Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Break From the Usual Programing + ETC wrap up

The blog will be a bit quiet for the next 6 weeks as I am off holidaying in Europe.

ETC has been played and won by Germany. Congrats go out to them. Our Team NZ where close behind them in 26th place, just being nudged out by the Aussies...

ETC was an awsome experience and I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to go take up the challenge.

I finished the weekend with a 14, 11, 10, 10, 9, and a 0!
I managed to loose a K'daai Destroyer and Sorcerer Prophet on Bale Taurus (both undamaged) to a single Skullcannon in my match vs Denmark. The Prophet also managed to fluff all his and the Tuarus's attacks and then fail his break test on 9 to be caught vs Malta, both games turning big wins to draws/losses...
My best match was vs the Netherlands Dark Elves player Evilmonkeylord. Easily the most enjoyable gaming experience I have had in a long time. The game resulted in a draw with 0 vp difference. The Ceczh Republic was a great team to play against as well, as where all our games.

Serbia was a great host nation. The event was organized extremly well and I m told it is the best yet by others. Met a bunch of new friends whom I hope to meet maybe next year. Loved the 0.50 1 litre beers as did all.

I am off to Prague now so may not be posting for a while.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

ETC WHFB day one results

Results after end of day one. We havn't been smashed, but need to pick up our game if we want a top 1/2 result

First up today is Northern Ireland

Friday, 9 August 2013

ETC day one is go

Team Kiwi is up bright and early today. No hangovers to speak of and it has nothing to do with the 30 degreeheat in the mornings...

 We have our complete team together for the first (ever after Jimbo dissapeared last night)

The official draw for round one is a little under 2 hours away

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

ETC Team Kiwi are go

Today I started my journey to Novi Sad for this years ETC.

The event starts Wednesday with the singles event, and Friday the main event kicks off.

I will be posting live updates on Team New Zealands progress throughout the event here on my blog, and also on my twitter account. You can follow me and the team on Jossy@plastic_krak

For a run down on this years team you can listen to Mal & myself on kiwihammer podcast. Go check them out if you havnt already

This years Team NZ is represented by the following:

Simon Turner - Beastmen
David Meachen - Deamons of Chaos
Michael Stewart - Empire
Mark Audley - Bretonnians
James Humphries - Warriors of Chaos
Mal Patel - Lizardmen
Haig McLisky - Ors & Goblins
& myself with Chaos Dwarves

We are captained this year by Chris Willcox, and an honourable mention to Mark Skilton our team tech

Thats all for now. Next stop Dubai