Friday, 19 July 2013

New Basing System from Puppets War

Puppets War have released a clever new system of interlocking bases aimed squarely at the Warhammer Fantasy Battle market

The system itself appears to be similar to that found in products like Tablescapes by Secret Weapon Miniatures or tetralink.

By using an interlocking "dog bone" system on the underneath of the base they form a ridged frame for you to rank up your infantry

In addition these bases are plastic so they are sure to be of uniform size and spacing. Thats has been my one biggest problem with the square resin bases in the past

They are offered at the very reasonable price of 5.99 Euros + 4.99 Euros shipping worldwide. Thats $10 NZD + shipping. Not bad at all. 

So far they are only available in 20mm size but hopefully other sizes are just around the corner

Can anyone say no more movement trays???

For further details go have a look at their website here

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