Wednesday, 1 October 2014

End of Times Volume II due after Dark Eldar

Rumours are rife Papa Nurgle is about to visit us in Volume II of the End of Times. I blogged last month with some musings about the series of events that may happen in Warhammer

Rick was reported to want to "advance the timeline", kill off several special characters and produce a set of four (or eight) books detailing the end of times. Nurgle was to attack the empire in Tamurkham, Tzeentch was invading Lustria, Slannesh was getting stuck into Ulthuan, and Khornes hounds where at the gates of Naggaroth. Sounds all to familiar dosn't it.
The Nagash book confirms Khorne forces headed to fight the Dark Elves (Valkira) and Nurgle heading to the empire. 

Still on target to being a rewrite of Tamarhkan. Will we see our plastic Greater Daemons soon? Will they stand up to the competition from Creature Caster?

One things for sure it is really shaping up to be a complete make-over for Warhammer

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