Sunday, 17 February 2013

Return from (almost) Glory

I arrived home from the first annual NZTC tonight with a smile on my face.

And I am happy to say we achieved our goals for the weekend

Quote "As for us I think we will be competing for 5th or 6th place. My reasoning simply because Mike refuses to use Doom Divers! So to all those attending, when you see Mike, ask him about his doom divers, or lack there of!"

We finished in 5th place overall jumping up from 6th place after playing the "Vonn Trapp family" in round 5 (which I am happy to say my team did us proud, only dropping 9 points for the round). The sixth round we played the Aussie team, and we did NZ proud by "schooling" them in how to play warhammer like many others did. I hope to see more aussie teams next year as IU hear they need more "learn'n"

The eventual winners where the Vonn Trapps taking overall honours and filling that "gap" in Petes Warhammer trophy cabinet he made the other week. The Extraordinary Nerdymen took out 2nd place, with third going to NZHammered. There was only 7 or 8 points difference between 1st and 4th at the end of the day. 

Looks like I was on the money with those predictions as well. 

Quote "I am picking the podiums to be made up of Kapiti Krushers, NZ Hammered, Cut the Mustard, and the Vonn Trapp Family."

Several teams are already plotting there revenge and "how to pry the trophy out of the Vonn Trapps cabinet" already

Be sure to look out for the battle reports that I hope to post soon.

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  1. don't beat yourself up mate you got two out of four.. NZ hammered were 3rd.. check out my blog ha ha. I picked the top 4 Von Traps, Nedrymen, Grumpy Oldmen and my own team! I had faith in my Auckland brethren