Monday, 10 February 2014

More Pictures of Dwarf Book leaked - Updated with more rumours

Some pictures of the new upcoming Dwarf book are starting to appear. Below is some that have surfaced including a picture of some Runic Talismans...

It has been reported that there will be the following amount of runes (excluding the options to stack them)

18 Weapon runes
  8 Armour runes
11 Banner runes
  7 Talisman runes
  8 Engineering runes

  6 Ancestral Heirlooms
  3 Bound spells (Anvil of Doom)

Anvil.  5++ save. Gives 2 extra wounds to the Runesmith.  One extra casting and dispel dice each respective turn.  One bound spell grants Immune to Psych for all friendlies within 24", the second gives one target unit +1 AS, and the last is 2d6 S4 magic missile.  The casting values are 3+, 4+ and 5+ respectively. 170 points.

Base costs for characters:

Lord:  145
Runelord:  120
Daemon Slayer:  140
Thane:  65
Runesmith:  60
Master Engineer:  70
Dragon Slayer:  70

If a runesmith joins a unit he grants then AP

On the downside, it appears that Longbeards and Hammerers only have heavy armour. This is a huge let down. There is such a huge disparity between the 1+ As armies and the supposed best weapons and armour manufacturers in the old world...

Cannons have been mentioned to be d3 wounds and 120 points. Apparently the Empire can make better armour and war machines than the masters...

 Longbeards at 12 points and Hammerers at 14.

1.  Hammer that grants +3 initiative, and if you wound an opponent, they have I1 until the end of the combat phase.
2.  Axe that grants re-rolls to hit and to wound against Orcs & Goblins and Skaven.  Cause Terror against those opponents.
3.  Armor of 2+ save and 3++ vs attacks of S6 or higher.
4.  A horn that is one use only and grants all units with 6" the Devastating Charge rule til the end of turn.  After using, that character causes Fear to High Elves, Dark Evles, and Wood Elves for the rest of the game.
5.  Ring that grants a S4 breath weapon with Flaming Attacks.
6.  Models in unit can re-roll failed to-wound rolls.  (I like this one, but it's priced to be BSB only.)

Not long now!

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  1. Hi Jossy Thanks for posting: Keep it coming. I can't quite make out the Clans bit. It seems to be just fluff, or is there clan-specific rules a-la Space Marine Chapters? I have always hoped that that would be brought in (Also for Empire Knightly Orders, etc)