Monday, 18 March 2013

Equinox Results

So the first tournament of the year is done and dusted, and the first single player outing for my Chaos Dwarfs has been rather successful

ArmyAdj BattSportsPaintTie BreakTotal
Tim JossChaos Dwarves4320200.183.1
Ross HWarriors43202083
Dan ButlerWarriors47201279
John wBretonnains38202078
Simon KwokDaemons36.520200.176.6
Richard BChaos Dwarves36.5202076.5
James BrownOgres34.5202074.5
Paul ClarkTomb Kings3420200.174.1
Rob SadlerWarriors33.5202073.5
James CWood Elves32.520200.172.6
Mike YoungsDark Elves3220200.272.2
Nick munnSkaven32202072
Sean RobertsonDark Elves31202071
Aaron PDaemons30.520200.270.7
BrianDark Elves30.520200.170.6
Paul DaltonOgres28.5202068.5
Dave HartO&G2720200.167.1
Michael CLizardmen26.5202066.5
Mike SEmpire26202066
Ross ClarkWarriors25.520200.165.6
Mike VercoeOgres25.5202065.5
Noel High Elves26201965
GeorgeHigh Elves23.5202063.5
Aaron CVampires25201863
Nick IWood Elves22.5202062.5
Dan BlomfieldO&G2120190.160.1
Dean WO&G13202053
Ron goldsBeastmen9.5202049.5
Phil ODaemons5201035
GeoffHigh Elves5201035
Chris EWood Elves5201035

As you can see the top 22 players where split by 13 points! Everybody bough out their A game and there where some seriously tough lists to contend with. Dan Butler came out with best general on the day scoring the highest battlepoints. We never got to face each other unfortunately. Ross and I played it out in the last round for overall bragging rights. Hopefully next time we face Ross wont be so under the weather. 

Safe to say the new WOC book has definitely hanged the meta. Can't wait to see what Daemons do to it...

Huge thanks to Phil for organising another successful event, and to all my opponents who stomached my stupid hat all weekend.

Also, massive props to Rorius Maximus and his better half, for not only putting me up for the weekend, but putting up half the field. So how'd that experiment go mate?

And now, more importantly after spending hours pouring over my list James still only managed a draw. And that's after removing the biggest threat turn one before I had even rolled a dice. Mr Brown, I think you need to go back to Warhammer Academy, or at least get a new mentor. 

And so to the victor go the spoils of war.

 Most. Important. Mug. Ever!


  1. Well done on a very well deserved tournament win mate, an taking best celebrity off James "Best Warhammer Player on Twitter" Brown!

    Looking to grudge you at the next Tournament we are both at, just ordered a T-shirt off Zazzle for the occasion.

    Yes folks, that's right, if I lose to you for the fourth time in a row I have to spend the rest of the Tournament wearing a T-shirt that says "I am Tim Joss' Bitch".

    Hows that for motivation!

    1. As far as I am concerned Dan, you and I are all sitting pretty at the top. There was nothing in it but a dice roll (or a splash of paint in Dans case)
      I'll be up for Guardcon later this year for that Grudge!

  2. The experiment went well mate and I still believe any arsehole can play Skaven (as evidenced by 19-1-ing people who finished above me), however not every arsehole can KNOW Skaven.....funniest thing ever, not knowing that the bell was unbreakable until after game 4! Amateur!

    Anyway it was a pleasure to host you mate and the four other travelers, nice to get to the pub and socialise (which I think is missing from Auckland 2 day tournaments). It didn't help with the weird time frames, which, I suppose in turn, couldn't be helped either...

    1. Your expression was priceless when we let you know that.

  3. Well done Tim, to be fair flames also worried me massively and couldn’t let you kaddaii into my mournfang. I was one 10 inch charge from catching those centaurs to pick up an 11-9! Given what you did to Tom VR’s ogres I was happy with 10-10 as a win! I really collapsed last round v Dan, it was a bad match up for me I probably risked too much chasing a win and went down big. To the victor the spoils though!

    1. You played a smart game mate. It was exceptionally helpful for me to understand the dynamics of CD vs Ogres for ETC. In Toms defence he didnt know Chaos Dwarfs well and I bet he would play the match completely different if played again.

  4. Well done Tim, awesome work mate. Thanks so much to Rory for the lifts and accommodation, a true fucking Gentleman. Nice to pich your brains for tips on the cd's too man. They might just be coming back out of the display cabinet.

    1. Cheers Sam. Its always good to see what others can do with an army. I'm fascinated with your OnG angle. Might have to borrow it later this year.
      Rory is a star in the warhammerverse. Dissapointed about the lack of cart wheels though

  5. Good on ya mate, if I could run I would have grabbed that hat which obviously is the source of mighty power. Well deserved, and hopefully worth the trip.

    It also makes you as tall as me which is unsettling :( Despite all the weird round time and venue mystery, I have to say it was one of my best tournaments ever, really enjoyed it and had 6 great games.

    1. Never steal a Sorcerers Hat bud. That goes double when they play with the fire Daemons. Chaos Dwarfs are short in nature so the big hats help the intimidation!
      Its always worth the trip, and I had some great games to. Next time we may even get a game