Friday, 26 July 2013

More Horus Heresy From Forgeworld

Forgeworld are at it again with more Heresy era Marines. We must be getting very close to the next book as more and more new units are being released...

 A rather uninsprirational release this Friday

Reaver squads in many ways epitomised the Sons of Horus Legion’s way of war. Heavily influenced by the tactics used in the incessant tribal warfare of Cthonia, Reaver units specialised in lightning-swift assaults which maimed and disabled their foes; striking down leaders, and mercilessly cutting down any who were weak or isolated. Each Reaver unit, whether squad or entire company in strength, was effectively a warband in its own right, and its warriors fought more as individuals than regimented soldiers, and all were utterly lethal against the enemies of Mankind during the Great Crusade. 

The Sons of Horus Reaver Squad, designed by Alfonso Giraldes, is a multi-part resin kit containing five incredibly detailed Space Marines, five bolt pistols, five chain axes, a power fist, a hand flamer, five helmeted heads and one Sergeant head. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 2nd August.

If fighting is expected to be at close quarters, such as in boarding actions or trench clearance, Tactical squads can sometimes forgo the standard bolter in favour of the combination of a bolt pistol and chainsword, allowing the Astartes more manoeuvrability in whatever tight confines they may find themselves in. These more assault orientated units are referred to as Despoiler Squads within the Legiones Astartes. 
The Legion Mk III Despoiler Squad, designed by Will Hayes, is a complete multi-part resin kit comprising five Space Marines armed with bolt pistols and chainswords. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 2nd August.

The Legion Mk II Despoiler Squad, designed by Will Hayes, is a complete multi-part resin kit comprising five Space Marines armed with bolt pistols and chainswords. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 2nd August.
The Legion Mk IV Despoiler Squad, designed by Will Hayes, is a complete multi-part resin kit comprising five Space Marines armed with bolt pistols and chainswords. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 2nd August.

But then this is just around the corner...

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lizardmen Pictures

Well it appears people have the latest White Dwarf already

New Lizardmen Pictures here

Go to minute 37 for a pictures of the new Lizardmen in the latest White Dwarf

Breaking News - More Lizardmen Rumours!

Lizardmen Pictures Leaked here!

Warhammer: Lizardmen

· 96 page full colour, hardback Warhammer army book.

PLASTIC Carnosaur

· This box contains a multi-part plastic kit that makes one of four possible massive center-piece miniatures.
· HUGE - 8 inches long by 5 inches tall
· Can make an Oldblood on Carnosaur, Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur, Kroq-Gar on Carnosaur or Troglodon with Skink Oracle.

Terradon/ Ripperdactyl Riders dual kit!

· This box contains a multi-part plastic kit that can be assemble as either 3 Terradons or 3 Ripperdactyls, flying cavalry mounts ridden by Lizardmen Skinks.
· Included Parts to upgrade one Terradon rider to the special character Tiktaq'to.


· This box contains a brand new multipart plastic kit that makes a Bastiladon carrying either a Solar Engine or an Ark of Sotek.

Lizardman Skink Priest

· An addition to the popular plastic heroes Clampacks.
· The Lizardman Skink Priest is adorned in feathered plumes and carries a traditional Lizardman totem.

· A Clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature.
· A Lizardmen Special Character particularly suited to close combat.


· A boxset containing one finely detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature.
· A skink Priets on a Palanquin.

So my spidey senses where right. Something was up with the Carnosaur! and the terradons where a dual kit. Plastic character as anticipated. Pictures to come...

Monday, 22 July 2013

Lizardmen Confirmed for August

Just hearing now that Lizardmen are confirmed for August!

Its sounding like only two new plastic kits, something called a Bastidon (not sure on the name) which is a big monster kit priced the same as the Phoenix, and there is "the flying things" which are most likely Terradons.

There is some finecast characters and apparently the Carnosaur is re-released in finecast as well - Need to check up on this one further as the Carnosaur is already in Finecast

Oh yeah, new book and magic cards.

Will post more when information comes in.

