Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dwarf rules leaks starting to filter through

Some rules leaks are starting to filter through now. Some have been posted over at Bugmans Brewery from someone claiming to have seen the book. They sound fairly legitimate. Unfortunately, he claims no large centerpiece model, and nothing new after the Ironbreaker/Irondrake box set is released.

  • The bomb that the Irondrakes Champion can get is an 8" range weapon that functions kind of like a Stone Thrower.
  • Ironbreakers and Hammerers are both 14 points, base.  'Breakers can get a shield for 1 point. 
  • Sheildwall is a rule that on the turn the unit is charged, they get +1 to their Parry save.  There's another rule that's like "Gromril Shield Wall" This gives the +1 to Parry save at all times.
  • Most things have Heavy Armor now, even the artillery crew.  The new units are the Bomber and the Iron Drakes. No others were spotted.
  • Slayers didn't really change much.They still have the Slayer Axe rule.  They can never wound anything on worse than a 4+.  There's a special character Slayer (Ungrim Ironfist) that has a 3+/4++, and if you take him, he can be the Army General.
  • The Organ Gun is now BS based, but rolls two artillery dice, rather than one.  It can be given up to 50 points of Runes, and there's a +1 to hit Rune.  Also, the range is now 30"; I seem to remember that it was 24" before.  Is my memory correct in that.
  • The 'Copter has a once per game Diver Bomber attack that is kind of similar to the Drop Rocks attack of that flying unit in the Lizardmen book have.  The basic weapon for the 'Copter is a S3 Flame Template, but can be traded for free to a 18" S5 Multiple Shot (4) gun.  I'm pretty sure it's 4 shots.  Up to half of the 'Copters in the army (rounded up) can be given a 20 point upgrade that allows them a Vanguard move.  I'm really liking the idea of Vanguarding up a couple of them to move into position to five the template down the length of units from outside their charge arc.
  • The Master Rune of Balance only steals a die on a roll of 4+.  All the rune-guys can channel.
  • I wasn't really impressed with the Anvil.  The first power makes all friendly units within 12" (or it might be 24", can't remember) Immune to Psychology for a turn.  The next one buffs a target unit's Armor Save by one (I think, really not sure on this one, can't remember for sure).  And the last one is a S4 magic missile that inflicts 2d6 hits, I believe.  They all work like bound spells.
  • Daemon Slayers make their opponent re-roll successful ward saves. 
  • Dragon Slayers have the Multiple Wound (d3) rule.
  • The Gyrocopter is a Special choice, and you can take up to 6.  They are not squadrons; there's just a little note that says you can take six of them.
  • The Gyrobomber is a Rare choice.
  • Rangers are a Rare choice, as well.
  • Gromril armor  is just a 4+ save
  • Forge proven Gromril armour has an additional 6+ ward save, and 2+ ward save vs flaming attacks
  • Dwarf Crafted is a rule for missile weapons.  It allows the weapon to be fired as a Stand and Shoot reaction without the -1 penalty.
  • The book has a large number of ways that you can get the Multiple Wounds (d3). 
  • There is a Rune that's a better version of Red Fury.  If you take three Runes of Fury, the model gets +1 Attack, Frenzy, and for every successful To-Hit roll, the model makes another attack roll; these bonus attacks do not generate additional attacks.  If you put that on a Lord, it would have 6 attacks that could theoretically generate another 6.  In case you didn't notice, the extra attacks are generated by successful To-Hit rolls, not wounds.
  • The Flame Cannon now has two firing modes.  The first is just like a regular Flame Cannon from the main rule book.  Alternatively, it can be overcharged so that you can nominate a point up to 12" from the Flame Cannon to be the point from which the artillery die roll originates for determining where the template ends up.  But, if you fire in this mode and roll a misfire, you subtract 1 from the roll on the black powder weapon misfire table.
  • Dwarf dispelling has been toned down. Runesmiths can channel for Dispel Dice now, but don't automatically provide them.  The army gets a base +2 to attempt to dispel, regardless of what's in the army.  The Master Rune of Valaya adds another +2 to dispel, and will dispel any RiP spell on a roll (can't remember the target number, I think it's a 3+) at the beginning of the Magic Phase.  There's no range, so any RiP spell on the table has to be rolled for.
  • Can still take multiple Runes of Spellbreaking.  The Spelleating rune still exists, too.
  • The Oathstone doesn't now prevent the unit from moving.  The unit can use Parry saves in any direction and cannot have their ranks Disrupted.


  1. This sounds awesome! And was not Gromril Armor always a 4+ save?

  2. Gromril Armour had 4+ save.
    I am not soo sure that this is greate. Now magic will be moge painful for dwarfs and there will be a drastic change in runes. Also i think new anvil wont be played to much but gyrocopters or gyrobombers will play more. I'm still waiting for new book....

  3. I'm looking forward to this. Looks like it could be very balanced. True, magic is going to hurt more. You'll see a lot of spelleating runes or MRoValaya. Especially in my meta, level 4's are pretty much mandatory. The anvil is a waste in magic heavy metas since you don't get any + to cast a level 4 can dispel on a single die every time.