Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Wood Elves rules summary

Special Rules:
  • Kurnous' Arrow: [Lords and Heroes] If enemy general is within 36" and LoS at start of game, one auto S3 no AS hit
  • Asrai Bows: S3 AP (Glade Guard, Glade Riders, Scouts, Warhawk Riders, Waywatchers, Glade Lord, Glade Captain, and Waystalker)
  • Asrai Spears: S3 AP Spears
  • Ancient's Blessings: +1 to cast in woods [ Not sure who has this rule)
  • No Spites or Kindreds [ Waywatcher and Wardancer Kindreds have been hard-coded as a unique hero type now ]
  • Magic Arrows: Upgrade to units. Can be 1 of: poison, flaming and +1W order OR destruction, AP (-3), multi-shot, ignore shooting modifiers
  • Dual Prowess: WE get BOTH Prowess rules when >=50% of unit is in woods. (reroll 1's to wound only for cc, fight and shoot in extra rank)
  • Free Forest: Citadel woods in your half(!) of table [a la garden or morr and unlike old WE AB], you choose the type (i.e. Wildwood, venom thicket, etc)
  • Forest Spirits: 6++, ItP
  • Strangeroots - 12", d6+1 S5 hits. 10 slave upgrade to Treeman/Treeman Ancient
  • Access to all 8 BRB lores, plus High and Dark magic, with unique lore attributes. High magic is "+1W" [ probably just heal wound] on caster or unit; dark magic is +1 token to enemy unit per hex cast on it. when taking damage from spell, take +1D3 hits per token.
Magic Arrows: (Taken on Glade Guard, Glade Riders, Deepwood Scouts, Glade Lords, Glade Captains only) [cost are for GG] [only 1/unit or model] [characters can have 1, independent from magic item allowance]
  • Curse of the Witch: Poison (1.5 Slaves)
  • Moonfire: +1 to wound Forces of Order, Flaming (2 Slaves)
  • Starfire: +1 to wound Forces of Destruction, Flaming (2 Slaves)
  • Swift: Multiple Shots (2 Slaves)
  • Accurate: No to hit modifiers (2 Slaves)
  • Bodkins: AP(-3) (2.5 slaves)
Magic Items:
  • 1. Soulblade: No armor save allowed. If a char/monster suffers unsaved wound, both roll 2d6 add morale. If wielder wins, difference is translated into wounds with no armor saves allowed. [>25 slaves]
  • 2. Daith's Spear: reroll failed hits and wounds and enemy rerolls passed armor saves. [25 slaves]
  • 3. Helm of the Hunt: +1 armor, devastating charge, +1WS
  • 4. Bow of Loren: armor pen, number of shots=A+1, no magic arrows
  • 5. Acorn of Eternity (makes d3 forests; you choose type; must all be the same) [50 slaves]
  • 6. Moonstone of Hidden Ways: unit in forest and out of combat may transfer into another forest
  • 7. Hail of Doom Arrow: 3d6 armor penetrating S4 shots
  • 8. Wand of Wych Elm [treesinging bound spell; only arcane item; only way to access treesinging]
  • 9. Banner of Midwinter (MR3; Unbreakable for a Turn)
  • 10. Banner. Vanguard and extra charge distance on first charge of the game
  • Durthu
  • Aralorn
  • Orion (300 slaves)
  • Drycha (Lore of Shadow)
  • Naestra & Arahan
  • Glade Lord (Maybe take magic arrows)
  • Spellsinger (May use 8 BRB lores or High / Dark)
  • Treeman Ancient (may not take items) (lore of life only; base Level 2; may be upgraded to L4)
  • Glade Captain (May take magic arrows)
  • Spellsinger (May not use High / Dark)
  • Branchwraith (Lore of Beasts/Life; Wizard Level 0-1, may not take items)
  • Waystalker (Sniper, 25pts magic items)
  • Shadowdancer (Shadow Dances, 25pts magic items, Can be upgraded to L1 shadow)
  • Eternal Guard (WS5 LD9 elves, Spear, LA, Stubborn, 5 slaves w shield upgrade) [25pt banner]
  • Glade Guard (same pts as before, can take magic arrows, scouts now a separate unit) [25pt banner]
  • Glade Riders (9.5/10 slaves, may take magic arrows) [25pt banner]
  • Dryads (S3, Frenzy, no Skirmishing, no musician or standard, 10+ unit size, 5.5 slaves)
  • Warhawk Riders (Both Riders and Steeds AP, KB on charge for hawk [same cost as treekin; 20 slaves) [now 3W]
  • Wild Riders (Frenzy, Devastating Charge, Fast Cavalry, Talismanic Tattoos) [50pt banner]
  • Deepwood Scouts (GG with Scout and Skirmisher)
  • Treekin (S4)
  • Sisters of the Thorn (13 slaves) [50pt banner]
  • Wardancers (Dances: 3++, KB, +1A, break ranks; no +1S on charge, 6+ AS, no std, 7.5 slaves, can swap AHW for asrai spears for 0.5 slaves)
  • Wildwood Rangers [25pt banner] WS5 S3 LD9 elves, AP GWs, +1A for models in btb with fear/terror-causer
  • Great Eagles (Can be taken in units now; no upgrades)
  • Treeman (112.5 slaves, S5, Strangleroot for 10 slaves)
  • Waywatchers (can either double-shot or ignore AS every time for shooting, 10 slaves)
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  1. Love most of the changes but is it just me or are some units still overpriced? Dryads seem like saurus warriors but worse in every reported way (no scaly skin, standard, lower str, no predatory fighter, need to test to avoid charging) and only cost 1/2 slave less?
    Wardancers also seem a bit high considering they don't do a lot of dmg, don't survive well (unless using 3++) and you can't get a lot of them... most armies for less points get GW, heavy armor units, Str 4. I suppose they get to be skirmish, but will wait for the book to figure out a good use for them.

    I'm guessing i'm missing something here that will be cleared up when I get the new book :).

  2. Well that Dual Prowess rumor/rules wrong, because we haven't seen any mention of that on the leaked profiles of the wildwood rangers or sisters of the thorn, who would surly get those rules.

    My money is on a shooting related prowess

  3. Rex it's apparently rolled into the Forrest Stalker rule (gives them strider too). I've seen it confirmed too many places to be fake.

    - Alan (Bloody Mrs is signed in so excuse the pic)

    1. Yeah i just learned this morning that it is true, well looks like i need to buy a few citadel woods