Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Dwarf Runes Summary

The following is a summary of the new Rune system for Dwarfs upcoming Army Book. They are fairly solid and confirmed by multiple sources now. Although several points values are know for them I have left them out. There are definitely some very interesting combinations to be had and at first glance it appears that the main strength in the new Dwarf Army Book will be Banner Runes combined with heavy infantry...

Runes & Magic items:

Banner Runes (11 runes)
M. Rune of Stromni Redbeard: +1 Combat Res for all friendly units with 12"
M. Rune of Grungi: Ward save against missile attacks
M. Rune of Valaya: +2 to dispel attempts
Strollaz Rune: Vanguard.
Rune of Stoicism: Stubborn.
Ruen of Courage: Immune to Psychology
Ancestor Rune: Once per game, take test on single d6
Rune of Slowness: One rune, charging enemy unit subtracts 1d6 from their charge distance rolled.
                              Two runes of slowness, you roll 2d6 and take the highest for the charge distance reduction.
                              Three runes of slowness still use the 2d6 roll (pick the highest) for the charge distance reduction, and if the charging unit still makes it into contact, it has ASL until the end of the turn.
Rune of Battle: One rune of battle grants an extra 1 point of combat resolution.
                         Two runes of battle grant an extra 2 to combat resolution.
                         Three runes of battle grant an extra 2 to combat resolution and grant the unit the Fight in Extra Ranks special rule.
Rune of Sanctuary: One rune, MR(1)
                               Two runes, MR(2)

Engineering Runes (8 runes)
Rune of Forging: Reroll misfore on artillery dice.
Rune of Disguise: Warmachine counts as being in hard cover.
Rune of Immolation: Detonate your warmachine to hurt enemies; automatically blows up if killed in close combat.
Rune of Penetrating: Increases strength, can be taken twice.  If on grudge thrower, affects both S values, as in x(y).
Rune of Stalwart: Grants bonus to machines combat resolution score
Rune of Accuracy: +1 to hit for warmachines.
Rune of Seeking: +1 to hit against flyers for WM.
Rune of Burning: Flaming attacks.

Armor Runes (8 runes)
M. Rune of Adamant: Grants T10.
??????: 5+ regeneration save.
??????: 2+ ward save against KB/HKB.

Weapon Runes (18 runes)
M. Rune of Skalf Blackhammer: Wounds on a 2+ unless target in magic armor, wounds on 3+
M. Rune of Alaric the Mad: No armor saves
Rune of Breaking: Destroys magic items on target character on roll of 2+.
Dragon Slaying: One rune, wounds dragons on 2+ with Multiple Wounds(2)
                          Two runes, +1 to hit and wound anything from Daemons of Chaos book + Multiple Wounds (d3)
Rune of Fury: One rune, +1 attack
                       Two rune, +1 attack + frenzy
                       Three rune, +1 attack + frenzy + every hit generates extra attacks
Rune of Cleaving: One rune, +1 S
                             Two runes, Armor Piercing
                             Three Wounds, Killing Blow
Rune of Smiting: Multiple Wounds (d6)
Rune of Might: One rune, double S v +T5 foes.
                        Two runes grants Multiple Wounds(D3).
Rune of Striking: One rune, +1 WS
                           Two runes, WS 10
                           Three runes, Reroll failed to-hits in combat
Rune of Fire: One rune, flaming attacks
                      Two runes, S3 breath weapon(50)
                      Three runes, Multiple Wounds(d3)

Talisman Runes (7 runes)
M. Rune of Balance: Steal PD on 4+.
Rune of Spellbreaking: One rune, dispel scroll.
                                     Two runes, same as before
Rune of Dismay: One runes, causes fear
                           Two runes, causes terror
                           Three runes, causes terror and enemy units take -1 ld penalty
Rune of the Forge: One rune, 2+ ward vs flaming
Rune of Warding: One rune, 6+ ward
                            Two runes, 5+ ward
                            Three runes, 4+ ward
Rune of Luck: One rune, one re-roll per game
Master Rune of Passage: Auto pass difficult terrain test

Heirloom (6)
Heirloom: Hammer that grants +3 initiative, and if you wound an opponent, they have I1 until the end of the combat phase.
Heirloom: Axe that grants re-rolls to hit and to wound against Orcs & Goblins and Skaven.  Cause Terror against those opponents.
Heirloom: Armor of 2+ save and 3++ vs attacks of S6 or higher.
Heirloom: A horn that is one use only and grants all units with 6" the Devastating Charge rule til the end of turn.  After using, that character causes Fear to High Elves, Dark Elves, and Wood Elves for the rest of the game.
Heirloom: Ring that grants a S4 breath weapon with Flaming Attacks.
Heirloom: Banner to Re-roll failed to wound rolls.

Source: Dwarf Army Book, Bugmans Brewery, White Dwarf