Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Empire Chochobo Riders

In a throwback to the Final fantasy series, GW WD preview pics are up for the new "flavour of the month" monstourous cav option for Empire.
I need to point out that I am reasonably impressed at how they turned out, far nicer than the FW version, alas, they will still attract the KFC monkier, not to mention how many Empire opponents will ask why the chicken crossed the road...

Alongside the new finger licking good 3 piece 1/4 pack, comes the mother hen who laid them

This size 16 roast is a first for GW, giving options for Karl Franz, the first ever special character to come in plastic. Also included in the kit are a amber wizard and elector count rider giving three rider options in total. The extra rider option must have taken up too much room up in the sprue as the chicken head options appear to have suffered. The wingspan is huge in the WD and I would imagine painters will enjoy this model alot with all the extra real estate on the wings. I myself prefer the Griffon in the starter box set, its far more dynamic.

Not exactly what the doctor ordered but this new plastic multi kit is probably as close as we will come to a war wagon in the near future. Very reminisce of the War machine carts, these look to me far to top heavy and over stylized mounts for your wizards. The book gives options for these to be rares or mounts so I will expect to be facing some very soon. Pitty they did not rescult the plastic horses that pull these wagons for the normal empire knights, something many of us where hoping for.

Monstrous Arcanum

Finally the news that some of us have been waiting for for a while! The first in a new series, Monstrous Arcanum is available for pre-order for dispatch on the 10th April! At 32 squid it works out to be about $72 NZD, thats cheaper than a GW army book...

Up on the preview page is probably any Tomb Kings most eagerly awaited prize, the Khemri Titan!
St8 T8 with 10 wounds, this 475 point beast has special attacks that you roll for like D6 St8 hits or a single St8 attack with heroic killing blow.

To be honest I am more anticipating the model itself, as Forgeworld have delivered some very high standards with previous models released. My book has been ordered!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Equniox Part 4

Game six, Ross Hiller-Jones and his Chaos Warriors
Scenario: Random (Battleline)

Ross came into this game having just narrowly beaten Pete on round five 11-9. Ross was one of nine Chaos Warrior players at Equinox (amazingly there was only one daemon player!) His force consisted of Chaos Tzeentch Knights lead by a BSB, Chaos Tzeentch Warriors with sword and board, Chaos Tzeentch Warriors with Halberds, A level 2 on disk with death, a lord on disk with 3+ ward, a level 1 fire mixed in somewhere, and two warshrines. A very bad matchup on paper! Knowing sooner or later I would face one of the nine Chaos Warriors lists (I was hoping to get one of the marauder lists floating about) I had had a few practice games leading up to the event, and learnt a few tricks to deal with this type of list.

We rolled battleline (I was secretly praying for battle for the pass!)
I won roll off to choose sides and picked the one that favoured me the most. Terrain was interesting, with a large impassable rock on my left and a river running across the board a third of the way on my right.

Deployment was simple for me. I split my forces into two. I started with the three 10 man archer units going down in the middle. This drew out Ross’s knights, Warriors, and a shines which where all placed towards my centre left due to the river. I then placed my casket on the extreme left and Ross placed his halberd unit opposite. I then threw a sphinx infront of it and Ross placed his characters towards my centre left. Second Sphinx goes down along with the last 10 man archer unit in front of the casket, which left me free to place everything else where I pleased. My hierophant, 2 units of 20 archers, 2 catapults, knights and TG hoard were then placed behind the river and far away from his forces. By doing this I made Ross commit to one side or the other, exposing a flank.

Turn one. Ross won the roll of and moved the bulk of his forces towards my casket and sphinx. His Halberd Warriors moved 8” forward towards the casket. No magic for him this turn with a poor roll. My turn I declared charges from both sphinx, however only one made it. The warsphinx decimates his warriors who hold due to stubborn. I get off light of death which bounces around casing mayhem with a total power and kills a warshrine. Catapults fire at his sorcerer but miss the mark. I move my right flank towards the middle but remain on the far side of the river.

Turn two and Ross charges in his lord vs the sphinx to try save the warriors, who end up fearing the Sphinx this turn. The sphinx survives and in return wound his lord. The combat is drawn. His knights and warriors move up along with the disk caster and shrine. I start peppering his warriors and shrine with bow fire, causing some wounds. My right flank moves round to form a battleline long-ways down the table, but I remain on the far side of the river bank. I score a hit from my catapult and kill his disk sorcerer.

