Saturday, 29 March 2014

Salamander Pyrocasters by Forgeworld

The dreaded Pyroclasts are the burning fury of the Salamanders Legion given form. The Pyroclasts were created by Vulcan, Primach of the Salamanders, to fulfil the role of bringers of destruction, equipping them with advanced and extremely powerful thermal/incendiary weapons of his own devising known as flame projectors. To the Salamanders fire is more than merely a weapon; it has an almost mythical function and embodies both purifying destruction and the potential for rebirth and redemption.  
In battle they are relentless and remorseless, and where they are unleashed there can be no possibility of mercy or reprieve from the fire. 
The Salamanders Legion Pyroclasts set, designed by Keith Robertson, is a complete multi-part resin kit comprising of five models armed with Pyroclast flame projectors, one of which is also armed with a power fist. This set is available to order now.
More pictures & information available here 

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