Monday, 10 March 2014

A Titan Story - part 6

Final stages of assembly and preparation before paint!

I located a stack of magnets in the ball joint of the head (Reaver pictured)

On the opposite end I cut a strip of 0.5mm steel and shaped it to fit

A Warhound receiving the same treatment

It dosn't look pretty, but you will never see it

I also glued some 0.5mm metal strips to the inside of the canopy of the Warhound heads. Magnets were located on the head itself

It makes a nice snug fit an the metal/magent combination has plenty of stregth

The head is now magnetized so that it is removable for transport, and also poseable!

The last stages of pre assembly before the model is stripped, cleaned, and primed!

Here is a shot of all three. The Reaver has been finished to the paint stage, where the Warhounds still require a little work on the weapons. Parts such as the shoulder pauldrons have been left unfixed for ease of painting.

So all that is left to do now is to give the Titans a good wash to remove all the residue and dust from assembly, then prime them! I have a little work left to do getting the weapons to sit perfectly and I also would like to spend some more time getting the body to fit more snug.

My plan of attack is to paint the interior first, followed by all the mechanical, then weapons, and finally all the armour

And now for a live action shot. The Reaver now has 3 superheavy kills and one of the Warhounds has 1!

I've promised myself I will not get any Knights Paladin or Knights Errant until I have painted the Titans...

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  1. Awesome, I have my reaver coming in the mail so this is a bit handy to see.