Just some surmising here, but there exists the possibility that at least one of the plastic kits are a dual kit, as the release looks a little light with only "two" plastic kits so far.

Reviewing the history of 8th edition releases there has not been a release with less than 3 plastic kits. Chances are there is something else in the mix.

 I am sure more information will come to light over the next few days.

Latest Rumours HERE

Saturday, 20 July 2013

More Horus Heresy Releases from Forgeworld

We all have seen the previews of both of these models at Forgeworld Open Days, and now they finally have released them...

New Javelin Attack Speeder

Larger and more heavily armoured than the common pattern of Land Speeder, the Javelin Attack Speeder is a nigh-irreplaceable relic of a bygone age 
of technological mastery. Gravitic nullification plates, the secret of whose production and maintenance have long since been lost, allow the Javelin to 
mount an array of heavy weaponry more akin to a heavy tank destroyer than a nimble Land Speeder, allowing them to make pinpoint strikes on enemy 
armour or infantry with devastating lascannon or missile barrage. Those Chapters of Space Marines whose histories stretch back into the grim days of the 
Imperium’s founding may, if they are fortunate, still possess a few justly revered Javelins within the sanctified depths of their armouries.

Its a decent sized model!

Whirlwind Scorpius

An ancient variant of the more common Whirlwind missile tank, the heavily armoured Scorpius was designed with a single purpose in mind – the 
destruction of heavily armoured infantry. The Scorpius variant replaces the Whirlwind’s multiple missile launcher system with the intricate drum-fed 
scorpius launcher, whose implosive warheads are devastating to armoured infantry and light vehicles. The Whirlwind Scorpius’ origins lie in the dark days 
of the Horus Heresy and, in more recent times, it has become an all but forgotten relic amongst some Chapters as the ability to manufacture its complex 
munitions has become a forgotten art, but for other Chapters it still remains a potent weapon of war.

 So form all this, the next book is just around the corner. Judging by all the new paint jobs Iron Hands and Night Lords will feature prominently.

Friday, 19 July 2013

New Basing System from Puppets War

Puppets War have released a clever new system of interlocking bases aimed squarely at the Warhammer Fantasy Battle market

The system itself appears to be similar to that found in products like Tablescapes by Secret Weapon Miniatures or tetralink.

By using an interlocking "dog bone" system on the underneath of the base they form a ridged frame for you to rank up your infantry

In addition these bases are plastic so they are sure to be of uniform size and spacing. Thats has been my one biggest problem with the square resin bases in the past

They are offered at the very reasonable price of 5.99 Euros + 4.99 Euros shipping worldwide. Thats $10 NZD + shipping. Not bad at all. 

So far they are only available in 20mm size but hopefully other sizes are just around the corner

Can anyone say no more movement trays???

For further details go have a look at their website here

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Full ETC lists released

Well after the little teaser we had of breakdown the full lists are now available

You can find them in PDF format here

Team New Zealand will be spending the next few weeks going through them all and analysing team breakdowns and matchups

Updated with most current lists!!!

ETC 2013 - Team New Zealand Army Lists

Team New Zealand has arrived!

Chris Willcox (c)

Simon Turner, Beastmen
Greater Bray Shaman: General, Level 4, Lore of Beasts,Talisman of preservation, hagtree fetish, crown of command, 335
Greater Bray Shaman: Level 4, Lore of the Wild, herdstone, staff of darkoth, 335
Wargor: BSB, Heavy Armour, Shield, gnarled hide, beast banner 206
Bray Shaman: Level 1, Lore of shadows, Dispel Scroll, 100
1 x 47 Gor: Musician, Standard Bearer, Extra Hand Weapons, 391
3 x 5 Ungor Raiders: 30
1 x 9 Ungor Raiders: 54
2 x 1 Tuskgor chariot: 80
1 x 27 Bestigors: FCG, Banner of Discipline, 369
1 x 8 Razorgors: 440
2 x 1 Razorgor: 55
2 x 5 Harpies: 55
Total: 2700

