Saturday, 13 July 2013


Finally some more fantasy love from Forgeworld!

With their circular mouths, studded with rows of sickle-shaped teeth, Dread Maws can seize and devour a fully armoured man in seconds. Often, smaller prey is swallowed whole, but even the largest creatures will fall foul of the Dread Maw's ravenous appetite. Bursting forth from beneath the ground and latching on with their hooked teeth, they can tear their way inside the greatest of beasts, eviscerating them from within and quickly hollowing out their ruptured carcass. 

The Dread Maw, designed by Keith Robertson, is a multi part resin model that depicts the beast erupting from beneath the ground. The Dread Maw is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 26th July.

And these beautiful sculpts of  the Empire that we previewed at Forgeworld open day

Officers in the Empire can vary in prowess on the battlefield, in the authority they project and the tactics them employ. Noble born officers are trained from youth in swordsmanship and hunting, while others make their way up through the ranks, having once fought shoulder to shoulder alongside the men they now lead.

The Empire Command Set, designed by Steve Whitehead, contains three multi-part models. Each character is packed with fine details, from the proud bearing of the officer and the solemnly dutiful battle standard bearer, whose sun motif on his coat mirrors that on the banner, to the raving flagellant who sports nails peircing the flesh of his arms. This fantastic character set is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 26th July.

Look I'm happy for some more love in the fantasy area, and I know the market is not as big as 30k, but damn it Forgeworld, just release the bloody Bull Centaur Taur'ruk!!!!!!!!!!

Last week we also seen the arrival of more Heresy Models in the form of Palatine Blades

They are very nice models, however they will look better once my Imperial Fists have crushed a few of their skulls with a thunder hammer...

And of course the only thing better than a grenade launcher... is a jump pack equipped marine with a grenade launcher. I'm sure I can find a niche within my legion for one of these...

We should also see the new Imperial Armour: Apocalypse from Forgeworld soon

Did I mention Forgeworld should hurry up and release my damn Truck!

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