Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chaos Daemons in March

With the release of a teaser video by GW it is pretty much confirmed we will be receiving a Daemon release for the month of March. The big question remains is what will be in it.

The latest rounds have pointed to two waves being released, the first with a Tzeentch Chariot, a Khorne Chariot, Blight Drones of some form and books for both 40k and Fantasy.

However some inside information confirms that the product codes for all four greater Daemons have new 2013 codes. Wether this is repackaging of the old ones or a second wave to come is yet to be revealed. The interwebs has been hot with plastic greater Daemon rumours... The product codes also allude to other Daemon releases as well....

I was picking that GW would release two Greater Daemons at a time, say Bloodthirster and GUO with the Khorne Chariot and Blight Drones, followed by the LOC & KOS with Furries and Tzeentch Chariot. Those eight kit seam to be the most favoured of the rumours for release. Wether or not we see a book next month is yet to be seen, although there are new product codes for both.

Safe to say over the next few days we will get leaked some pictures and the conjecture will be over. I'm hoping we will see a return to Daemonic hatred/animosity within the books again. Only  Tzeentch truly knows at this point...

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