Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rumours - Whats next?

With the exceptionally early leak of White dwarf detailing the Apocalypse relaunch for 40k, what is around the corner for the rest of the year? After sifting through all the rumours and comparing them with what's been mentioned to me, I have come up with the following:

July - 40k Apocalypse

  • Lord of Battle/Lord of War dual kit
  • "Megalith"
  • Imperial Knight
  • Terrain
Most of this is confirmed. The Imperial Knight I think is still a little conjecture but has merit based on what has been said. Last Apoc release only seen 2 superheavy release. GW may have stepped it up this time.  Expect if it is to happen it will be like the Knights Paladin and potentially a dual kit. This would sell like hotcakes! The Terrain is tagged on as an afterthought. 

August - Space Marines

  • Plastic Librarian
  • Plastic Veteran Kit Sternguard/Vanguard
  • New Walker/Large Terminator (Not a Dreadnaught)
  • Unknown? plastic kit. Flier?
  • Finecast Characters
  • 2 or more supplement codex's (One is possibly Black Templar/Imperial Fist/Crimson Fist)
The above is a combination of information passed to me and rumours on the interwebs. A sternguard/Vanguard plastic kit is a long time coming. This fits with GW format of 1 infantry kit, one medium sized kit (flier size) and one huge kit. The new walker has been mentioned by several people, either an inbetween Terminator/Dreadnaught or a Contemptor size or large model. I've heard both and think contemptor style is almost a given considering the popularity of the FW model. Fluff wise its easy to fit in as an off shoot or forgotten termi design/whatever, Not sure if we will see another flier option. Not everything adding up here and I expect to be pleasantly surprised. 
As far as the supplement books go, its almost a given its going to happen. It has been mentioned to me that they may be chapter specific or cover the history of additional foundings like the one mentioned. Sorry Black Templar guys I think you will be covered by a suppliment. Its also been whispered that Blood Angles/Space Wolves may be similar... This may be far fetched.

September - Lizardmen

  • Terradon riders (box of 3)
  • Kroxigor (box of 3)
  • New Large Dino kit (rumoured to be bigger than the Stegadon ie 100x150mm base)
  • 2 finecast characters
  • Plastic Skink Priest
I've heard the terradon plastics rumour as well (before the recent French picture leak of a head). Interesting as I had it pegged we would see Kroxigor box. Not sure that we will see both as it breaks the mould of 1 infantry, 1 monstrous/medium kit and 1 big gribbly. Alternativley we could see a new infantry or Chameleon Skinks in plastic (or both in a dual kit). Big gribbly almost a given for dino race. No idea what it is.

October - Mystery Box

I've heard both Bloodbowl & Heroquest from different sources. If I had to put money on one it would be Bloodbowl.

If it happens I don't expect it to be like the earlier edition, and more like a one off release with 4 teams, and no additional support.

November - Tyrannids

  • Harpy dual kit
  • Big Gribbly transport creature

I'm speculating that they will be in this slot, but there will obviously be at least one more plastic box and a plastic character + finecast stuff. Expecting an infantry kit (maybe something we have never seen before) and potential to see a Warrior Prime in plastic. I have heard two different versions of the transport creature, possibly from two different playtest lists.


I expect to see the usual mix of Xmas boxes and promo. Oh and Hobbit crap.

January - Dwarfs
  • Hammerers/Ironbreakers Dual Kit
  • Dirigible
  • New War Machine construct with multiple build options
  • or another infantry based plastic kit such as slayers or similar
  • Plastic Runesmith
  • 2 New finecast characters
Lots of discussion online here. Several reliable people claiming Dark Elves however I have a feeling we will see Dwarfs first (I'm more often wrong than right). At any rate not much to go on. I have no idea what we would see for Dark Elves, other than Black Guard Plastics, maybe a chariot and a new monster for the Beastmasters to play with.

As always with rumours, take it all with a grain of salt. I have mixed in information that I have heard with some conjecture of what I think will be released. 


  1. Man I'd be disappointed if you were right about the Lizardmen release. I've already got more Terradons/Kroxigor than I could probably use so I'd much rather see new units rather than sculpts getting redone.

    1. I think its more likely we will see one or the other, and instead get a new infantry kit for a new option in the book. That way they will receive an infantry, a monstrous, and a monster with 2/3 being new entrys

  2. It would be ace to see a blood bowl rerelease and I'd be all over that. I sill have my 90's version!

  3. I have heard it is White Scars followed by possibly Ultramarines as supplements for the Space Marines.

    They are rumored to be getting something big, but that may be the new bigger contemptor style dreadnought.

    Plastic librarian is overdue, but the veteran box seems a little much as you would probably need one or the other not both in the same box. Unless it is a recut of the DA veterans sprue.

    Vehicle wise I heard that there might be more vehicle weapon options, or at least all options in the kits.

    I don't see the need for another flyer, but there is always talk of a small thunderhawk or similar. People would buy it if it was released.