Saturday, 15 February 2014

Updated: Imperial Knights Pictures & Rules leaked!

All I can say is they nailed it!

Definitely adding 1 or 5 to my Titan Legion!

Knight Errant and Paladin have the same stat lines and are super heavy walkers with the single facing Ion Sheilds 4++, and the invincible behemoth rules.WS4 BS4 S10 F13 S12 R12 A3 HP6pts are as reported
Knight Errant has a heavy stubber, Thermal Cannon (36" S9 lg blast melta), and a reaper chainsword (S: D)Knight Paladin has a Rapid Fire Battle-Cannon, 2 Heavy stubbers, and a reaper chainsword

Here is another picture showing the scale of the Knight. Its not as big as I initially thought.