Turn three and Ross charges his knights into a 10 man archer unit siting on the board edge. He attempts a reform but no matter how he tries this pushes him off the table, so he elects to move off to come back in his next turn. My sphinx goes down to combat res which frees up his lord and half strength halberds. I charge my other sphinx into his lord and get a killing blow off, but his 3+ ward saves the day, however this stops his warriors moving past, and they have no way to move pass as there is not enough room. My necro knights charge his shrine which flees, and I redirect into his warriors, cutting several down for 2 wounds in return. He passes his stubborn test. I cross the river on my right and line up his warriors with my TG in the centre. Light of death causes more havoc.

Turn four and the warsphinx vs Chaos Lord is heating up. His lord manages a wound on my sphinx, which in return causes three back, including a killing blow. Ross proceeds to fail his ward save and his lord and general are returned to the chaos wastes! Ross moves his knights back onto the board and they wheel around towards the casket and as far away from my TG hoard as possible. In response I angle my 10 man archer unit in front of the casket to ensure that he has to charge them first. Casket makes itself a nuisance of itself again. My catapults and archers try to take out the other shine but only cause a few wounds

Turn five and Ross charges the heroic Sphinx with his Halberds, and kills it with a three 6’s. His knights charge into my archers in front of the casket and overrun into it. We spent a few minutes actually seeing if this overrun would happen as the call could have gone either way. Ross hides his halberds in behind the hill. The shine rallies and the warriors get cut down to 5 men, however are still stubborn. I try kill the shrine with the catapults but miss. The knights kill my casket on their overrun and reform to face the other way. I forget to apply the casket explosion damage.

Turn six and things are looking good. Ross charges the shine into the remaining 2 necroknights but does nothing, I split my attacks with one knight on the warriors and one on the shrine. The combat still holds, however in my turn in charge the TG which delete the warriors. The shrine flees and is caught by my knights. I launch a catapult each at his halberds and knights, as both where sitting on the table edge. I get a wound on each. He passes his auto panic test on the halberds on an 8! (wish I had taken skulls of the foe now) and fails the panic check on the knights. However he has a BSB and rerolls to get an 8 (drat! Where be my skulls of the foe!)

The game ends with a 12-8 in my favour. Ross came ever so close to being tabled in that last turn, however that’s how the dice roll. He played a strong game which earned him a well deserved second place overall.

My Tomb kings finished 4 points behind Ross for a third place for me, which basically meant it was down to a dice roll on turn 6 by him to decide second place! Pete Dunn finished on the top step and Peter Williamson finished 5th overall with his TK. All in all a very good weekend for the Kings. Several close games and some very challenging opponents made a great weekend overall, with all my opponents great sports and a pleasure to game against. Big Thanks to Phil Wu for organising it all and taking all the flak in stride!

Next up is The Horned Rat V in May.

Equinox Part 3

Game Four – Peter Dunn and his Orges
Scenario: King of the Hill (Watchtower, but with a hill)

Pete turned up with what has started to become “that net list” with a few tweaks to suit his play style. 8 Ironguts, 8 Bulls, Slaughtermaster, Firebelly, BSB, 2 cannon, 3 sabre tusks and 3 units of 2 mournfang heavy cav. My army design wasn’t that well suited to handling so many fast high armour units, having dropped the sepulchral stalkers early on in my list development. I knew going into the game I had to isolate the mournfang and bring my TG hoard to bear with his blocks after reducing their strength with archer fire.

The hill was left vacant by both sides and Pete deployed in formation in the centre. The terrain being very poor I had to settle for an arcane ruin on my right as a barricade. I deployed the bulk of my forces centre right, with the TG anchoring flanked by sphinx and supported by archers. The knights took the hard right looking to get a flank or be a road bump for the incoming mournfang.

Turn one starts off great with Pete letting through Light of Death which went on to wipe out one unit of mournfang. It bounced to one of his cannon causing a further wound before dissipating. Pete was more worried at this point by smiting. With the majority of my archers out of range I think this was a mistake on his behalf. A SSC found the mark and removed his other cannon and setting me up for the best possible start. My horse archers caused a wound on a sabre tusk on my right. Pete moved up all his units in short order, charging the horse archers with his sabre tusk’s. His remaining cannon put a few wounds on a sphinx. On my left flank he had scouted his maneaters to threaten my TG. I used my archer fire on them and positioned a sphinx to block.

