Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Wood Elves rules summary

Special Rules:
  • Kurnous' Arrow: [Lords and Heroes] If enemy general is within 36" and LoS at start of game, one auto S3 no AS hit
  • Asrai Bows: S3 AP (Glade Guard, Glade Riders, Scouts, Warhawk Riders, Waywatchers, Glade Lord, Glade Captain, and Waystalker)
  • Asrai Spears: S3 AP Spears
  • Ancient's Blessings: +1 to cast in woods [ Not sure who has this rule)
  • No Spites or Kindreds [ Waywatcher and Wardancer Kindreds have been hard-coded as a unique hero type now ]
  • Magic Arrows: Upgrade to units. Can be 1 of: poison, flaming and +1W order OR destruction, AP (-3), multi-shot, ignore shooting modifiers
  • Dual Prowess: WE get BOTH Prowess rules when >=50% of unit is in woods. (reroll 1's to wound only for cc, fight and shoot in extra rank)
  • Free Forest: Citadel woods in your half(!) of table [a la garden or morr and unlike old WE AB], you choose the type (i.e. Wildwood, venom thicket, etc)
  • Forest Spirits: 6++, ItP
  • Strangeroots - 12", d6+1 S5 hits. 10 slave upgrade to Treeman/Treeman Ancient
  • Access to all 8 BRB lores, plus High and Dark magic, with unique lore attributes. High magic is "+1W" [ probably just heal wound] on caster or unit; dark magic is +1 token to enemy unit per hex cast on it. when taking damage from spell, take +1D3 hits per token.
Magic Arrows: (Taken on Glade Guard, Glade Riders, Deepwood Scouts, Glade Lords, Glade Captains only) [cost are for GG] [only 1/unit or model] [characters can have 1, independent from magic item allowance]
  • Curse of the Witch: Poison (1.5 Slaves)
  • Moonfire: +1 to wound Forces of Order, Flaming (2 Slaves)
  • Starfire: +1 to wound Forces of Destruction, Flaming (2 Slaves)
  • Swift: Multiple Shots (2 Slaves)
  • Accurate: No to hit modifiers (2 Slaves)
  • Bodkins: AP(-3) (2.5 slaves)
Magic Items:
  • 1. Soulblade: No armor save allowed. If a char/monster suffers unsaved wound, both roll 2d6 add morale. If wielder wins, difference is translated into wounds with no armor saves allowed. [>25 slaves]
  • 2. Daith's Spear: reroll failed hits and wounds and enemy rerolls passed armor saves. [25 slaves]
  • 3. Helm of the Hunt: +1 armor, devastating charge, +1WS
  • 4. Bow of Loren: armor pen, number of shots=A+1, no magic arrows
  • 5. Acorn of Eternity (makes d3 forests; you choose type; must all be the same) [50 slaves]
  • 6. Moonstone of Hidden Ways: unit in forest and out of combat may transfer into another forest
  • 7. Hail of Doom Arrow: 3d6 armor penetrating S4 shots
  • 8. Wand of Wych Elm [treesinging bound spell; only arcane item; only way to access treesinging]
  • 9. Banner of Midwinter (MR3; Unbreakable for a Turn)
  • 10. Banner. Vanguard and extra charge distance on first charge of the game
  • Durthu
  • Aralorn
  • Orion (300 slaves)
  • Drycha (Lore of Shadow)
  • Naestra & Arahan
  • Glade Lord (Maybe take magic arrows)
  • Spellsinger (May use 8 BRB lores or High / Dark)
  • Treeman Ancient (may not take items) (lore of life only; base Level 2; may be upgraded to L4)
  • Glade Captain (May take magic arrows)
  • Spellsinger (May not use High / Dark)
  • Branchwraith (Lore of Beasts/Life; Wizard Level 0-1, may not take items)
  • Waystalker (Sniper, 25pts magic items)
  • Shadowdancer (Shadow Dances, 25pts magic items, Can be upgraded to L1 shadow)
  • Eternal Guard (WS5 LD9 elves, Spear, LA, Stubborn, 5 slaves w shield upgrade) [25pt banner]
  • Glade Guard (same pts as before, can take magic arrows, scouts now a separate unit) [25pt banner]
  • Glade Riders (9.5/10 slaves, may take magic arrows) [25pt banner]
  • Dryads (S3, Frenzy, no Skirmishing, no musician or standard, 10+ unit size, 5.5 slaves)
  • Warhawk Riders (Both Riders and Steeds AP, KB on charge for hawk [same cost as treekin; 20 slaves) [now 3W]
  • Wild Riders (Frenzy, Devastating Charge, Fast Cavalry, Talismanic Tattoos) [50pt banner]
  • Deepwood Scouts (GG with Scout and Skirmisher)
  • Treekin (S4)
  • Sisters of the Thorn (13 slaves) [50pt banner]
  • Wardancers (Dances: 3++, KB, +1A, break ranks; no +1S on charge, 6+ AS, no std, 7.5 slaves, can swap AHW for asrai spears for 0.5 slaves)
  • Wildwood Rangers [25pt banner] WS5 S3 LD9 elves, AP GWs, +1A for models in btb with fear/terror-causer
  • Great Eagles (Can be taken in units now; no upgrades)
  • Treeman (112.5 slaves, S5, Strangleroot for 10 slaves)
  • Waywatchers (can either double-shot or ignore AS every time for shooting, 10 slaves)
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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New Wood Elves Rules & White Dwarf leak

