Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Krak Report - May Edition

So I am back again for round two of the Krak Report. A round up of things that sparked my interest in the month thats just been. 


Forgeworld continued its regular march of weekly releases. A few new items not previously seen snuck in this month such as the Legion Praetors. And wow there a nice sculpt! We got our first look at the new Fulgrim model, and there appears to be multiple sculpts. Multipart poseable maybe? 

We also seen more new Necron goodness (who woulda thunk I would do Tomb Kings in space?) from the Fall of Orpheus book, and several new previews of upcoming Horus Heresy tanks and marines. I've made a summary of them here in my blog. I can't wait for some of these new models, and most importantly, book 3 covers Imperial Fist! Oh and who can forget the Squig Gobbla. 

Secret Weapon miniatures kickstarter campaign closed with a flurry of success at the end, and the stretch goals went as far as unlocking the ruined temple theme. For those of you who don't know tablescapes is a 1' x 1' modular gaming table with multiple unique tiles so that you may arrange a table in a huge array of ways. I'm looking forward to getting the 8'x4' ruined temple for home. More details can be found here

High Elves

The internet has been a raging over the new High Elf book, from its completely O.P. to is completely U.P. But no matter who you talk to there seems to be no middle ground, that is, if you believe the internet....
I for one am well impressed with the internal balance, and the flexibility of the book as a whole. I've been cleaning up some of my old High Elves models and purchased some of the new range. It will be a few months before I get a chance to take them to a tournament as I still have a lot of work preparing the Chaos Dwarfs for the ETC in August. I wrote a summary of the book early in May here

Space Elves

Early rumours and leaked pictures of the Eldar where everywhere. This staple of 40k was long overdue for an update, and well, looks like they got only a fraction of what they wanted. We seen the rise of the spirit machines with new Waithguard and a Wraithknight which stands near 10" tall! This model is huge. I didn't blog much on them as they seemed to be everywhere and I didn't receive any new or contrary information. I'm just waiting for someone to paint some big egyptian style eyes on them...

Games Workshop Rumour Clamp Down

Last month we seen GW have a go at the life blood of the modern wargaming communities. Faeit212 and BOLS plugs where pulled, and although BOLS claim it was for different reasons, the timing seems to coincidental for my liking. Both are now up again but it appears that the lawyers of GW will still take any chance to attack the community that feeds them... 

Australasian Price Rises

Did not happen for a second year in a row! The rest of the world suffered some changes to paints and brushes (around 8%) with the GW line being only non GW manufactured items received an increase. We also seen repackaging of some 40k kits from singles to 3 packs, with the price going down! I for one am hoping that this continues as many of you already know how much Australasia is gouged compared to the Rest of the world (hence the healthy parallel importing of GW products). One day, its going to dawn on GW that reducing their prices in NZ and AU will actually increase their sales and profitability, as I think 70% + of new items bought in NZ are imported from the UK and US... Will the sleeping giant wake up to the reality of a global economy?

Tournament roundup

Last month was the build up to my 'local' tournament in Dunedin, Southcon. The last two years I had attended seen me walk away with first prize (year one with Orc's and Goblin's, year two with Tomb Kings) both times. This year I am taking my Chaos Dwarfs based on ETC comp (even though this is not a ETC comp Tourney). I'm not holding my breath as there are a few armies out there that my build cannot handle. I still think I can podium with them. Keep an eye out for the tournament/battle reports for further details

Parting shot

Well what do you know I still havn't managed to take any pictures of my models yet. I have started my High Elves project, finalised my Necron colour sceme, and figured out how to paint yellow (for imperial fists). One day I might even finish something, but don't hold your breath...

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