Thursday, 28 March 2013

High Elf Rumours

There has been a huge dump of rumours recently on the Ulthuan forums, originally posted in Spanish so they have been translated

Here they are:

-NO ASF or Valor as we know it today.
-Elven Dexterity: units with this rule can use parry save when wielding any weapon, even if mounted (some units may use it against shooting or even if mounted).
-Special rule for rolling an additional dice on chase an remove the lowest result (or four dice removing two lowest dices to swift stride).
-IaC: more than f*cking around, there are chances that the general may somehow help, dependin on region/power chosen it benefits some units.

-Elven Weapons: no penalties on two-handed or moving&shooting (there may exist extra bonus on elite units). (Translator says: in the beginning I thought of SW, but maybe maidens are also here).
-Ithilmar armor: no penalties when moving, +1AS on heavy armor (only on elite units).
-Dragon Armor: 3+ armor save against flaming attacks.
-Lion Pelt: Can also be used in CC.

-Elven Mages: +1 to dispel and can repeat channelings.
-High Magic: More powerful spells and representing the 8 lores of magic. It is said that there is one that gives life back to a dead character and other one specific against Chaos and "Bad" armies. They will be the most powerful sorcerers until Lizards get renewed after summer. Some rules will be shared with them.

-Martial Prowess: Elves fight and shoot with a extra rank (not specified, but this could be armywide).
-Spears and LSG: heavy armor and shield option.
-Archers: Light Armor.
-SHs: Heavy armor. Cheaper.
-Ellyrian Reavers: Same.
-T-Chariot: Same, cheaper.
-SMs: Parry save against shooting, Swords of Hoeth, Paths fighting.
-White Lions: Lumber Axes, Stubborn, Forest Stride.
-Phoenix Guard: Know their destiny (unbreakable), Magic Resistance, Ward Save. (maybe something about flaming attacks).
-SWs: Stalkers (?), Night Warriors (?).
-DPs: Caledor Proudness, all the rest remains the same.
-Lion Chariot: Same, cheaper.
-Flying Chariot: RBT on top of it, crew with elven weapons.
-RBT: cheaper, better.
-Dragons: Will of the Dragon (mix of 5ed. rule plus communion with rider that makes them share some rules). Super Dragon (Caledor Dragon?) may be wizard too.
-Phoenix: May be consecrated to Asuryan or another God (Phoenix alone or in a shrine?)
-Fire Dragons (MC): same as dragon princes, beast mounted is better than eagle but worse than a hypogryphe. Fly, 1+AS. Rare.
-Maiden Guard: Avelorn Mirror (?), Deadly in CC (?) (Translator says: I think no one knows what they'd do. I thought they would not exist, thought this was a wishlist... Maybe it's just a unit upgrade after all...).
-Warrior-mage (different from dragon-mage): Hoeth disciplines, fighting magic (guy was convinced one of them would be Belannaer).

Some of the bigger things I can take from this are:

  • High Elves are loosing ASF but getting some additional rules to compensate. 
  • 1-2 special units are moving to core, most likely Silver Helms, Chariots, or Ellyrian Reavers
  • New units will be Baby Dragon Monstrous Cav as rares, a flying chariot with a RBT on it, and a Phoenix which can be upgraded to be a patron of a specific god, and acts as some sort of altar.
  • No new plastic spearmen/archer models (sad face)
  • Strong in magic with +1 to dispel, re-roll unsuccessful channels, and good High Magic deck

Hard to think its all true. If it is I can almost see me brushing off my all cavalry High Elf army ready for the new book... Some of it feels like wish listing however but a lot of it makes sense. I guess we will just have to wait another 4 weeks until the next WD is available, but no doubt if High Elves are in fact next, expect more developments soon.

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