Thursday, 6 March 2014

NZTC 2014 wrap-up

So unless you have been living under a rock (Patrick) you would know by now that the New Zealand Teams Championship has been run and won. 

Apparently some Auzzie Guy submarined his way to the top dragging a bunch of Auzzies kicking and screaming all the way. Not being use to the lofty heights of a podium that actually matters, they looked like a bunch of possums in the headlights as the paparazzi swarmed them for pictures and quotes (read Sam took a pic on his cell phone...).

The oxymoron's managed a distant 26 points behind. I blame this squarely on the complete lack of bare chests, opting to remain fully clothed throughout the whole event. A complete let down! I expected more of them and everyone was disappointed when the chanting of "take it off" fell on deaf ears.

Bringing in the rear, and playing well to their namesake, the DILF's filled out the bottom rung of the podium, edging out the Victorians by a twelver. To this day, Pete still has no comprehension of what the name means!

So how did my predictions go? Well they where mostly on the money. The only guys I did not pick where the eventual 2nd place getters, and I can be excused for that as they kept their shirts on the whole time disappointing the masses. 5 out of 6... 

The Vonn Trapp Family
Stonesfall Massive
Panel Comp
Team with the Guy.....

We shall just ignore Wolfpack for the time being. Apparently proving the point that you can netlist all you want but it still dosn't make up for player skill...

What is most interesting is the split between 5th and 14th is 40 points, demonstrating a tight midfield of teams and making a great weekend of the whole event

So over the weekend I managed to rack up a respectable 83 points (out of 120) only dropping one game to the ratster himself after he 13th me off the board 15-5. The haul was 9th overall out of 64, with the highest going to Mr day two wobbles himself. Two 20-0's against Dwarfs (those poor poor guys! I still feel bad for the guy I IF boosted Purple Sun most of his Dwarfs...), an 18-2 vs Daemons thanks to the last dice roll of the tournament taking off a fatty, 10 each way vs some Trollish wiles off Throgg and his band of merry non existent WoC, and 10 score each vs Philfy Phil and his panzy self righteous Elves.

This eventually settled our team in 12th overall, squarely within the predicted placing of 7th (plus or minus 6 places). I think we did well for a 40k player, an old man who has never finished a game of Warhammer (or any other game for that matter), a bunnie at his first tournament, and a prolific blogger who dosn't even play... (damn 40k player holding us back!)

This years bus driver goes to Basil from the Basiliers of Christchurch, scoring most of his teams points whilst throwing the rest under the bus. This is most amusing as I held the coveted title last year, and also captained the same team. I am beginning to think that it has more to do with the team than the pilot! But who can help it with those soft and fluffy bunnies from the south!

And so wraps up the 2nd annual greatest Warhammer event in the Universe. 

Everybody reported having an amazing time, and congratulations to the Guy and his team, showing us Kiwi's no mercy and wrestling the title from the Dunn Dynasty. Hopefully we will see them come back again next year to defend my trophy! I was robbed!!!

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