David Meachen, Daemons of Chaos
Great Unclean One: General, Level 4, Lore of Death, Exalted Gift, Lesser Gift, 580
Herald of Nurgle: BSB, Greater Locus of Fecundity, 160
1 x 31 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: FCG, Banner of Swiftness, 448
1 x 11 Horrors of Tzeentch: Musician, 153
2 x 5 Chaos Furies: 60
2 x 1 Beast of Nurgle: 60
1 x 6 Beasts of Nurgle: 360
1 x 5 Plague Drones of Nurgle: Standard Bearer, Plague Probosics, Banner of the Eternal Flame, 320
1 x 1 Skull Cannon of Khorne: 135
Total: 2396

Michael Stewart, Empire 
Arch Lector on War Altar: General, Armour of Destiny, Shield, 304
Battle Wizard Lord: Level 4, Lore of Light, Dispel scroll, 225
Captain of the Empire: BSB, Talisman of Preservation, Full Plate Armour, Shield, 138
Warrior Priest on Barded Warhorse: The White Cloak of Ulric, Heavy armour, Shield, 135
Captain of the Empire on Barded Warhorse: Full Plate Armour, Shield, Ogre Blade, 124
Battle Wizard: Level 1, Lore of light, 65
1 x 10 Knightly Orders: FCG, Inner Circle, Steel Standard, 315
1 x 38 Halberdiers: FCG, 258
D1 8 Archers: 56
D2 8 Archers: 56
2 x 4 Demigryph Knights: Musician, 242
2 x Great Cannon: 120
Total: 2400

Mark Audley, Bretonnia
Bretonnian Lord on Royal Pegasus: General, Questing Vow, Virtue of Heroism, Charmed Shield, Sword of Swift Slaying, Insignia of the Quest, 272
Prophetess of the Lady on Bretonnian Warhorse: Level 4, Lore of Heavens, Dispel Scroll, Crown of Command, 300
Paladin on barded Bretonnian Warhorse: BSB, Shrieking Blade, Gromril Great Helm, 114
Paladin on Royal Pegasus: Shield, Dragonhelm, The Wyrmlance, Gauntlet of the Dual, 152
Damsel of the Lady on Bretonnian Warhorse: Level 1, Lore of Beasts, The Silver Mirror, 120
2 x 5 Knights of the Realm: Champion, 120
1 x 8 Knights of the Realm: FCG, Banner of Swiftness, 231
1 x 8 Knights of the Realm: FCG, Standard of Discipline, 231
1 x 10 Peasant Bowmen: Brazier, 65
2 x 3 Pegasus Knights: Champion, 165
2 x 5 Mounted Yeomen: Musician, 82
2 x 1 Field Trebuchet: 90
Total: 2399

James Humphries, Warriors of Chaos
Sorcerer Lord on Barded Daemonic Mount: General, Level 4, Lore of Tzeentch, Mark of Tzeentch, Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon, Warrior Bane, Armour of Destiny, Obsidian Trinket, Scaled Skin, 455pts
Exalted Hero on Barded Daemonic Mount: BSB, Mark of Tzeentch, Great Weapon, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, 251pts
3 x Chaos Chariot: Mark of Slaanesh, 115
2 x 5 Chaos Warhounds: Vanguard, 40
1 x 10 Chaos Warhounds: 60pts
2 x 5 Marauder Horsemen: Mark of Slaanesh, Javelin, 80
2 x 8 Chaos Trolls: 280 
2 x 3 Skullcrushers of Khorne: Ensorcelled Weapons, Musician, 244
Total: 2399

