Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Is a Mechanicum army coming?

Warning: Speculation and day dreaming follows!

We have Forgeworld releasing amazing new artwork, and a T-shirt as below

I want one! Pity its an event only T-shirt

And in what is obviously a servo arm from a Mechanicum duder

Over at Games Workshop the new Imperial Knights Codex has been leaked which includes 3 armies within its hardcover, one of them being Knights of the Mechanicum (the others being Imperial & an allies list). Why on earth do they need a separate army list for Imperial & Mechanicum? Can they be that different or is there more depth than just Knights...

Could this be the rumoured Games Workshop integrating Forgeworld products into its website. Are they in fact not integrating websites but integrating product ranges? This would play well into what I have been told ie FW & GW sites are not merging. All will be revealed in about 1 week I expect, but we could be seeing Mechanicum forces coming to a tabletop next week in the form of Knights with Mechanicum contingents...

That can mean only one thing. It wont be long before Mechanicum gets sledged in as a fully functional army!

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