other dieing to the Prophet on Great Taurus. In the later stages of the game I surrounded his unit of 4 Skullcruchers and triple teamed them with Truck, Taurus and BC. His warriors ran out of range. Things where going terrible until I killed the unkillable, and then the game changed entirely. 20-0

Game 3 - Mal - LMC

You all know Mals normal ETC restricted list. Yeah. Skink cloud and death by a thousand papercuts. Scenario was watchtower worth 1k points...

I threw some hobgoblins in the tower first up and figured my only chance for a draw/narrow win was to hold the tower and try thin the cloud with the Truck. Well one truck is not enough. K'daai dies to poison, mobility of Prophet allows him to survive. Infernal guard die to final transmutation. This is the match the Chaos Dwarfs struggle with. Some funny moments where both Mals Scar vets go stupid wanting to charge, but with so much poison in the army that ignores some of my defence, backed up with metal magic this was always going to be bad. 0-20 loss and the first time I had been on the receiving end of one at a tournament...

Game 4 - Alan - Empire

Alan had cannons. Lots of cannons. Some empire duders in there as well. Steam tank, 2 cannons, 2 hellblasters, a hurricanium and an Alter. pewpewpew... Scenario was a capture the flag worth 700 points

Well helcannon got a few wounds on the steam tank first turn, and wolfies ran at a cannon. My Prophets ride got dwellered turn one, so turn two I ducked him into the Infernal guard, just so he could roll a 1 on his LOS and get cannoned off anyway... Steamtank also picked off the hellcannon turn 3 or 4. K'daai shook off a cannon to the face and then RAMPAGED. It picked up a halbadeirs unit, steam tank and some chaff. The truck ate a hellblaster for dinner and then dined on the War Alter for desert, and the BC chased off the great swords after Alan elected to flee from Infernal guard. Wolfies picked up some cannons and chased off the great swords. A convincing 20-0 to me after all but tabling Alan (he had a unit of knights that had failed 3 charges vs hobgoblins in the game). K'daai lives!

Game 5 - Darren - Daemons of Nurgle

Epidermus, a GUO, blocks of plaugebearers and  beasts. Was looking forward to facing Darren as i wanted to see how well I could do against this list. 

I hid my banners in buildings and basically cock-blocked half of his army whilst going to town on the big unit of plaugebearers in the middle with the BSB and a banner. The intention was to break him early. Epidermus and the GUO hid behind a building for most of the game not wanting to come out and play with my Hellcannon. Truck tanks a unit of 6 beast, and then gets some help later on from the Prophet to clean them up. Darrens other beasts take 2 turns of combat to finish of the flame cannon, and then spend the rest of the game trying to deal with the Hellcannon. He gets it on the last turn but only just. I fly over and zapp Epi with the prophet and Bowser runs away from the GOU thats come out to play since the Hellcannon is tied up. A convincing 20-0 win 

Game 6 - Basil - VC

Last game is against Basil and the black night bus blender lord. Zombies, Ghouls, Black Knights and a full size unit of Hex Wraiths. 

Hellcannon lands 2 shots on the Hex Wraiths wiping them out. K'daai runs down the right flank and bogs down in some Zombies for a turn. I manage to ash storm the blender bus 4 times in the game with the hobgoblin wolf heros redirecting the other two. It never makes it into combat. I get a curse of Hashut off on his Lord and roll double 6 for the hits (netting me 7) he only has a 5+ ward but then again I only score one wound on a 4+... lucky! I pick off all the other characters and avoid any manage to outflank Basils army to net me a 14-6 win. Tough game but we both enjoyed it.

So finished overall in 2nd place and no Chalice of Blood and Darkness in sight. Had to be said.
Didn't face any Ogres this tournament nor Skaven which would have been telling. I've got some new ideas from the games I want to try before the ETC.

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