Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Introducing: Krak Team. NZTC lists revealed

So Peter has released the lists to the dubdubdub. You can visit here for the full list details.

So its time for the big run down. Plastic Krak is proud to present its Krak Team!

Tim "the Executioner" Joss (Kaptain)
Choppy LordNaked chickPsyco chicks on fireDouble flee horse dudersExecutionersMore executionersdid I mention executionersSome Black Ark hardwareoh, and some Brolocks
Hagen "6 Dice" Kerr
Tetto Eko
Scar Vets
& Skinks
Seriously thats all
Neil "Old man" Williamson
Runelord on AnvilThaneBSBLongbeard RangersGreat WeaponsMiners miners miners!Some cannonsA musical instrumentand a choppa
Ben "Blender" Crum

Blender Vampy Lord
Baby Vamp
Ghoul Hoard
Black Knight Bus
Big flappy bat vamps
Huge flappy bat vamp
Bring it!

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