Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Nids getting some love

Tyrannids look to be receiving some new plastic krak in the form of the Toxicrene now that part II of the End of Times is drawing to its conclusion. This looks like something that was rumoured early last year as part of the "GW have 8 plastic kits ready to go for Tyrannids" rumours.

At least its a cheap week for me then. Will give me a chance to read the Glotkin book

40 days of 40k - Crunch time...

With a little over 4 days to get the army finished I have made some reasonable progress over the long weekend. Still heaps to go, however I now am only looking to get everything to a similar level of completion. I doubt I will have time to move onto the pigments or mud/dust effects.

Sicaran ready for sponsons and turret. 

Ive done all the transfers and filter, however still a little bit of work to get the filter shade right. 

Still need to work on the tracks before moving onto the rust streaks and weathering powders. 

The Fire Raptor has made a bit of progress to. Its at the same stage as the Sicaran. 

I need to work on some edge highlights and weathering on the black sections, work on the streaks and add pigment to simulate atmospheric entry...

The ball turrets are still WIP, as is the canopy and interior

I also have got 10 Tactical marines mostly done to a similar level. No guns yet, that's tonight's project

Close up on the MKIV armour

And then there's old yella'. You can see how difference in the yellow before the filter is applied.

Basically all that's been done here is track base coat and chipping in the yellow. Still plenty of work to go here...

So in addition to the above, I have 3 drop pods, 10 more Tactical Marines, 10 Sternguard and a Master of the Forge with Servitors to complete... They are all at varying stages

Monday, 20 October 2014

40 days of 40k - 10 days left!

Fellblade assembly is finally finished!

The tracks where rather difficult to get aligned and straight. I had to make a few new links as noted by the greenstuff

I chose to used plastic rhino doors as the resin ones where rather warped.

You can spot the magnet in the weapon sponson to enable me to swap out weapon systems. I have done this with all my tanks

Close up of the fixed commanders cupola. 

Yes I even went to the effort of replacing all the rivets that where removed as a consequence of having to rebuild the surrounding area

Finishing touches, I drilled out the gun barrels and smoke stacks. I think it makes it look a lot better.

Time for some black stuff

I've fitted the weapon sponsons and fuel barrels

The air brush makes projects like this achievable!

And now for a bit of German Red Brown. This is the first stage for my chipping effects

You can see the demolisher cannon has had the same treatment with the power drill

I have also manager to magnetize the main canon. The fit is still very tight so will need to shave some more off the pivot

This thing is huge!

The business end... Very pleased with how it has turned out after a good 20+ hours of work getting to this stage

Oh yes I also made some more progress on the rest of the army. All that's left to do now is clean the Sterguard and prep for paint. Assembly is over... 10 days to paint it all...

Oh yeah, got some Yellow done as well. First 2 coats, one more to go then time to attack it with the stippling brush and sculpting tools...

Thursday, 16 October 2014

40 days of 40k

Another quick update. Time is slowing for nobody and I am into day 24 with little progress to show...
And here's one of the reason's why

I've had to rebuild the entire hatch area thanks to a sagged mold. No chance of bending it into shape as the turret is one solid lump of resin. I had to saw off the hatch and build up the area around it with greenstuff.

Here it is finished after several nights work. I'm still not happy with it but thats more to do with the ammo rack.

You can see on this picture the ammo rack has a bend in the middle. It looks odd to me and its not something that heat will bend out of it.

This model has been a complete nightmare, almost as bad as the Storm Eagle. I still need to replace the rivets that have been sanded off but I'm almost done with it, more out of shear frustration with the model. Forgeworld why can't you have decent quality control for products you send half way around the world!

Bit of black got on last night. Aiming for some red tonight then some varnish... 

A little over two weeks to paint the entire army for Conquest now, and I still have to finish off 8 Tactical Marines and 10 Sternguard.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Putrid Blightking rules/pictures leaked - updated

Papa Nurgle has arrived!

So it appears they are a new WoC entry, and are Infantry on a 40mm base?

Actual pictures to come soon I hope... Pre release this Saturday

edit. pictures are floating about now as below...

Rather uninspiring IMO... there no Morghasts or Nagash...

Ouch. look at em prices!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

End of Times Volume II due after Dark Eldar

Rumours are rife Papa Nurgle is about to visit us in Volume II of the End of Times. I blogged last month with some musings about the series of events that may happen in Warhammer

Rick was reported to want to "advance the timeline", kill off several special characters and produce a set of four (or eight) books detailing the end of times. Nurgle was to attack the empire in Tamurkham, Tzeentch was invading Lustria, Slannesh was getting stuck into Ulthuan, and Khornes hounds where at the gates of Naggaroth. Sounds all to familiar dosn't it.
The Nagash book confirms Khorne forces headed to fight the Dark Elves (Valkira) and Nurgle heading to the empire. 

Still on target to being a rewrite of Tamarhkan. Will we see our plastic Greater Daemons soon? Will they stand up to the competition from Creature Caster?

One things for sure it is really shaping up to be a complete make-over for Warhammer

40 days of 40k

Getting into the flow of things now. Please excuse the bad lighting!
On the right is the marine all base coated and shaded, ready for chipping/weathering.
On the left is a marine after I have completed chipping, and applied enamel washes to aid in giving it a worn/ weathered look. 

The next step will be applying some pigments after I clean up a little of the blotchy streaks. The pigments will be applied once I base the model, and will be a red/brown dusty effect to signify the campaign on Mars that liberated the loyal Mechanicus and some equipment circa M30.

Let me know what you think? I do like the end result but am unsure if it has come across to dark or not.

Lots more yellow marines to paint...