Turn two and in come the maneaters whom destroy a unit of archers after my sphinx failed its charge on the maneaters. My horse archers die to the sabre tusks and one SSC finds it mark, but fails to wound, the other misfiring. Magic was but a footnote with Pete casting a fireball into a small archer unit. The maneaters overrun into the warsphinx. Here I missed a critical move, forgetting to angle the 10 man archer unit beside the warsphinx to redirect any charges. I would pay for this later. This was my mistake number one.

Turn three starts with my Necroknights failing a charge on Petes other unit of mournfang. Pete fancied this matchup, however I wanted it as I knew it would remove the threat for a few turns so I could concentrate on his main blocks of ogres. Light of death failed to do anything. I charged my other warsphinx into his ironguts to attempt to hold them up so I could get a turn 4 charge on his bulls/slaughtmaster unit with my TG. The sphinx proceeded to fluff the combat and died to combat res. Things were not looking to good here. His other mournfang charge my archers that I had positioned wrong, and his maneaters charged into my other sphinx. I removed the archers and the mournfang rolled into the sphinx gaining Pete an additional round of combat with the mournfang. The sphinx dies and Pete reforms the cav to threaten my flank and withdraws the last remaining maneater. Pete threw in his remaining sabretusks, as I had shot one off in the preceding turns. It was beaten down by mighty archers over two turns of combat!

Turn four and the knights fail another charge, this time on the remaining cannon. Shooting removes a few ogres and I position an archer unit that is infront of my TG to only allow only one of his ogre blocks into combat at one time. Pete moves his mournfang to start to threaten my hieropant and warmachines. This opened the door for my next turn. Magic does little again.

Turn five and I commit a suicide charge with my 10 man archer block into the flank of his mournfang. This opens up a charge on his ironguts and BSB with my TG. The ensuing combat sees Pete loose by 5 or 6 however he manages to outrun the skittles with an 11, however a often forgotten rule is your BSB auto dies if it breaks from combat! I make my big mistake no.2 here. My overrun bought me to within 1” of his slaughtermasters units flank, effectively reducing my overrun to approx 0.1” total, when infact I should have had to angle my pursuit about the centre of my TG hoard. Having a huge overhang to my left this would have ment my TG hoard (still at full strength) would have hit Petes Flank! Safe to say the combat here would have been decisive, as not only would I have ended up contesting the hill, but had a fair chance of breaking the ogres. Pete pointed out that he would have been able to get a mournfang into the combat aswell. We ran out of time for what would have been an interesting turn six, as Pete opted not to charge my TG flank with his slaughtermasters unit.
I threw a few rocks at Petes last maneater to try pick up 215vp, however the first one missed and the other blew up….

The game ended in a 7-13 loss for me as Pete rallied his bulls to capture the hill for an extra 400vp. I was happy enough with this result as it could have been a lot worse. I view Ogres as being one of the worst match ups for TK. Although the majority have little armour, none of my KB works and the high number of attacks and overall fast speed of the infantry makes a lot of my tactics redundant. This now puts Pete in second place overall, and myself in third.

Game 4, Peter Williamson’s Tomb Kings
Scenario: Meeting engagement

It’s a TK off!

Peter had bought a build that was very interesting IMO.
3 units of 3 chariots. 1 warsphinx, 1 necrosphinx, a block of skittles with Prince and hiero, unit of 4 Ushabiti (Yay!), 4 Knights, 2 units of 10 archers, some horse archers, 2 scorpions and a casket, but no SSC… At first look the build puzzled me, but Peter had obviously been doing very well with it as he was 4th on the tables at this point. Its good to see that two people can do well with completely different builds of what the internets regards as one of the worst armies!

The scenario basically ruined what would have been a bloody (bony?) game. Oddly enough we played each other the year before at Guardcon, my Orcs vs his High Elfs which resulted in a draw…. Signs and Portents…. I had to set up first, so I anchored myself in the right hand corner (this scenario plays diagonally across the table) believing Peter would want to come at me with all the chariot goodness of his. I was wrong. Peter was worried about my shooting, so deployed all his shineys outside of 60” range of my catapults, leaving only a few chariots within range.

