Tuesday, 14 January 2014

First batch of Dark Elves ready for paint...

Each year I like to start a new army. Last year it was Chaos Dwarves, and this year it is Dark Elves.

Corsairs are a pain in the arse to rank up! I have another 30 that I will make up with repeater crossbows.

I've used a shaded basecoat methods to undercoat all of them like I do with all my models. Pretty simple, its black all over, grey from a 45 degree angle, and then white from a 90 degree angle. Used in conjunction with watered down paints it makes it easier to highlight and shade everything

All up its 30 Corsairs with ADH, 20 Dreadspears, 20 Darkshards, 15 Dark Riders, 10 Executioners, Shadowblade, Hellbron, a Sorcerer and a Master riding a Dark Steed.

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