Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Eldar Codex on ANDROID! $40NZ!!!!!!!!

Yes, that time has finally come when GW acknowledge that apple is shit and embrace the intelligence that is Android!

The Eldar codex is officially the first codex to make the jump into the mainstream. Tucked away in WD daily anouncement is this:

The Digital Edition of Codex Eldar is now available to download as an eBook for Android, Kindle and iBook devices. Yes, you did read that correctly - the Eldar have transcended from the physical plain of paper and ink to the digital realm of pixels and megabytes. To download Codex Eldar simply click on this link:

Codex Eldar - the Digital Edition

It's worth noting that new digital content is being created all the time by the guys in the Studio and every Monday you'll be able to collect a new instalment in the three available series. In the Munitorum series you'll find articles on the Eldar Banshee Mask and the Shuriken Catapult, while in Warlords of the Dark Millennium there are articles on Asmodai and Azrael - two of the most famous heroes in the Dark Angels Chapter. Index Astartes is also back and new instalments in the series will be released on a regular basis. Bookmark the Digital Editions page and check back there every Monday to see what's been added.


This eBook digital edition is compatible with most current generation mobile devices, tablets and eReaders including Android, Kindle and iBooks devices. 

What is even better about this (atleast for us Kiwi's) is that we can purchase and download these books directly from the Black Library! 
For those of you who don't know, GW, just to add insult to injury, not only charge New Zealand twice the RRP that they do in the UK, they also blocked NZ from downloading digital products from iBooks store...
£20 gets you the ebook on Mobi or Epub, and that roughly translates to $40 NZ! Compare that to $98 NZ for the hardcover codex.....

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