So the good news is, the new Eternal Guard box is not $80 like all the other elite boxes, but $53!

Rangers get the potential for +1 attack, ItP, but other than that are unremarkable

New Sisters are basically Doomfire Warlocks with better mounts, a good ranged attack and average spells, all for one point more

2nd wave Wood Elves Pictures leaked


Wild Riders

Sisters of the Thorn

Wild Rider unit

Wild Rider/Sisters of the Thorn Sprues

Eternal Guard

Eternal guard Command

Wildwood Rangers

Wildwood Ranger Command

Wildwood Ranger/Eternal Guard Command

That is all of the Wood Elves release done...

Dawn of a new era?

The big news circulating at the moment is the current 6th edition 40k rulebook is now listed as "no longer available" on the Games Workshop Website. The talk is that this is a prelude to the re-release or 7th edition of 40k. This would mark an unusual move for Games Workshop as to my knowledge, they have never recycled an edition so quickly. 

In what was meant to be a new release year for WHFB 9th edition, hopes where dashed with the statement from the (now defunct) Games Workshop Digital Editions Facebook page when the iBooks version of 8th edition WHFB was released, stating that they would not release a digital book if it only had 6 months life left in it. And in more recent events, Games Workshop released the ebook version of 8th edition WHFB which went largely unnoticed.

Reports are coming in that Games Workshop stores have been requested to send back their copies of 6th edition 40k (unconfirmed), and local/independent stores have received a new stockist sheet with a large turnover of current/existing stock lines.

As far as the rumour front goes on what we can expect if this pans out, a new 7th (6.5?) edition box set will incorporate Blood Angels and Orks in the core set. As far as rules changes goes expect to see the integration of a lot of the peripheral rules and for another push to harmonise rules more in line with WHFB. 

Rumours have gone as far as saying random charges will be removed (unlikely) and force organisation will have percentage caps introduced (likely). One thing for sure is if this does all pan out to be true, the loudest 1% will scream bloody murder to money grab much the the amusement of the other 99%. I for one will be interested to see if they can clean up the current mess that is 40k. 

New models unlocked on Creature Caster Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign is marching along steadily now with two new models unlocked alongside a plethora of free upgrades to the existing range. In what was rather astute timing a new model of a Tree Woman has been released. 