Turn one sees little happen. I try for a lucky scatter from my catapults to no avail. I loose some scout archers to his chariots bow fire, and Peter manages a lucky wound on my warsphinx from his horse archers. Peter tries his luck with light of death on a sphinx, which doesn’t do anything.

Turn two and I try again for some lucky SSC scatter. I loose my horse archers but heal the wound on my sphinx. I start walking up the TG with a sphinx in toe. The other I hold back waiting for his scorpions. Light of death flashes off on both sides with no luck. Peter advances his 2 chariot units on my right, whilst I hide my knights behind the hill in the centre waiting for them. Both scorpions appear behind my lines and ready for a turn 3 charge on my casket. Oh noes…

Turn three starts with me reforming all my archers to fire on his scorpions. I manage to put 1 wound on one, but get a hit from a SSC removing one from play. My warsphinx I held back angles up a counter charge and I drop my hiero back out of harms way incase he decides to assassinate it with the scorpion. He charges into the casket with his remaining scorpion and causes a wound, and I wound him in return. Loosing by 1 the casket remains for another turn…

Turn four and I charge my sphinx into his scorpion, but not before the scorpion sees off the casket, which proceeds to blow up. Wow casket implosion can cause a mess. I got away with minimal casualties however no more casket… I had attempted to use magic to heal the casket, but it was promptly shut down by Peter. My archers reform to face his chariots which have edged forward into bowshot range, and I cause a few wounds on the closest unit. Catapults now being safe miss their marks again. Peter tries some light of death action causing a wound on a sphinx, however doesn’t get the bounce. That could have hurt. Peter starts withdrawing the chariots after recognising how much bowfire would hurt him.

Turn five and my knights charge into his reduced strength chariots, whilest all my archers move into range and remove his other 3 man chariot unit. Peter moves his 10 man archer units up to get some shots off on my warsphinx and create some road bumps for me. Catapults fail miserably again, and magic has little effect. Things are tense at this point, as the game is starting to move into my favour, mainly due to my bow fire. I stop advancing the TG up fearing the combined assault of chariots, and both sphinx. I don’t overrun my knights into his archers, seeing the trap of ushabti and knights waiting for me behind them. I withdraw and call it a day.

Turn six and I calculate if I can manage to kill the rest of his annoying horse archers and take out one of his 10 man archer units, I will get a 13-7. I throw three dice at little smiting on a 10 man archer unit, and roll 3 6’s…. I then proceed to roll a 4 for the miscast, and fail my 4+ as my hierophant cascades into the abyss… Crumbling destroys one of my catapults but I am lucky to get away with a few wounds here and there. My warsphinx cleans up an archer unit. Peters turn was uneventful and the game ends.

Result, 10-10 draw…. Stupid hierophant miscast. That will teach me not to take the earthing rod… In the end the scenario made a rather mundane game. However twice I have played Peter and twice we have met with meeting engangement and twice we have drawn. Peter played a smart game realising the scenario and my build stacked the dice towards me. I am left wondering if I need to build an army specifically to fight Peter and this scenario…

New Games Workshop Paints spotted

Games Workshop has put up 145 new paints on their advance orders website on Saturday.
These appear to be complete replacements as opposed to just new names, as the range has doubled inside.
Word on the street is the new base paints (replacing the foundation range) is more workable with water/thinners now. I have to say the new range of dry brush paints interests me some what.

Final say on if the new range is tops or pants will be the taste test... Will wait and see

For now, I'll just try picking my jaw up off the ground at the $1000 price tag on the mega paint set....

Monday, 26 March 2012

Equinox Part 2

Game two vs Michael King’s Lizardmen
Scenario: Blood and Glory

After starting sides where chosen I decided on a left flank deployment with a right hand denial. Micheal had 2 chameleon skinks units, 2 skink/krox units, a surus block, Slann, 3 terradons, 2 units of 2 salamanders, and a splattering of skink skirmishers.
 I knew Michael had a lot of units he would want to deploy in a line and I was wary of his two chameleon skink units. After dropping a few 10 man archer blocks in the centre, Michael had started to sprout either side of his centre, with a few skink skirmishers and a kroxi-skink unit on my left. I threw down my catapults and casket leaving my TG hoard, sphinx, and knights till last. I had more units than him so after he finished deploying his battleline I placed my last weighting my left flank and my right void. Scouts came out and he placed his chameleons centre left giving him options on my sphinx. My scouts van-guarded behind a hill, with his terradons van-guarding up my left to challenge my catapults. I then win first turn roll off.

