Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Empire Chochobo Riders

In a throwback to the Final fantasy series, GW WD preview pics are up for the new "flavour of the month" monstourous cav option for Empire.
I need to point out that I am reasonably impressed at how they turned out, far nicer than the FW version, alas, they will still attract the KFC monkier, not to mention how many Empire opponents will ask why the chicken crossed the road...

Alongside the new finger licking good 3 piece 1/4 pack, comes the mother hen who laid them

This size 16 roast is a first for GW, giving options for Karl Franz, the first ever special character to come in plastic. Also included in the kit are a amber wizard and elector count rider giving three rider options in total. The extra rider option must have taken up too much room up in the sprue as the chicken head options appear to have suffered. The wingspan is huge in the WD and I would imagine painters will enjoy this model alot with all the extra real estate on the wings. I myself prefer the Griffon in the starter box set, its far more dynamic.

Not exactly what the doctor ordered but this new plastic multi kit is probably as close as we will come to a war wagon in the near future. Very reminisce of the War machine carts, these look to me far to top heavy and over stylized mounts for your wizards. The book gives options for these to be rares or mounts so I will expect to be facing some very soon. Pitty they did not rescult the plastic horses that pull these wagons for the normal empire knights, something many of us where hoping for.

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