Friday, 31 January 2014

Crystal Ball Gazing - Dwarf units missing from GW Website

The Games Workshop website is missing several current army book entries from their website, all previously available last week.

The big one is the venerable Gyrocopter. Its a strong endorsement that we will see the rumoured new plastic kit, hopefully backed up by some rules that will give them a greater presence on the battlefield.

Gone are the Ironbreakers of old. Most people predicted these would be replaced, and current rumours are indicating they will be a dual kit with a new unit of ranged troops. My source had originally indicated to me that these where to be in a dual kit with the Hammerers, possibly getting Longbeards and Ironbreakers confused. Harry from over at warseer is indicating the new Ironbreakers are like little tanks, not even showing a beard. 

Hammerers and Longbeards we already know about. They disappeared and we have all seen the replacements. If not go have a look here.

But what is maybe more interesting is what still remains...

The Throne of Power and Anvil of Doom are still up and in finecast... My sources told me that they would become a dual kit. He is normally very reliable however this may be a kit for a future release. Games Workshop are well known for having several kits shelved and ready to go.

And then there is a the slayers... The old metal slayers are still available and in special section in all three regions around the world. Now it is possible that these kits may be later in the month or even next month, as with the change to White Dwarf Weekly it stands to reason the website will not be updated all at once as in the past. In saying that we did experience the second wave Dark Elves being removed (and relocated) on the website the month before they were released. My money is still on seeing these guys this release, as not only my source but many other reliable rumour mungers have cited this kit was a go...

The other observation I make is that there is no existing kit (plastic, metal or finecast) that has found a new home under a different section of the army - yet. Its not to say this still will not happen, as once again, the new weekly release cycle throws the cat among the pigeons. It is very possible that we will see things change when the book is released, so 2 weeks from now.

So the question still remains. Will Dwarfs be the first army in years to not receive a major centrepiece model? The army book will reveal all.

Its safe to say that the Dwarf release has had the lid kept on it tighter than any other in recent times. Not even a single rules rumour for a book that is out in 2 weeks.

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