Thursday, 27 February 2014

Forgeworld New Releases

Forgeworld have released their Myrmidons today. Images where leaked yesterday when FW pre-loaded their blog #7 and some old fox managed to stumble across it...

The Myrmidon Destructors are priests of the Mechanicum who specialise in the art of destruction with ranged weaponry and the embodiment of this within their own vastly augmented bodies.
This complete resin set contains three Mechanicum Myrmidon Destructor models with a volkite Culverin, irradiation engine and conversion beamer respectively. Mechanicum Thrall model shown in some images sold separately.
Models designed by Mark Bedford.

Along side these we have a slew of new package deals (take note GW HQ) for Mk II, III & IV armour. Each saves about NZD$28 or about 10%

Then we have the big bundle which will set you back about NZD$900! but with a discount of almost 20%. If only GW gave a 20% discount army deal...

That's a lot of marines...

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