Monday, 26 March 2012

Equinox Part 2

Game two vs Michael King’s Lizardmen
Scenario: Blood and Glory

After starting sides where chosen I decided on a left flank deployment with a right hand denial. Micheal had 2 chameleon skinks units, 2 skink/krox units, a surus block, Slann, 3 terradons, 2 units of 2 salamanders, and a splattering of skink skirmishers.
 I knew Michael had a lot of units he would want to deploy in a line and I was wary of his two chameleon skink units. After dropping a few 10 man archer blocks in the centre, Michael had started to sprout either side of his centre, with a few skink skirmishers and a kroxi-skink unit on my left. I threw down my catapults and casket leaving my TG hoard, sphinx, and knights till last. I had more units than him so after he finished deploying his battleline I placed my last weighting my left flank and my right void. Scouts came out and he placed his chameleons centre left giving him options on my sphinx. My scouts van-guarded behind a hill, with his terradons van-guarding up my left to challenge my catapults. I then win first turn roll off.

Turn one and my knights are well placed to charge the terradons, he flees and promptly rolls a 3. I catch and kill them but this leaves my 3 knights vulnerable to a flank from his skink/krox unit. I move a sphinx and my TG hoard up to counter. Shooting sees off all his chameleon skinks and he looses a salamander to my catapults. His turn results in a charge on my flank with his skink/krox unit, removing one of my knights in the resulting combat. His left flank starts closing and he moves his skink skirmishers into better positions to take out a sphinx.

Turn two my TG hoard makes a long charge into the flank of his skink/krox engaging my knights, but the sphinx fails. Nevermind, as the TG hoard rips the skinks to pieces, they break and run and are caught by the knights. The TG reform to face the saurus in the centre. My shooting removes his skinks on the left, and centre, and starts on one of the salamaders. SSC do nothing but misfire. I get off light of death which does nothing of note, but Michael gets off Final Transmutation which turns half my TG unit into gold, a fitting end for any Nehekarian soldier. Michael trys to rearrange into a new battleline in the centre after the collapse of his right flank.

Turn three comes and I charge a sphinx and TG into his saurus, and with the help of some spells massacre them and I take the overun. I move my knights round in support and threaten his slann. His lizard flame throwers remove a bunch of archers in my centre. His magic once again has no impact. He moves his slann in behind his other skink/krox unit.

Turn four and I am off charging again, this time into his skink/krox on my right. One salamander charges a 10 man archer unit, the other fails the charge. I get smiting off and his skink/krox unit dies to the combined efforts of my sphinx and TG, leaving his Slann in the open with nothing in between it and my army. The salamander draws the first round of combat vs my archers!

Turn five sees my shooting remove the rest of his army bar the salamander in combat and the Slann. My catapults fall silent as they cant realistically hurt his 2+ ward save (from shooting) Slann. The Knights, Sphinx, and TG move up to corner his Slann for the last showdown. Magic is shutdown this turn on both sides. Heroically the remaining archers see off the last salamander! All that is left is his Slann who has nowhere to run…

Turn six and the inevitable happens, Michaels Slann cornered like a rat takes his last breath in this world. A combined charge from my knights, TG, and both sphinx ensures enough gets into combat to kill him. He falls to a killing blow from the sphinx crew.

Game two, 20-0 to the kings of the desert

Game three vs Thomas van Roekel's Dwarfs
Scenario: Dawn Attack

Thomas bought a fairly common ETC list, having been selected for NZ’s ETC team this year. It consisted of the usual pumped up cannon, 2 pumped up grudge throwers, and an organ gun. Two units of 22 crossbowmen with great weapons, a block of hammerers, 5 miners, 5 hammerers, 3 giant slayers, lord, BSB, Engineer, and rune smith.
Setup seen both our deployments hampered, with the bulk of my army on my left flank bar my knights and my 20 man archer unit with my hierophant, and with his artillery spread across the whole board with little way for his to cover it all. Not such a big issue as he dosnt have a lot that can effect my hierophant. Roll off sees me winning first turn.

First turn and I move my sphinx into the cover of the building limiting line of sight from his cannon. My scout archer line up a charge on his grudge thrower on my right, and I move my knights forward to back them up. Hierophant starts trekking towards my battleline on my left with his archers in toe. SSC causes a few wounds on the centre grudge thrower. His grudge throwers destroy a SSC, with his cannon unable to see them. Crossbow fire causes a wound on the other sphinx. I loose my movement spell to a spell eating rune.

Second turn and I charge my horse archers into his grudge thrower in a hope to stop it shooting his next turn, and end up killing 2 crew for the loss of 2 archers. In his turn he charges in his engineer and finishes off my horse archers. My knights move up for a third turn charge, and my hiero and unit move further into the centre. I cause some further wounds on his centre grudge thrower, and in exchange he removes some wounds from a sphinx. His organ gun and crossbow open up on the other sphinx and bring it down to one wound as well. His miners come on the board at the back of my lines and aim for the remaining SSC.

Third Turn and my Knights charge and kill the grudge thrower that was fighting the horse archers. My archers target his organ gun and kill it with a flurry of 6’s. My last SSC takes the last wound off the centre grudge thrower leaving only a wounded cannon which finally dies to archer fire. I loose a sphinx to crossbow fire and I move the other up beside the building on my left, but keep it hidden from the majority of his crossbows. My TG have moved up the centre, now with my hiero unit within 12” to its rear. I shoot off his miners with some smiting action.

Forth turn and my remaining sphinx charges his crossbowmen, killing them off. The knights charge and kill the engineer which leaves them hard right and pretty much out of the game. Thomas does some manuvering with his characters between the other crossbow unit and the hammerers. Slayers move up to block. Magic gets shut down as per usual.

Turn five and we are both reluctant to get into combat with our core units. I don’t fancy a fight vs his hammerers knowing they are stubborn and his main characters are mostly immune to killing blow. I would likely loose my Prince giving away 254vp. It would also expose my flank to his other crossbow unit which was still full strength. Likewise there was no way his hammerers could kill off all the TG, all the while risking loosing a rune priest or BSB to a lucky 6 from me. I try shoot off his 5 man hammerer unit for some added vp but only manage to kill 4.

The game ends due to time for a smallwin to me, 13-7.
This was a tough game for both of us and was largely effected by the deployment rules with both of us loosing out.

Day 1 ends with me sharing 1st place on the leaders board at 48 points a piece with Peter Dunn, and his oh so horrible Orges. I was not looking forward to facing them, and to add to it tomorrows battle was king of the hill (watchtower but using a hill instead of a building) 

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