This is very divergent to the new Games Workshop one and is sure to appease those who do not like the new aesthetic (I happen to love the new look of the new GW Treeman). I'm not sold on the CC Treewoman, and to me it looks like just another excuse for tits on a model... 

Now along comes the next model, this time the Zombie Dragon. A nice enough render but I will wait till I see the model finished before passing judgement. There is a very saturated Undead Dragon market out there however the render does look nicer than the plastic GW version.

New updated kickstarter pricelist

And by the looks of it there is one more model to be unlocked. This should be the last in the initial range as Jeremy has stated he does not want to get to "greedy" the first time around. The remaining goals are likely to be bundle deals and upgrade variations to the new and existing models

Saturday, 26 April 2014

New Treekin and Wardancer information

So the Wood Elves pre-orders are now live, and along with them come some information, both good and bad. Lets start with the good.


Thanks to iBooks, we now have 100% confirmation about the forest spirit rule. Forest strider, 6+ ward save, magical attacks and ItP. It also has the interesting disclaimer that the ward save only applies to forest spirits that are not mounts. My bet is the new stags are forest spirits.

The new Treekin statline is as follows
They are 45 points and monstrous infantry. Can upgrade to a Treekin Elder for 10 points (+1 attack)
Special rules are fear, forest spirit, flammable, scaly skin (x+)
Overall pretty good. T5 MI is amazing in game and now a reasonable price for the Wood Elves. They are the only Elf army with ready access to a monstrous unit type and toughness 5. Unfortunately the scaly skin figure is obscured but looks to be a 4+ save.

Now for the bad news


We have confirmation of no new Wardancers. The existing metal ones have been re-released as a 1 click bundle alongside the new Shadowdancer (resin). This is in the same guise as the Troll Slayers.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Southcon 2014 WHFB Player Pack

Southcon (Dunedins annual gaming convention) is just round the corner. Infact its on Queens Birthday weekend in 5 weeks!

I will be TO for the WHFB this year so be sure to come along

The player pack can be found here

Enties can be done via the OMTS website here

Wood Elves Summary - Whats know to date

There is a lot of conjecture out there at the moment on what will comprise the new Wood Elves. I've summarised below whats confirmed and what's not...

Army wide ASF
Access to all BRB lores, Dark Magic & High Magic
A new lore attribute for High & Dark
New unit type Stag Riders
New Waywatcher models
Druthu, new Treeman Special Character
Aralorn, new Wood Elves Special Character
Eternal Guard remain, with new models wielding what looks to be great weapons?
Forest Spirit rule is 6+ ward save, forest strider, ITP and magical attacks
New character class: Shadowdancer
Aralorn gets Murderess Prowess rule when fighting in a forest

Dryads are now Ranked units
New stags are forest spirits
Waywatchers/Eternal Guard Dual kit
Stag riders are a dual kit
No new Wardancers
Treeman move to special, Treeman Ancient to Rare

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wood Elves Magic Lores..... Everything....

Thats right, Games Workshop have cemented Wood Elves as the more sinister Elven race. They have now access to all the 8 colleges of magic and both Dark and High. I wonder what the new lore attributes for them will be...

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Creature Caster Early birds for Antipodeans

Jeremy from Creature Caster has set up 150 additional early bird specials for his new companies kickstarter tonight at 9pm NZ time/7pm Aussie time

If you don't know what all the fuss is about you should go check out the kickstarter campaign or the website. Below is some images of what its all about.


New Wood Elves Pictures

After all these years, we have finally received our Wood Elves update

The Treeman kit is infact a triple kit as posted yesterday on my blog. It makes Druthu, an Ancient, and a normal one. This is a good indicator the other kits I posted are correct as well since they where all from the same source

 Druthu looks good. The Sword will be a contentious item I think.

New Special character Araloth

Rules for Araloth look ok. 

New character class Shadowdancer. Sounds like a character for wardancers. We will see the new wardancer kit next week.