Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Southcon Results

Southcon is over and done with for another year, and another great event overall. Many thanks to Josh for umpiring once again. 

The event was interesting in as it was a small divergence from the normal comp in that we got 2500 points to play with and special characters where aloud . In saying that only one list turned up with one. Nurgle had blessed us with the presence of Epidermus...

Congrats go to Mal this year taking out first place with his LMC army, giving me a royal thrashing and only dropping the one game to 3rd place getter.

I placed second, missing out on the hattrick. I took my first 0-20 loss in a tournament environment, thanks to Mals LMC army in the watchtower scenario but won the match vs third placed Nurgle 20-0

Darrens Epidermus list rounded off the podiums in third, after racking up a 0-20 to me but a 15-5 win over Mal. 

So top three all played each other winning one and lousing the other. 

I learnt some more about the Dawi Zharr and have some further ideas to refine my list. There is the obvious deficiencies that I need to do something with when lining up vs LMC armies in case I face one at the ETC, but there are some improvements that will benefit overall. Best game of the weekend was vs Basil (14-6 win) and his VC blender lord list. Learnt heaps here, especially how to manage things you can't confront directly with CD.

I will write up some battle reports over the next few days


  1. Well done mate.

    On another note, is that frickin Simon Switzer in that picture!!!

    1. Wise ass....

      Well done Tim. :D

    2. Nice spotting Sam. That is Simon competing in the 500m crawl from the pub to home here in Carterton.

    3. Did rather well I thought lol.