Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Games Workshop showing its anti social side?

Where have all the social media sites gone for Games Workshop?

Over the past 24 hours or so we have seen Games Workshop Digital Editions, Forgeworld, Black Library, and a number of store sites vanish from facebook.

Added to that, twitter accounts for Forgeworld appear to be disabled...

There has been much talk of a new website floating about on the interwebs, much of it crystal ball gazing and wishlisting, but it is hard to deny something is going on.

Is this the consolidation of Games Workshops businesses rumoured for so long stating to happen? Wll we be seeing new consolidated facebook, twitter and youtube accounts for games Workshop? Will they bring back the GW forums?

Much has been said about Games Workshops inability to connect to its fans properly via the social media networks. We could be witnessing the long awaited changes after so long waiting. It all has the feeling of pretext towards a launch this weekend...

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