Tim Joss, Legion of Azgorh Chaos Dwarves
Sorcerer Prophet on Bale Taurus: General, Level 4, Lore of Hashut, Charmed Shield, Earthing Rod, Talisman of Preservation, 600
Bull Centaur Taur’ruk: Great Weapon, Blackshard Armour, Dawnstone, Dragonhelm, 220
Daemonsmith Sorcerer: Level 2, Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll, Enchanted Shield, 160
Hobgoblin Khan on giant wolf: 52
Hobgoblin Khan on giant wolf: 52
1 x 20 Hobgoblin Cuttthroats: Musician, Bows, 104
1 x 20 Hobgoblin Cuttthroats: Musician, Bows, Shields, 114 
1 x 30 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard: Musician, Standard Bearer, Gleaming Pennant, 385
1 x 3 Bull Centaur Renders: Musician, Shields, 140
1 x 1 Deathshrieker Death Rocket: 100
1 x 1 Magma Cannon: 145
1 x 1 K’Daai Destroyer: 325
Total: 2397

Haig McLisky, Orcs and Goblins
Black Orc Warboss: General, Basha's Axe of Stunty Smashin', Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Endurance, The Other Trickster's Shard, 260
Savage Orc Great Shaman: Level 4, Lore of Da Big Waaargh, Fencer's Blades, Lucky Shrunken Head, Dragonbane Gem, 295
Black Orc Big Boss: BSB, Shield, Armour of Fortune, 152
Night Goblin Shaman: Level 1, Lore of the Little Waaargh, Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon, 80
Night Goblin Shaman: Level 1, Lore of the Little Waaargh, Obsidian Trinket, 65
Goblin Big Boss on Giant Wolf: Short Bow, Light Armour, Shield, Shrieking Blade, Dragonhelm, 73
1 x 29 Savage Orc Big'Uns: FCG, Big Uns , Extra Hand Weapons, 354
1 x 5 Goblin Wolf Riders: Musician, Standard Bearer, Short Bow, Spear, Light Armour, Shield, 85
1 x 10 Orc Arrer Boyz: 70 
1 x 24 Night Goblins: Musician, Standard Bearer, Shields, 2x Fanatics, 142
1 x 19 Black Orcs: FCG, Shields, Standard of Discipline, 297
2 x 1 Goblin Wolf Chariot: 50 
2 x 1 Boar Chariot: 85
1 x 1 Goblin Spear Chukka: 35
2 x 1 Goblin Doom Diver Catapult: 80
1 x 1 Goblin Rock Lobber: 85
2 x 1 Mangler Squig: 65 
1 x 1 Snotling Pump Wagon: 45
Total: 2598

Mal Patel, Lizardmen
Slann Mage Priest: General, BSB, Level 4, Lore of Metal, Soul of Stone, Focused Rumination, Banner of Discipline, Divine Plaque of Protection, Scroll of Shielding, Aura of Quetzl, 450
Scar Veteran on Cold-One: Great Weapon, Light Armour, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield, 166
Scar Veteran on Cold-One: Great Weapon, Light Armour, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone, Venom of the Firefly Frog, 161
Skink Priest: Level 1, Lore of Heavens, Cube of Darkness, Dragonbane Gem, 110
Skink Priest: Level 1, Lore of Heavens, Feedback Scroll, 115
6 x 21 Skink Cohort: Musician, 111
3 x 3 Terradon Riders: 90
3 x 6 Chameleon Skinks: 72
1 x 3 Salamanders, 3 addition handlers: 240 
Total: 2394

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

ETC WHFB Breakdown

All lists are submitted now and going through scrutinizing as we speak, however we have a teaser...

At a glance:

So we see that not only WoC is very popular (who would have thought...) but High Elves are the new ETC filth as well!

The ever popular Skaven are present in the top 5, as is Empire. VC surprisingly rounding out the top 5 popularity contest this year, but I guess ETC hammer restrictions make them better in this environment. I expect to see Terrorgiests in every list.

The next 5 lists see Daemons still ever present, followed equally by Dark Elves. Orcs and Goblins with their extra 200 points head off Lizardmen who have been hit hard this year by the comp, and snapping at the heals is the rock/paper/scissor filth of Chaos Dwarves. If the 6 nations is anything to go by then 15 of them will be Death/Hell Cannon combos

The ever present Dwarves do not make top 10 this year, and Bretts continue to show they are good in team games by sneaking in ahead of Ogres. Yes Ogres are 4th from last! That is surprising... I guess the comping of Mournfang and Funblasters really touched a few in the wrong places.