Turn one and my knights are well placed to charge the terradons, he flees and promptly rolls a 3. I catch and kill them but this leaves my 3 knights vulnerable to a flank from his skink/krox unit. I move a sphinx and my TG hoard up to counter. Shooting sees off all his chameleon skinks and he looses a salamander to my catapults. His turn results in a charge on my flank with his skink/krox unit, removing one of my knights in the resulting combat. His left flank starts closing and he moves his skink skirmishers into better positions to take out a sphinx.

Turn two my TG hoard makes a long charge into the flank of his skink/krox engaging my knights, but the sphinx fails. Nevermind, as the TG hoard rips the skinks to pieces, they break and run and are caught by the knights. The TG reform to face the saurus in the centre. My shooting removes his skinks on the left, and centre, and starts on one of the salamaders. SSC do nothing but misfire. I get off light of death which does nothing of note, but Michael gets off Final Transmutation which turns half my TG unit into gold, a fitting end for any Nehekarian soldier. Michael trys to rearrange into a new battleline in the centre after the collapse of his right flank.

Turn three comes and I charge a sphinx and TG into his saurus, and with the help of some spells massacre them and I take the overun. I move my knights round in support and threaten his slann. His lizard flame throwers remove a bunch of archers in my centre. His magic once again has no impact. He moves his slann in behind his other skink/krox unit.

Turn four and I am off charging again, this time into his skink/krox on my right. One salamander charges a 10 man archer unit, the other fails the charge. I get smiting off and his skink/krox unit dies to the combined efforts of my sphinx and TG, leaving his Slann in the open with nothing in between it and my army. The salamander draws the first round of combat vs my archers!

Turn five sees my shooting remove the rest of his army bar the salamander in combat and the Slann. My catapults fall silent as they cant realistically hurt his 2+ ward save (from shooting) Slann. The Knights, Sphinx, and TG move up to corner his Slann for the last showdown. Magic is shutdown this turn on both sides. Heroically the remaining archers see off the last salamander! All that is left is his Slann who has nowhere to run…

Turn six and the inevitable happens, Michaels Slann cornered like a rat takes his last breath in this world. A combined charge from my knights, TG, and both sphinx ensures enough gets into combat to kill him. He falls to a killing blow from the sphinx crew.

Game two, 20-0 to the kings of the desert

Game three vs Thomas van Roekel's Dwarfs
Scenario: Dawn Attack

Thomas bought a fairly common ETC list, having been selected for NZ’s ETC team this year. It consisted of the usual pumped up cannon, 2 pumped up grudge throwers, and an organ gun. Two units of 22 crossbowmen with great weapons, a block of hammerers, 5 miners, 5 hammerers, 3 giant slayers, lord, BSB, Engineer, and rune smith.
Setup seen both our deployments hampered, with the bulk of my army on my left flank bar my knights and my 20 man archer unit with my hierophant, and with his artillery spread across the whole board with little way for his to cover it all. Not such a big issue as he dosnt have a lot that can effect my hierophant. Roll off sees me winning first turn.

First turn and I move my sphinx into the cover of the building limiting line of sight from his cannon. My scout archer line up a charge on his grudge thrower on my right, and I move my knights forward to back them up. Hierophant starts trekking towards my battleline on my left with his archers in toe. SSC causes a few wounds on the centre grudge thrower. His grudge throwers destroy a SSC, with his cannon unable to see them. Crossbow fire causes a wound on the other sphinx. I loose my movement spell to a spell eating rune.

Second turn and I charge my horse archers into his grudge thrower in a hope to stop it shooting his next turn, and end up killing 2 crew for the loss of 2 archers. In his turn he charges in his engineer and finishes off my horse archers. My knights move up for a third turn charge, and my hiero and unit move further into the centre. I cause some further wounds on his centre grudge thrower, and in exchange he removes some wounds from a sphinx. His organ gun and crossbow open up on the other sphinx and bring it down to one wound as well. His miners come on the board at the back of my lines and aim for the remaining SSC.

Third Turn and my Knights charge and kill the grudge thrower that was fighting the horse archers. My archers target his organ gun and kill it with a flurry of 6’s. My last SSC takes the last wound off the centre grudge thrower leaving only a wounded cannon which finally dies to archer fire. I loose a sphinx to crossbow fire and I move the other up beside the building on my left, but keep it hidden from the majority of his crossbows. My TG have moved up the centre, now with my hiero unit within 12” to its rear. I shoot off his miners with some smiting action.

