Monday, 14 April 2014

Deal or no Deal... Games Workshop bargins?

Enter the Hammer of Cadia

So the new Imperial Guard.... err I mean Astra Militarium release has bought the joys of massed armour to us once again. Every veteran scifi wargamer has something stir in them every time they see armoured columns deployed on the table. Flames of War is founded on this principle alone!

So when Games Workshop releases a boxed set packaging an armoured column together I tend to take notice. This time us punters are happy to see a rather hefty discount on the package. Complete with 3 Leman Russ, 3 Hellhounds and a single Hellhammer, what more armour could you want (answer: all of the armours!)

In NZD it retails for $585 
RRP of all the components separately total $783
This provides us Kiwis with a substantial saving of $198 which is basically the Hellhammer for free, or a 25% discount from Games Workshop! Smart punters will know you can shop around locally and get between 10-15% off this again

So how are the rest of the world fairing with this boxed deal?
In Australia the price is AUD$495 (NZD$543)
States Side, they pay US$330 (NZD$385)
And in the Motherland, GBP205 gets the goods (NZD$400)

All I can say is Wow. We are still getting ripped off, the Aussies as well, especially considering you can easily find a 20% off deal from the states. The so called price equalisation does not appear to have lasted long. A quick scout around and I can get a Hammer of Cadia to NZ for NZD$330 shipped! That's getting very close to half price....

So the verdict is bad. GW southern Hemisphere trade is still ripping people off, atleast at first glance. Lets look at some other new releases

AUD$55 (NZD$60)
USD$48 (NZD$56)
GBP29 (NZD$57)

So the Taurox is a completely new kit not based on anything else, and the new policy from GW seams to apply here. Pricing is reasonably consistent across the board (16%)

AUD$85 (NZD$93)
USD$56 (NZD$65)
GBP34 (NZD$66)

The Hydra however is based on an existing kit, and could be considered an "upgrade". Huge variation in price here with a 38% price variable. I suspect this has something to do with keeping the price consistent with similar kits (Chimera, Basilisk, Hellhound) in each region, however does go against the pricing policy that is current. I suspect they may have been worried about Aussies and Kiwis just buying the Hydra kit for new Chimeras...

Verdict? Southern hemisphere shoppers are still getting the raw end of the deal, at least for older product range pre 2013. If you have access to buying from Uk or US, do so.


  1. I was just about to write a post about this very issue, that NZ and Aus gamers have to pay more for GW products, and that this is a pointless and greedy move by GW. But your post is better

    1. Its not pointless and greedy. Its not a new move. The new releases are comparatively speaking well priced for Southern Hemisphere.
      You miss the point being made. New release range is marketed at realistic price compared to Northern Hemisphere where as existing range is still 30-40% higher than it should be.

  2. One thing to keep in mind when looking at price comparisons is that all GW products are made in the UK and then need to be shipped to NZ and Aus. This will always mean that NZ and Aus prices will be higher than UK and US.
    Though the question is it too much higher? I personally think it is (hence why i often buy from UK online stores), but given our small markets, I do wonder if the higher prices and therefore margin is there to pay for the bricks and mortar stores. I doubt it is to subside any other markets.

    1. Don't get me wrong, what you say is true.
      This post is to highlight the disparity between the old pricing regime and the new. Where the new one is consistent and reveals a true reflection of the additional costs involved with marketing via bricks and mortar in the Southern Hemisphere (Taurox 16% more expensive), the existing range is still a huge rort!

      Its basically not worth the hassle of buying a Taurox from the States as it will cost you more in freight than you can save. However as highlighted, when reviewing existing range models GW still insists on maintaining the previous pricing model.

      GWAU will continue to loose customers to overseas retailers regardless of any unenforceable ban on their product range until they address this by LOWERING the existing range to match the margins of new releases ie approx 15% premium

  3. I'd be very surprised if GW products were made in the UK.

    Everyone can buy GW from the UK or the US. You go to NZ post and apply for a postal address in each country. They give you one free. You then get the GW product sent to the local address and then pay for shipping to NZ. It's not the old days with free shipping out of the UK but it's still 25% cheaper than local prices.

    I have bought battlefron product cheaper from the UK than local prices. So it's cheaper to get product made in Malaysia shipped to the UK and then back to me than it is to get it shipped to NZ.

    There is no reason to go to a GW store and a massive disincentive, unless you enjoy being surrounded by smelly teens. Online ordering is much easier.

  4. My complaint to the Aussie competition watchdog was dismissed as they found GW pricing for us here and in the mighty NZ (I am an expat kiwi) was not anticompetitive nor was their blockade of UK sellers shipping to us. No wonder yoymart is doing big business here