Tuesday, 28 October 2014

40 days of 40k - Crunch time...

With a little over 4 days to get the army finished I have made some reasonable progress over the long weekend. Still heaps to go, however I now am only looking to get everything to a similar level of completion. I doubt I will have time to move onto the pigments or mud/dust effects.

Sicaran ready for sponsons and turret. 

Ive done all the transfers and filter, however still a little bit of work to get the filter shade right. 

Still need to work on the tracks before moving onto the rust streaks and weathering powders. 

The Fire Raptor has made a bit of progress to. Its at the same stage as the Sicaran. 

I need to work on some edge highlights and weathering on the black sections, work on the streaks and add pigment to simulate atmospheric entry...

The ball turrets are still WIP, as is the canopy and interior

I also have got 10 Tactical marines mostly done to a similar level. No guns yet, that's tonight's project

Close up on the MKIV armour

And then there's old yella'. You can see how difference in the yellow before the filter is applied.

Basically all that's been done here is track base coat and chipping in the yellow. Still plenty of work to go here...

So in addition to the above, I have 3 drop pods, 10 more Tactical Marines, 10 Sternguard and a Master of the Forge with Servitors to complete... They are all at varying stages

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