Forth turn and my remaining sphinx charges his crossbowmen, killing them off. The knights charge and kill the engineer which leaves them hard right and pretty much out of the game. Thomas does some manuvering with his characters between the other crossbow unit and the hammerers. Slayers move up to block. Magic gets shut down as per usual.

Turn five and we are both reluctant to get into combat with our core units. I don’t fancy a fight vs his hammerers knowing they are stubborn and his main characters are mostly immune to killing blow. I would likely loose my Prince giving away 254vp. It would also expose my flank to his other crossbow unit which was still full strength. Likewise there was no way his hammerers could kill off all the TG, all the while risking loosing a rune priest or BSB to a lucky 6 from me. I try shoot off his 5 man hammerer unit for some added vp but only manage to kill 4.

The game ends due to time for a smallwin to me, 13-7.
This was a tough game for both of us and was largely effected by the deployment rules with both of us loosing out.

Day 1 ends with me sharing 1st place on the leaders board at 48 points a piece with Peter Dunn, and his oh so horrible Orges. I was not looking forward to facing them, and to add to it tomorrows battle was king of the hill (watchtower but using a hill instead of a building) 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Equinox Part 1

Over the weekend of the 17th and 18th March, the annual Equinox tournament was held in Auckland. This was my first ever Equinox and largest WHFB competition I have entered to date, with 50 entrants on the field and almost all races represented.

For this I had bought my Tomb Kings for their first outing, trial by fire and all having only played about 10 games with them prior

My list: 2400 points
Tomb Prince, Armour of destiny, Great Weapon
38 Tomb Guard, Standard, Champion, Sword & Board
Hierophant Liche Priest, L4, Dispel Scroll
20 Archers, Full command
20 Archers, Standard, Musician
2 Warsphinx, Fiery Roar
4 units of 10 Archers
5 Horse Archers
3 Necropolis Knights
2 Screaming Skull Catapults

Game 1 - Orcs and Goblins, Darren Butler
Scenario: Battleline

Darren bought a decent list of greenskins, with a core of Black Orcs and Savage Orcs, supported by manglers, Trolls, an Arachnarok Spider, and a Goblin hero on a spider.
Battleline was the mission, which gave me an advantage straight away with being able to out deploy him. I proceeded to put out 10 man archer units until he committed his core blocks. The net result was his trolls and Savage Orcs out on my right flank, with me denying my right and concentrating all my forces on my left. 

Turn one seen me take a few wounds of his araknarock and remove his mangler on the right. He advanced his forces with his savage orcs marching toward the center with the trolls in toe. I pushed a Warsphinx forward to try draw out his spiders. 

Turn two seen my warsphinx charge his goblin hero whose spider mount proceded to roll three poison 6's to hit. Not so good. I didnt wound him and lost the combat by 2, loosing a further wound. I moved my scout archers into contact with his other mangler removing the threat from my right. His turn he charged the wounded aracknarock into the warsphinx, and fluffed all attacks, I retaliated with 2 wounds and drew the combat. His trolls went stupid whilest he moved his savage orcs further to the center.

Turn three started with me charging his aracknarok with my Tomb Guard, and his black orcs with my Knights, which I did purely to protect the flank of the Tomb Guard. My Warsphinx died to the arock, and I wounded it in return with the tomb guard. Combat won both his spiders broke and I caught the Arock, but his hero got away. The Necro knights proceeded to remove 7 black orcs for one wound in return. I expected a stalemate as he was stubborn, but Darren proceeded to fluff the break test and I ran down the Black Orcs. 

Turn four I spent manoeuvring the tomb guard and knights for an engagement in the center, having used my shooting to remove half his trolls and Savage Orcs. His savage orcs took the bait of one of my archer units which redirected them away from the ensuing combat.

Turn five resulted in more manoeuvring which I used to get the knights on his troll flank and my other warsphinx blocking the savage orcs. Shooting resulted in my catapults and archers decimating his trolls in preparation for a turn six charge. 

Turn Six and in went the Tomb Guard and Knights cleaning up the 3 trolls left. Darren did not want to commit his Savage Orcs as they had been reduced down to a third of their starting size resulting in a decent win for me

Result 15-5 to the Kings of the Desert