Beastmen still struggle for love from the player base down in 14th despite the extra points, and Tomb Kings second to last after suffering a nerf to the popular light council builds of last year. And rounding out last place is Wood Elves. Either someone knows something nobody else does or the Aussies have misread the meta terribly!

I will do a more in depth analysis once lists are fully revealed.

Things just got real...

Saturday, 13 July 2013


Finally some more fantasy love from Forgeworld!

With their circular mouths, studded with rows of sickle-shaped teeth, Dread Maws can seize and devour a fully armoured man in seconds. Often, smaller prey is swallowed whole, but even the largest creatures will fall foul of the Dread Maw's ravenous appetite. Bursting forth from beneath the ground and latching on with their hooked teeth, they can tear their way inside the greatest of beasts, eviscerating them from within and quickly hollowing out their ruptured carcass. 

The Dread Maw, designed by Keith Robertson, is a multi part resin model that depicts the beast erupting from beneath the ground. The Dread Maw is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 26th July.

And these beautiful sculpts of  the Empire that we previewed at Forgeworld open day

Officers in the Empire can vary in prowess on the battlefield, in the authority they project and the tactics them employ. Noble born officers are trained from youth in swordsmanship and hunting, while others make their way up through the ranks, having once fought shoulder to shoulder alongside the men they now lead.

The Empire Command Set, designed by Steve Whitehead, contains three multi-part models. Each character is packed with fine details, from the proud bearing of the officer and the solemnly dutiful battle standard bearer, whose sun motif on his coat mirrors that on the banner, to the raving flagellant who sports nails peircing the flesh of his arms. This fantastic character set is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 26th July.

Look I'm happy for some more love in the fantasy area, and I know the market is not as big as 30k, but damn it Forgeworld, just release the bloody Bull Centaur Taur'ruk!!!!!!!!!!

Last week we also seen the arrival of more Heresy Models in the form of Palatine Blades

They are very nice models, however they will look better once my Imperial Fists have crushed a few of their skulls with a thunder hammer...

And of course the only thing better than a grenade launcher... is a jump pack equipped marine with a grenade launcher. I'm sure I can find a niche within my legion for one of these...

We should also see the new Imperial Armour: Apocalypse from Forgeworld soon

Did I mention Forgeworld should hurry up and release my damn Truck!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Krak Report - The month of June...

The Krak Report - June Edition

Another month has past and its time for a round up of some random (and not so random) hobby related things that spark my interest... This ones a little late, real life and all...

Raging Heroes - The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

Last few days of the kickstarter and this one blew away all its targets in the first few days. I have to say, making war dollies into girls is great in most situations, however making your entire range of war dollies girls? Pure genius!
This is what alternative ranges should be about. Bringing something different and unique to the gaming table, not all this baltant rip off stuff that some others produce.
Go read up about them here theres not much time left...


If you like pew pew and you have not been hiding under a rock for the past month you would have heard about Apocolypse. No not the four horseman type but the nuclear explosion type.
We got a very early preview of the cover of the July WD which had one of the worst models GW have ever made...

Then we got the sneak preview of one of the best models GW has ever made (at least for 40k). 

Nobody knows how one company can be so hit and miss with their core product... 

As it turns out they put together a 296 page hardcover for $146NZ, not to bad for a full colour hardcover book. They also announced that it will be available on iBook in three parts (rules/data sheets/scenarios) which is a bloody nice idea IMO as I intend on buying the Hardcover rulebook and grabbing the data sheets for my tablet.


The ETC is fast rushing up on me and with a little under 4 weeks until I fly out I still see a mountain of painting to get done before this years event being held in Novi Sad, Serbia. 
While I am away my will probably be a bit quiet on the posting front however I will try and give regular updates of the event in between games

Games Workshop goes Digital - In a real format
Gee Dub have finally realised normal people can use technology to and have broken the fast of only pandering to the 'i' crowd.
Through the Black Library, we can now get our very first codex in a normal format usable on normal tech. Eldar became the first foray in Mobi and ePub formats, and will quickly be followed by others no doubt. Supplements are also quickly appearing as well as a previously hardcopy only assortment of GW publications like Index Astartes. 
I see this as a great move and an area GW had previously preformed very poorly at. 
But the best thing for us Kiwi's... Codex's are only $40NZ.... that is $58NZ cheaper than the hardcover equivalents!

