Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Dread Saurian is almost here

Forgeworld are keeping their promise of a weekly update and this time around we get a sneak peak at the finished Dread Saurian that has been making the open days and games day tours this past year.

Hopefully this will mean that the K'daai Destroyer is just around the corner as this is also finished and awaiting a release slot.

Unfortunately there has been no new news on whether or not Black Fire Pass will see the light of day any time soon. I for one hope us WHFB enthusiasts will get the Horus Heresy treatment again soon. Forgeworlds first attempt was not met with as much fanfare as they hoped. It promised a lot but did not deliver on what the community wanted, and that is fleshing out of new races and specialist lists. 

Show us the armies of Ind or Cathay. A lost colony of Sea Elves. Southlands lizardmen or Nagash!

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  1. And Kislev.. Make those sea elves serious DARK Sea Elves! With decent nautical characters and Nautical Ogres (And Monsters that have the aquatic rule. USE that Merwerm!