Monday, 3 February 2014

Possible New Dwarf Army Book Cover + Rumor Roundup

The above is possibly the new Dwarf cover art. It is taken from the new Games Workshop video on the Dwarf release. It can be viewed here

The below is taken from the digital version of the first edition of White Dwarf Weekly and is linked to the Belegar rules. They appear to be army wide special rules.

Ancestral Grudge: Dwarfs always have the Hatred (Orcs and Goblins) and Hatred (Skaven) special rules- this means any unit taken from Warhammer Orcs and Goblins or Skaven. To determine the level of bitterness the Dwarves feel towards other armies, after deployment but before Vanguard moves, roll a d6 and consult the following chart:
1-2 Personal Vendetta. The dwarf general has hatred special rule against the opposing army's general3-4 Rancorous Resolve. All friendly character models with Ancestral Grudge special rule have the hatred special rule against all character models from the opposing army. 5-6 Seething Score to Settle. All friend models with the Ancestral Grudge special rule have the hatred special rule against all models in the enemy army.
Resolute: Models with this special rule have a +1 strength during a turn in which they charge into combat
Relentless: Units composed entirely of models with this special rule do not need to pass a leadership test in order to march, regardless of the proximity of enemy units. 
Revenge Incarnate: Once per game, at the start of any Close Combat phase, Belegar can harness the power of his ancestors. For the remainder of the turn, he doubles his attacks characteristics.

Keen eyes have also spotted that the new Hammerers will have 2 attacks based on what one of the White Dwarf articles stated in relation to Belegar. 

Fresh rumours are circulating about the second weeks release. The following has been mentioned:

Week 2: Runelord clampack, Engineer clampack, Gyrocopter/Gyrobomber dual kit
If the box is a Gyrocopter squadron as has been mentioned, whats the bet Gyrocopters will be classified as Monstrous Cavalry with the 'hover' special rule. They would also be 'skirmishers' IMO. Either that or they become hovering chariots like the Tzeentch one if sold individually.

The next is pure conjecture.  
Week 3: Armybook, Ironbreakers/new ranged unit (dual kit)
Week 4: New giant cannon/giant drill (dual kit)
I am not sure how plausible the week 3 and 4 items are. The rumours I've been feed are a week 3 release for the Army Book, and a week 4 being the balance of the plastic kits. This makes sense as when the Army Book officially goes on sale the WDW will then show pictures of the final part of the release (as will the Army Book). There most definitely going be a large centerpiece model in the release cycle, as per all the 8th edition WHFB releases. What it may be is another question, however since the Throne and the Anvil are still available on the webstore I think we can discount these at this time.

This possibly leaves the plastic Slayer dual kit and plastic Throne/Anvil kit for a second wave, or months release in the future, although I wouldn't hold my breath on this happening any time soon. GW need to get a 40k release off the blocks for the first part of the year (and second half of their financial year)


  1. Wait. Dwarf players have to wait until 3 weeks into feb before they get the actual book? Thats BS, i hope GW doesn't pull the same rubbish with the wood elves

  2. You can make out a gyro bomber in the same video hovering over the drawing of the slayer it has two blades similar to a chinook helicopter FYI