Supplement Speculation

I blogged briefly on this earlier last month about what the supplement introduction could mean for not only 40k, but fantasy. You can find the post here
Now that the anouncement has been made that Tau will be getting a Farsight Conclave supplement (which was the obvious choice), further speculation and conjecture arises.
I cans see Hive fleet Kraken being the focus of a Tyrannid supplement (sorry, I dont buy the BS about a Genestealer cult, it dosnt fit the format of slight codex modification and no new units) as Kraken was the Tyrannid fleet that destroyed Iyaden (ooooh) and the current codex sports only a small contingent of painted models in the Kraken sceme (as opposed to the two other main fleets in the book). 
I see Imperial Fists in the Space Marines supplement lineup (I actually think we will see all the first/second founding chapters at some point) which may even include crimson fists (such a terrible name) and shock horror Black Templar.

As for WHFB 9th edition is rumoured to be right around the corner and I can see the supplements being intergrated into the new edition as opposed to being retconed into 8th. Rumours abound that we will see a ravening hoards type list with the new set, but then again, grain of salt. We get that rumour every new edition

On the Bench

I currently have the majority of my Chaos Dwarf Army sitting in front of me at the moment, all half finished of course. I have 4 weeks until I fly out so plenty of time right? 

I recently picked up a Blood Slughterer from Forgeworld to represent my K'daai Destroyer, as my current conversion (based on a Thundertusk) is too large for me to transport half way around the world for the ETC. 

Also sitting in front of me is my new project High Elves. Mountains of Sea Guard and Dragons, I've picked up a lot of the new models purely to paint a nice looking army. Its all about the Hobby! No idea if they will ever sea the light of a tournament, but I do play on trying a new technique on them where you paint light/pastel opaque colours as a base, then shade/highlight up with transparent and opaque washes and inks. This project will have to wait until after I get back from the ETC however.

And sitting right beside them is about 30 Mk IV power armour + some assorted Heresy era armoured vehicles including a Land Raider Proteus and a 

I hope to be adding a Thunderhawk Gunship and Warhound Titan to this while I am in Europe. Always wanted to paint up these iconic vehicles

What's next from Forgeworld?

Hopefully the bloody Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Taur'uk and K'daai Destroyer. We have been teased with these for months and the Taur'uk now features in the latest Forgeworld catalogue. 

We have also been seeing a lot of new Heresy Marine variants including the new Fellglaive painted up in Iron Warriors colours. I'm expecting book two is just around the corner. good times!

Tournament roundup

Well I have not managed to get to many tournaments this year so far, numbering only two.  I attended Equinox earlier in the year where I place 1st. This was the largest WHFB tournament this year so I picked up max 100 points for the win. 
At the beginning of June I went to my "local" Southcon where I placed second overall. There was only 14 entrants so it is one of the smaller events around. However I did manage to suffer my first 20-0 defeat at the hands of NZ's own token LMC! A bit of rock paper scissors here but still managed the second place. Unfortunately it means I missed out on the coveted hat trick of wins having won 2011 & 2012 Southcons....
Oddly enough this still leaves me in the no.1 ranked spot in NZ for WHFB. I am expecting this to change soon as more of my ranking points expire from last year.
Its been good at the top defending without even having to play games...

Then there is the most coveted trophy (mug) of them all. Top Warhammer Internet Personality. I scored this beauty at Equinox this year, and I figure the best way for me to defend it is not go to tournaments with other Internet personalities! Its mine Mr Brown! Mine I say!!!!

Parting shot

So ends another instalment of my ramblings. I expect new posts on the blog to be less frequent this month and the following as work gets in the way of fun, and preparation for ETC takes all my spare time.

Until next time