Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Equniox Part 4

Game six, Ross Hiller-Jones and his Chaos Warriors
Scenario: Random (Battleline)

Ross came into this game having just narrowly beaten Pete on round five 11-9. Ross was one of nine Chaos Warrior players at Equinox (amazingly there was only one daemon player!) His force consisted of Chaos Tzeentch Knights lead by a BSB, Chaos Tzeentch Warriors with sword and board, Chaos Tzeentch Warriors with Halberds, A level 2 on disk with death, a lord on disk with 3+ ward, a level 1 fire mixed in somewhere, and two warshrines. A very bad matchup on paper! Knowing sooner or later I would face one of the nine Chaos Warriors lists (I was hoping to get one of the marauder lists floating about) I had had a few practice games leading up to the event, and learnt a few tricks to deal with this type of list.

We rolled battleline (I was secretly praying for battle for the pass!)
I won roll off to choose sides and picked the one that favoured me the most. Terrain was interesting, with a large impassable rock on my left and a river running across the board a third of the way on my right.

Deployment was simple for me. I split my forces into two. I started with the three 10 man archer units going down in the middle. This drew out Ross’s knights, Warriors, and a shines which where all placed towards my centre left due to the river. I then placed my casket on the extreme left and Ross placed his halberd unit opposite. I then threw a sphinx infront of it and Ross placed his characters towards my centre left. Second Sphinx goes down along with the last 10 man archer unit in front of the casket, which left me free to place everything else where I pleased. My hierophant, 2 units of 20 archers, 2 catapults, knights and TG hoard were then placed behind the river and far away from his forces. By doing this I made Ross commit to one side or the other, exposing a flank.

Turn one. Ross won the roll of and moved the bulk of his forces towards my casket and sphinx. His Halberd Warriors moved 8” forward towards the casket. No magic for him this turn with a poor roll. My turn I declared charges from both sphinx, however only one made it. The warsphinx decimates his warriors who hold due to stubborn. I get off light of death which bounces around casing mayhem with a total power and kills a warshrine. Catapults fire at his sorcerer but miss the mark. I move my right flank towards the middle but remain on the far side of the river.

Turn two and Ross charges in his lord vs the sphinx to try save the warriors, who end up fearing the Sphinx this turn. The sphinx survives and in return wound his lord. The combat is drawn. His knights and warriors move up along with the disk caster and shrine. I start peppering his warriors and shrine with bow fire, causing some wounds. My right flank moves round to form a battleline long-ways down the table, but I remain on the far side of the river bank. I score a hit from my catapult and kill his disk sorcerer.

Turn three and Ross charges his knights into a 10 man archer unit siting on the board edge. He attempts a reform but no matter how he tries this pushes him off the table, so he elects to move off to come back in his next turn. My sphinx goes down to combat res which frees up his lord and half strength halberds. I charge my other sphinx into his lord and get a killing blow off, but his 3+ ward saves the day, however this stops his warriors moving past, and they have no way to move pass as there is not enough room. My necro knights charge his shrine which flees, and I redirect into his warriors, cutting several down for 2 wounds in return. He passes his stubborn test. I cross the river on my right and line up his warriors with my TG in the centre. Light of death causes more havoc.

Turn four and the warsphinx vs Chaos Lord is heating up. His lord manages a wound on my sphinx, which in return causes three back, including a killing blow. Ross proceeds to fail his ward save and his lord and general are returned to the chaos wastes! Ross moves his knights back onto the board and they wheel around towards the casket and as far away from my TG hoard as possible. In response I angle my 10 man archer unit in front of the casket to ensure that he has to charge them first. Casket makes itself a nuisance of itself again. My catapults and archers try to take out the other shine but only cause a few wounds

Turn five and Ross charges the heroic Sphinx with his Halberds, and kills it with a three 6’s. His knights charge into my archers in front of the casket and overrun into it. We spent a few minutes actually seeing if this overrun would happen as the call could have gone either way. Ross hides his halberds in behind the hill. The shine rallies and the warriors get cut down to 5 men, however are still stubborn. I try kill the shrine with the catapults but miss. The knights kill my casket on their overrun and reform to face the other way. I forget to apply the casket explosion damage.

Turn six and things are looking good. Ross charges the shine into the remaining 2 necroknights but does nothing, I split my attacks with one knight on the warriors and one on the shrine. The combat still holds, however in my turn in charge the TG which delete the warriors. The shrine flees and is caught by my knights. I launch a catapult each at his halberds and knights, as both where sitting on the table edge. I get a wound on each. He passes his auto panic test on the halberds on an 8! (wish I had taken skulls of the foe now) and fails the panic check on the knights. However he has a BSB and rerolls to get an 8 (drat! Where be my skulls of the foe!)

The game ends with a 12-8 in my favour. Ross came ever so close to being tabled in that last turn, however that’s how the dice roll. He played a strong game which earned him a well deserved second place overall.

My Tomb kings finished 4 points behind Ross for a third place for me, which basically meant it was down to a dice roll on turn 6 by him to decide second place! Pete Dunn finished on the top step and Peter Williamson finished 5th overall with his TK. All in all a very good weekend for the Kings. Several close games and some very challenging opponents made a great weekend overall, with all my opponents great sports and a pleasure to game against. Big Thanks to Phil Wu for organising it all and taking all the flak in stride!

Next up is The Horned Rat V in May.

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