Tuesday, 16 July 2013

ETC WHFB Breakdown

All lists are submitted now and going through scrutinizing as we speak, however we have a teaser...

At a glance:

So we see that not only WoC is very popular (who would have thought...) but High Elves are the new ETC filth as well!

The ever popular Skaven are present in the top 5, as is Empire. VC surprisingly rounding out the top 5 popularity contest this year, but I guess ETC hammer restrictions make them better in this environment. I expect to see Terrorgiests in every list.

The next 5 lists see Daemons still ever present, followed equally by Dark Elves. Orcs and Goblins with their extra 200 points head off Lizardmen who have been hit hard this year by the comp, and snapping at the heals is the rock/paper/scissor filth of Chaos Dwarves. If the 6 nations is anything to go by then 15 of them will be Death/Hell Cannon combos

The ever present Dwarves do not make top 10 this year, and Bretts continue to show they are good in team games by sneaking in ahead of Ogres. Yes Ogres are 4th from last! That is surprising... I guess the comping of Mournfang and Funblasters really touched a few in the wrong places.

Beastmen still struggle for love from the player base down in 14th despite the extra points, and Tomb Kings second to last after suffering a nerf to the popular light council builds of last year. And rounding out last place is Wood Elves. Either someone knows something nobody else does or the Aussies have misread the meta terribly!

I will do a more in depth analysis once lists are fully revealed.

Things just got real...


  1. 2013 will be like 2011 all over again. WE the best performing army of the ETC.

    1. Heh. Aussies either read it right or read it wrong. Either way tree huggers are represented! (just..)

      Now only if we could repeat this effort in the real world

  2. Team NZ - no skaven, Dark Elves, VC or Ogres? How are you feeling seeing the breakdown?

    1. Not to bad to be fair. I think we have a few interesting armies that may be a challenge for some to deal with. Ogres have been comped out of this year as evident by less than a 3rd of teams taking them.
      VC and Skaven may well be missed I think. I guess we will find out in a little under 4 weeks!

    2. Agreed on OK, would have expected them to still feature despite comping. More surprised to see BM in the mix.
      I just wish whoever did the table knew how to spell New Zealand..