Thursday, 16 October 2014

40 days of 40k

Another quick update. Time is slowing for nobody and I am into day 24 with little progress to show...
And here's one of the reason's why

I've had to rebuild the entire hatch area thanks to a sagged mold. No chance of bending it into shape as the turret is one solid lump of resin. I had to saw off the hatch and build up the area around it with greenstuff.

Here it is finished after several nights work. I'm still not happy with it but thats more to do with the ammo rack.

You can see on this picture the ammo rack has a bend in the middle. It looks odd to me and its not something that heat will bend out of it.

This model has been a complete nightmare, almost as bad as the Storm Eagle. I still need to replace the rivets that have been sanded off but I'm almost done with it, more out of shear frustration with the model. Forgeworld why can't you have decent quality control for products you send half way around the world!

Bit of black got on last night. Aiming for some red tonight then some varnish... 

A little over two weeks to paint the entire army for Conquest now, and I still have to finish off 8 Tactical Marines and 10 Sternguard.

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