Monday, 22 July 2013

Lizardmen Confirmed for August

Just hearing now that Lizardmen are confirmed for August!

Its sounding like only two new plastic kits, something called a Bastidon (not sure on the name) which is a big monster kit priced the same as the Phoenix, and there is "the flying things" which are most likely Terradons.

There is some finecast characters and apparently the Carnosaur is re-released in finecast as well - Need to check up on this one further as the Carnosaur is already in Finecast

Oh yeah, new book and magic cards.

Will post more when information comes in.

Just some surmising here, but there exists the possibility that at least one of the plastic kits are a dual kit, as the release looks a little light with only "two" plastic kits so far.

Reviewing the history of 8th edition releases there has not been a release with less than 3 plastic kits. Chances are there is something else in the mix.

 I am sure more information will come to light over the next few days.

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  1. I should note that this information is second hand and I have not seen the order.