Saturday, 24 March 2012

Equinox Part 1

Over the weekend of the 17th and 18th March, the annual Equinox tournament was held in Auckland. This was my first ever Equinox and largest WHFB competition I have entered to date, with 50 entrants on the field and almost all races represented.

For this I had bought my Tomb Kings for their first outing, trial by fire and all having only played about 10 games with them prior

My list: 2400 points
Tomb Prince, Armour of destiny, Great Weapon
38 Tomb Guard, Standard, Champion, Sword & Board
Hierophant Liche Priest, L4, Dispel Scroll
20 Archers, Full command
20 Archers, Standard, Musician
2 Warsphinx, Fiery Roar
4 units of 10 Archers
5 Horse Archers
3 Necropolis Knights
2 Screaming Skull Catapults

Game 1 - Orcs and Goblins, Darren Butler
Scenario: Battleline

Darren bought a decent list of greenskins, with a core of Black Orcs and Savage Orcs, supported by manglers, Trolls, an Arachnarok Spider, and a Goblin hero on a spider.
Battleline was the mission, which gave me an advantage straight away with being able to out deploy him. I proceeded to put out 10 man archer units until he committed his core blocks. The net result was his trolls and Savage Orcs out on my right flank, with me denying my right and concentrating all my forces on my left. 

Turn one seen me take a few wounds of his araknarock and remove his mangler on the right. He advanced his forces with his savage orcs marching toward the center with the trolls in toe. I pushed a Warsphinx forward to try draw out his spiders. 

Turn two seen my warsphinx charge his goblin hero whose spider mount proceded to roll three poison 6's to hit. Not so good. I didnt wound him and lost the combat by 2, loosing a further wound. I moved my scout archers into contact with his other mangler removing the threat from my right. His turn he charged the wounded aracknarock into the warsphinx, and fluffed all attacks, I retaliated with 2 wounds and drew the combat. His trolls went stupid whilest he moved his savage orcs further to the center.

Turn three started with me charging his aracknarok with my Tomb Guard, and his black orcs with my Knights, which I did purely to protect the flank of the Tomb Guard. My Warsphinx died to the arock, and I wounded it in return with the tomb guard. Combat won both his spiders broke and I caught the Arock, but his hero got away. The Necro knights proceeded to remove 7 black orcs for one wound in return. I expected a stalemate as he was stubborn, but Darren proceeded to fluff the break test and I ran down the Black Orcs. 

Turn four I spent manoeuvring the tomb guard and knights for an engagement in the center, having used my shooting to remove half his trolls and Savage Orcs. His savage orcs took the bait of one of my archer units which redirected them away from the ensuing combat.

Turn five resulted in more manoeuvring which I used to get the knights on his troll flank and my other warsphinx blocking the savage orcs. Shooting resulted in my catapults and archers decimating his trolls in preparation for a turn six charge. 

Turn Six and in went the Tomb Guard and Knights cleaning up the 3 trolls left. Darren did not want to commit his Savage Orcs as they had been reduced down to a third of their starting size resulting in a decent win for me

Result 15-5 to the Kings of the Desert


  1. Traiterous Un-dead, where be your Gobbo's of Doom Diving?? Great to see you at the tourney Tim, will have to grudge your Sphinx at a future event.

    1. You can count on it Phil. All that watching on the sideline must have you rocking in a corner at night by now

  2. Poor Darren! Well done on your victories Tim :)